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Luxury Locale: Marrakesh

Open-aire markets, luscious gardens, palaces, mosques and a sunset famous throughout Africa—this is Marrakesh, also known as the “Red City.”  Undoubtedly one of Morocco’s most iconic cities, Marrakesh is a dream of a destination, alluring in its rich culture and delightful in its natural beauty.


What To Do

Marrakesh is mainly made up of the old, fortified city (known as the medina) and the more modern neighborhoods, one of which is Gueliz.  Old meets new as you explore every corner of this maze for the senses.  Rent a bike to take in the towering city walls and gates.  Meander through the markets, known as souks, and get lost in a whirwind of color, scents and sounds.  Remember that bargaining is customary, so keep that in mind as you shop the abundance of clothing, tapestries, carpets, home goods and jewelry .

Another must do—and surely an unforgettable experience—sleep in the Sahara! Just book through a travel agency specializing in this type of tour and enjoy one of the most beautiful nights of your life!

Where To Stay

In Marrakesh, there is no shortage of good hotel options. The Amanjena is just outside of the city and is an oasis of opulence, offering luxury facilities complete with a pool and Turkish bath spas.  This “peaceful paradise” is an exerience in and of itself.

To experience lodgings more central to and typical of the region, opt for Riads, old houses converted into guesthouses. Riad Tibibt and Riad Dar Saba are some of the most highly recommended.

Where To Eat

To dine, choose restaurants within a hotel.  The dishes tend to be authentic and you can enjoy your meal within a serene and relaxing setting.  The Royal Mansour Hotel, for example , offers unforgettable Moroccan cuisine. For a lively night, try cocktails at Bo Zin, a restaurant that also morphs into a bar with a live DJ. 


In Marrakesh, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are necessary and essential. The sun is strong, so pay special attention to your hydration, especially during long walks. And always remember to tip! The gesture is common and very popular there.