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Trend: Statement Jewelry

ViX Swimwear is known for its emphasis on the detail. ViX bikinis are often adorned with details such as 24K gold-plated hardware, leather straps and colorful beading. The memorable effect of one detail is something designer Paula Hermanny always keeps in mind.

Paula carries this sentiment over into her personal style. The designer loves jewelry, especially statement pieces that tell a story and keepsakes that she found while traveling to places like Bali or Paris. She tends to keep a handful of favorites in frequent rotation and they become part of her trademark look. Paula loves gold and precious gemstones like turquoise and quartz. Last November, she was sporting a beautiful horn cuff during her trip to New York Market Week.

Below is a picture of Paula on an inspiration hunt, wearing statement earrings that give her casual day look a touch of elegance. Pictured on the left are pieces of statement jewelry handpicked by the designer, herself – gold earrings by Judy Geib and a natural horn cuff by Monique Pean.

Paula Hermanny wears statement jewelry picks Judy Geib earrings and Monique Pean cuff