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There’s a girl on the road, coasting down the highway

Music is on her mind and adventure is in her heart


When she sees the sign, all wooden and weathered

She stops and peers down—there’s stairs and more stairs



A bridge, sandy lanes, and cottages that creak hello

Suddenly—shim shimmery—the sea beckons below


Ocean cliffs, crowns of palm, come closer with each step

Messy hair in her lashes, windblown, misty and wet



A defiant toss, a line of sight

As far as her eyes can see…


Umbrella spokes, a spacious bench, both open invitations

Even the trees are twisting back, to present their orbs of old sea-glass



She rushes past the cactus plants and peeks around a corner

Her fingers trace the letters of old as a veil of dust surrounds her


But back towards the water—soaring, drifting like birdsong

The walls fade in color; the light trapped between rafters



On top an old picnic bench—preening (she can’t help it)

The moment is hers, no shyness about it


And somewhere in the ocean air, the music calls her back

In a blink, she’s gone—but wait!  What’s left?



Charmed by daydreams…a sweet sort of bereft