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Água Pura Brasil Recap

Agua Pura Brasil ViX and Nika

The Água Pura Brasil clean water campaign has come to a close. ViX and our partner, Nika Water, officially met and surpassed our goal at 108%, raising $53, 932!

This will bring sustainable, clean water to 4,500 people living along the Amazon River in Brasil. This community, designated by World Vision as Crianças do Amazonas, consists of 80% children that are under the age of 10. We’d like to congratulate the team and give our supporters and partners our heartfelt thanks!

The Destino Brasil giveaway has also ended and we are waiting to hear back from our winner, who will be getting a trip to Rio de Janeiro, including airfare, lodging, a guided Cristo tour and two complimentary dining experiences. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this campaign a success!