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Paula’s Summer Reading List

Line up your list of summer reads with some of Paula’s top titles:

Vegetable Literacy
Written by the renowned American chef Deborah Madison, this book goes into everything about veggies: type, prep time and 150 delicious recipes!

The Honest Life
ViX fan Jessica Alba has another thing in common with designer Paula Hermanny—a commitment to healthy living.  Her book if full of applicable tips that mothers everywhere can start using today.


The White Dress
Paula is currently obessed with white-on-white and Harriet Worsley’s book provides her with the perfect indulgence!


Vivre à Bahia
A work depicting the Bahian style of living, written by Monica Lima with photography by Tuca Reines.  Consider this sophisticated beach living in a book.

Peixes do Brasil
Designer Paula Hermanny finds endless inspiration in the marine world.  Fishes of Brazil, by Carlos Secchin, is page-after-page of colorful life under the sea.