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Giving Inspiration – Água Pura Brasil

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Today marks the start of the biggest charity campaign in the history of ViX Swimwear! Last week, you were privy to some behind-the-scenes moments with our partner, Nika Water. Now, we would like to formally spread the message of our clean water initiative, Água Pura Brasil. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to bring clean water to 4,500 people of the Crianças do Amazonas or Children of the Amazon. World Vision has been designer Paula Hermanny’s charity of choice and now, ViX and Nika are teaming up with the NGO again to service the families that will benefit most from Água Pura Brasil. Below, is the story of our project:

The Story of Água Pura Brasil
Água Pura Brasil means “Pure Water Brasil” in Portuguese. This is the goal that ViX Swimwear and Nika Water have come together to share. Your generosity will help us bring pure, clean water to thousands of people living along the Amazon River in Brasil. With our project, it takes just $11 to give one person sustainable and clean water, which drops child mortality rates by half, and provides improved sanitation and hygiene for entire communities. ViX’s Brasilian roots and Nika’s dedication to the impoverished make Água Pura Brasil a very special, heartfelt project. We are dedicated to the fundamental human right to safe, pure water.

On June 13th, ViX and Nika will be hosting the Água Pura Brasil Launch Party at the historic La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla California. Be sure to check back for more on this sure-to-be fabulous event! In the meantime, you can show your support with the purchase of our limited edition Água Pura Brasil water bottle or by shopping the Água Pura Brasil section of our site. For each item purchased from this section during the months of June and July, ViX will donate the $11 it takes to bring clean water to one person. You can also make a contribution through our official Água Pura Brasil Donations page and get entered into our Destino Brasil contest for a chance to win a trip for two to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!

We appreciate your generosity! Beijos!