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Latest from Paula – NYC Inspiration Hunt

Paula Hermanny Market Shopping

Paula Hermanny New York Museum

ViX designer Paula Hermanny loves New York! The people, energy and abundance of cultural attractions make it an obvious treasure trove for designer inspiration.

During her most recent trip, Paula spotted some beautiful, hand-woven tapestries at an arts-and-crafts fair. Their unique pattern and rustic fringe detail captured her attention. “This reminds me of Africa,” Paula told us, adding that her most recent obsession has been with “everything tribal.”

Paula also spent some time in contemporary art galleries. She became particularly fixated on a wall of colorful pop art. In studying the juxtaposition of bright colors, Paula expressed amazement with the “unexpected pairing of cheerful colors.”

Upon leaving the Big Apple, the designer couldn’t wait to get back to the atelier in Rio. Looks like 2013 will see a collection riveted with intricate patterns and bold color!

When was the last time you took an inspiration jaunt? Do you find inspiration in the most unlikely of places? We would love to hear about how you keep your inspiration flowing!