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Brasilian Pop – Djavan

Djavan Caetano Viana, also known as Djavan, is a well-known singer and songwriter whose musical abilities span the wide spectrum of Brasilian sounds. With over 30 years immersed in the music of South America, Djavan has covered and composed everything from Popular Brasileira (Brasilian pop) to jazz to samba and Latin dance.

A global sensation, he won “Best Composer” from the Association of Art Critics from São Paulo for two consecutive years in 1981 and again, in 1982. After having caught the attention of American musical producer, Ronnie Foster, in that same year, the singer’s talent prompted Foster to exclaim, “I hope Brasil and the world realize what they have got in Djavan.”

For a taste of the musical stylings Djavan has to offer, click the link below for a live version of one of ViX designer Paula Hermanny’s favorite songs, “Flor de Lis,” an old classic from Djavan’s first album: