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Marisa Monte

Known for her unmatched talent as a singer and songwriter, Marisa Monte is a Brasilian musician who has been captivating fans for over 19 years.  Her music is a favorite of ViX designer Paula Hermanny’s, who keeps Marisa Monte albums in regular rotation.  Barulhinho Bom is one album that Paula currently loves.  She plays it to unwind after work or to create easy ambience while hosting dinner parties.

With a range that includes Brasilian rock, bossa nova, classic jazz, blues and traditional samba, Marisa Monte’s talent melds together archetypal genres with rhythmic singing, deepened by a voice trained in opera.  Her most recent album, “O Que Você Quer Saber De Verdade” was highly anticipated after a five-year wait and was sold across 28 different countries upon its release in October 2011.

Much of Marisa Monte’s success may be attributed to the singer’s genuine conviction behind her music. And as a very popular and well-respected artist in Rio de Janeiro, Marisa Monte continues to inspire her listeners with the rich, musical delights of a true Brasileira.