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Swimweek Standouts: Africa

pyramid stud jewelry

As with Tunisia, the previous Swimweek Standout, bold animal prints continue to make an impression. Africa is Cruise 2013’s black and off-white zebra print, featuring a new 24K gold plated pyramid stud detail.

When viewing ViX’s latest collection, Tala of Bathing News, shared the top things she looks for in a bikini: cut and “something that makes it stand out.”

The bikini blogger likes “being able to look at a suit and recognize the brand’s own signature.” Knowing ViX’s trademark use of gold details, she admired the pyramid studs adorning the Africa suit and the Masai BIA. These new details give the classic pieces a bit of edge, while preserving the ornate craftsmanship of the line.

What do you think of the embellished designs for Cruise 2013? These styles reflect the rich tradition and artisanship of Africa, a continent teeming with design inspiration. Be sure to check back for more on the ViX Cruise 2013 Collection!