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Destino Brazil: Fernando de Noronha

Known as the “Brazilian Caribbean,” Fernando de Noronha is an exotic archipelago of islands off the northeastern shores of the country.  It’s a tranquil mix of azure ocean, white beaches and verdant backdrops.  The perfect place to get back in touch with nature, these islands are the ideal setting for a different kind of experience in Brazil.  Here’s why:



Fernando de Noronha is easily recognized as having the most beautiful and pristine beaches of Brazil.  Sancho Beach, in particular, is famous for its level of seclusion and unspoiled charm.  Part of a bay enclosed by natural walls, the beach is only accesible via climbing down a hidden ladder.



With a stop at Southeast Beach, travelers can enjoy guided underwater tours.  It’s not too uncommon to be greeted by a turtle or two while doing so!

By late afternoon, head to Praia da Conceição to enjoy the sunset or try the boat rides that glide through one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago, Morro Dois Irmãos.



The beaches aren’t the only thing Fernando de Noronha has to offer—fine dining is also a highlight of the islands.  Everything from traditional seafood dishes to international cuisine is offered.  Establishments that are a gastronomical must for any visitor include Pousada Maravilha (very exclusive) and the charming O Mergulhão or Cacimba Bistrô.



Here, relaxation is the main theme and this concept is not lost on the hotels.  Zé Maria, Solar de Loronha and Triboju are all fantastic options for the discerning traveler that craves comfort and sophistication.  Some rooms even come with hot tubs that face the setting sun.

More Tips

As Fernando de Noronha is also a marine ecological reserve, the number of visitors allowed on the islands is limited to a only few hundred people at any one time.  So it is definitely best to plan your visit accordingly, with August through February being the most popular time for tourists.  Divers will want to visit between the months of April and October.  Surfers will appreciate the waves that come from December through March.

The months of April, May and June make up the low season and the islands get very quiet.  A visit during this time will make for an experience that feels all the more priveleged!