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Latest from Paula – Daslu

Ultimate retail therapy, a beautiful space marked by intimacy and opulence, and above all, luxury—these are the hallmarks of Daslu, Brasil’s most recognized brand in the fashion sector.

Founded in 1958 by Lucia Piva de Albuquerque and her partner Lourdes Aranha, Daslu started as a group of friends from São Paulo’s elite, coming together for luxury shopping. It has since grown from full designer show rooms housed in a traditional mansion to stand alone boutiques, making Daslu a household name.

Curating collections from premier designers such as Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Gucci, Daslu has been credited with bringing luxury brands to South America. In a store opening at São Paulo’s Fashion Mall, Daslu celebrated with a designer fashion show and Cîroc cocktails for the high society of Brasil.

Take a peek below to catch ViX designer Paula Hermanny attending the event. Images courtesy of Photographer Denise Leão.

Paula Hermanny attends runway show with model Daniella Sarahyba Daslu
(Pictured left) Daniella Sarahyba working the runway in a summer crocheted dress trimmed with fringe. (Pictured right) Paula Hermanny arrives in time for the fashion show, donning the Trancoso Rachel Long Dress from the latest ViX collection.

Daslu Store Opening Guests wearing ViX day dress leopard print
Daslu aficionados with bold style; the lady on the left is wearing the ViX Jangala Bliss Long Dress.

Daslu Looks for the Runway Fashion Designer Paula Hermanny
Gorgeous summer ensembles and view of the runway set up.

Daslu Home Decor inspiration for ViX Designer Paula Hermanny
Chic home décor inspired by Indonesia.

Daslu Boutique Shopping Experience Brazilian luxury
Daslu prides itself on a specialized shopping experience.

Daslu Boutique Front ViX Brazil
Daslu Boutique front of Fashion Show Mall, São Paulo