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Beso and ViX Best of the Web Fashion Finds

These days, “shopping,” takes on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of a simple jaunt to your favorite brick-and-mortar—right now, shopping is about choices, making comparisons, and (online) searching. How many times have you looked up an unfamiliar brand? Fallen in love with a new designer? Scored from the sale section of your favorite e-tailer? For many, online shopping is the only shopping, especially as people have less and less time to go trolling about the mall.

Enter Beso. Armed with a team of web savvy fashion editors, Beso scours the web for the best things to buy and brings it directly to you. Fashion articles, Editor Picks and blog posts (by the contributors themselves), give you a comprehensive guide to the internet’s finest along with top picks from e-commerce sites such as ShopBop and Piperlime.

Be sure to visit Beso and look out for “Top 10: Paula Hermanny” as the ViX designer shares her latest summer must-haves. Also, enter the Beso + ViX Swimwear Sweepstakes for a chance to win a ViX bikini!