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Destino Brasil – Rua das Pedras

Designer Paula Hermanny spent Carnaval in Buzios, her favorite beach in Brasil. An emerald peninsula boasting stretches of beautiful beaches, Buzios has a plethora of charming aspects, one of which is Rua das Pedras or “Stone Street.”

Characterized by old world cobblestones, Rua das Pedras is a 600 meter strip of picturesque meeting places, brimming with exclusive boutiques, great shopping, street cafes and restaurants with exquisite dining. Skirting the coastline, this old world street attracts both locals and tourists alike with its quaint Brasilian allure. Rua das Pedras also comes alive at night, boasting lively bars, dance-inducing music and night owl hours. This jewel in the heart of Buzios is a definite must see for relaxing and living the Brasilian way.

(Images from Buzios.Travel)
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