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Brasilidade – BossaCucaNova

BossaCucaNova is a Rio de Janeiro based music group famous for “bossa with a new mind.” The band combines traditional bossa nova with electronica and funky beats. They received worldwide recognition at the 2002 Latin Grammy Awards for their album “Brasilidade,” referring to “Brasilianess” and the distinct Brasilian attitude. Marcio Menescal, DJ Marcelinho DaLua and Alex Moreira pool their talent and a broad range of musical elements such as jazz, break beats and complex melodies that catapult Brasilian music to the attention of a new generation.

The next time you find yourself entertaining, consider BossaCucaNova for creating a lively dinner party atmosphere. It’s complex, rich and a kaleidoscope of foreign and traditional influences—so you can host an evening with friends the Brasilian way!


BossaCucaNova with singer Cris Delanno perform “Rio” from the Brasilidade album: