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Summer 2012 Behind the Collection: Paraty

The iridescent blues and greens of the Paraty style from the ViX Swimwear Summer 2012 Collection is as beautifully vibrant as the natural settings its namesake is famous for.

Paraty is a small, historic town nestled in a picturesque coastal setting archetypal to the state of Rio de Janeiro. Seemingly suspended in time, the old churches, cobblestone streets and encroaching flora envelope Paraty in an aura of mystery. This once, highly important port of gold exports has seen increased tourism since its rediscovery in the 1970s and its antiquated city center allows for leisurely explorations by foot. The waterfalls of Pedra Branca and Andorinhas is one excursion not to miss, as well as Ilha dos Meros, a prime island location for diving. In Paraty, a rustic and tranquil Brasil can be fully experienced, complete with the lush forests and deep indigos of nearby aquatic wonders.

Whether you are inspired by nature or the ornate color story of the peacock print, look for the arrival of Paraty and the Summer 2012 Collection at our regular ViX retailers.

ViX Swimwear Paraty Peacock Print Bandeau Bikini and Tunic Summer Collection 2012