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Destino Brasil – Valentine’s Day in Brasil

In Brasil, Valentine’s Day or Dia dos Namorados is celebrated on June 12th. Like Americans, Brasilians celebrate with romantic dinners, flowers, candies and gifts. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12th instead of February 14th because Brasilian Carnaval serves as the country’s main event during February or March.

Kopenhagen Chocolates are the country’s go to candy, similar to Godiva chocolates in the US. Couples will often exchange gits and go on special dinner dates. One swoon worthy destination for Rio locals is Térèze of Hotel Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro. Helmed by French Chef Damien Montecer, this gastronomical paradise “caters to Rio’s elite society by offering the best of French cuisine with Brasilian flair.”

Below are photos from Térèze of Hotel Santa Teresa. We hope this inspires you to celebrate Brasilian Valentine’s Day, wherever you may be:
Tereze Hotel Santa Teresa Rio

Tereze Hotel Santa Teresa Rio Romantic Dinner

Tereze Hotel Santa Teresa Rio Valentine's Day

Chocolates from Kopenhagen:
Kopenhagen Chocolates Valentine's Day

Kopenhagen Chocolates Brasilian Candy

Happy Valentine’s Day from Brasil!