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Color Cue: Opposites Attract


Let’s take orange and blue.  They are a pair of complementary colors and when placed next to each other, the resulting contrast is eye-catching, memorable and unexpected.

Artists like Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) have used this color play to dramatize their paintings, as illustrated in the iconic example, Van Gogh’s famous Night Café.  In fashion, designers have also used the perceptual effect of contrasting colors to their advantage.  Juxtaposed, these colors look even brighter—think of the visual stimulation created from seeing red with green, purple next to yellow or, designer Paula Hermanny’s favorite combination of the moment: orange and blue.

Fresh and playful, orange and blue are recurring colors found throughout the ViX Summer 2013 Collection.  Together in styles like the Antigua, these contrasting colors evoke the very vibrancy of the Caribbean.  Bold orange tempered by cerulean mimics a cooling ocean lapping at the island heat.  The combination makes for ‘summer in a bikini’ and on this color cue, we hope the weather takes note very soon!