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Snapshots: Brazilian Carnival


Brazilian Carnival has come to a close but not without the ViX team capturing the best moments in Rio!  As the most popular party in the country and perhaps in the world, Carnival is a riveting four days of celebrating, dancing and feasting…a massive party, carried out the Brazilian way!


Block Party

The most common way to celebrate Carnival is out on the streets.  Everyone–young and old–comes out, dressed up and moves to the sound of the music.  The summer sun is out and shining, giving ample opportunity for risqué outfits to make an appearance.  


School of Samba

Perhaps a more serious aspect of Carnival is the effort and dedication put into performances by the students of samba schools.  Highly competitive, samba dancing is beautiful but technical, and even fans develop such a true passion that they become dedicated spectators.  Almost like a sporting event, it’s not uncommon for people to come out and cheer for their favorite samba schools.

VIP Status

For the ultimate Carnival experience, extravagant VIP parties and dances dot the city.  These events are very exclusive and glamourous, attracting both the affluent and famous. Attendees arrive dressed in elaborate costumes and Carnival takes on a luxurious atmosphere.  The place to see and be seen is the Ball at Copacabana Palace, which this year, had international celebrities in attendance: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and shoe designer Christian Louboutin.


Revelry Retreat
As a more relaxing way of celebrating Carnival, Brazilians will head to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, where a visit to Palaphitas Kitch is a must.  A serene escape, surrounded by nature, one could take a breather, indulge in water sports and have a different kind of experience–one of rest and rejuvination.