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Behind the Scenes: ViX Swimwear Summer 2012 Photo Shoot

We can’t get enough exciting coverage of supermodel Guisela Rhein for the ViX Summer 2012 Collection. Back in December, we indulged in an early sneak peek and last month, we posted exclusive video footage of the photo shoot. In this post, we feature lovely behind-the-scenes moments of our beautiful model getting pampered and ready to capture the essence of the ViX woman.

These artistic, black and white images are a small taste of the full cache soon to come, plus, you’ll be seeing flashes of the latest pieces arriving now, at our regular retailers. Be sure to come back and visit for more on the ViX Summer 2012 photo shoot!

Images courtesy of Photographer Denise Leão.

Guisela Rhein ViX Photo Shoot Prep

Guisela Rhein Leblon ViX Bikini Behind the Scenes

Supermodel Guisela Rhein Buzios ViX Photo Shoot

Ripple and Bohemian Bikini Summer Collection Buzios Photo Shoot

Supermodel Guisela Rhein in ViX Ripple Bikini

Hope you liked the behind-the-scenes moments captured in black and white. Our next post will feature even more of the latest ViX has to offer, plus some action shots of designer Paula Hermanny!