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Giving Inspiration – Peek Into a Special Project with Nika Water

This summer, bikinis give back! ViX has teamed up with an amazing San Diego company with an incredible vision—Nika Water.

Nika ViX agua pura limpa clean water project
ViX and Nika meeting with J Public Relations

Nika Water La Jolla Whole Foods Giving Back
Nika Water in Whole Foods La Jolla

Jeff Church and Nika Team Nina Teen Vogue
Jeff Church (left) and Nika team members

Since 2009, Nika Water has brought clean water to over 7,000 people around the world, including Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Nicaragua. Founded by Nina Church, her father, Jeff Church, and a group of San Diego youths, Nika Water is committed to voicing a global epidemic: the plight of impoverished people without the basic right to clean water and simple sanitation. To support their mission of making a lasting social impact, Nika Water donates 100% of profits to support clean water projects, which help combat the spread of water-related diseases and death.

Quick Facts sourced from World Vision:
– 2.6 billion—one in three—people around the world lack basic sanitation facilities
– 900 million—one in eight—people collect water from a contaminated source
– Every 7 seconds, a child in the developing world dies of WASH-related (water, sanitation and hygiene) disease

ViX designer, Paula Hermanny, has a special place in her heart for children. In addition to her own World Vision projects, working with Nika Water is another way she can directly impact the lives of children. Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s unveiling of an amazing project between ViX and Nika. We can’t wait to share our summer inspiration with you!