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Swim Week Standouts: Senegal

Senegal Swim Week Standout ViX black bandeau

ViX’s Senegal bandeau bikini has been more than well received since its debut at Preview. The convertible halter strap can be worn two ways: along the sides as a traditional bandeau or around the neck as a statement piece. The hand-finished, double cords of embroidery and beading astounded clients during Miam’s Swim Show.

The ViX team even got wonderful feedback from bloggers, including Tiana of Bikini Bird. Aside from being “really into the skirts” from this season’s collection, Tiana was in love with the Senegal bandeau. As she snapped pictures for her swim week coverage, she told us “the detail on [the Senegal bandeau bikini] makes it a real showstopper!”

Thanks, Tiana, we could not agree more! That’s why we highlight the Senegal as part of this year’s Swim Week Standouts. Be sure to check back for more on the 2013 styles that got the most buzz in Miami!