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Paula’s Pink Picks

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  To celebrate and support BCA, we’re donating 10% of proceeds from our Pink Picks section to Susan G. Komen.  Plus, any purchase from this section will come with our limited edition Think Pink water bottle!

Below, we have a list of Paula’s favorite pink things to give you ideas of other ways you can harness the power of pink this month:

1. Lululemon Sports Bra

2. Maria Bonita Extra Cardigan

3. Eliot Plaid Shirt

4. J.Crew Knit Scarf

5. Bellas Guerreras de la Armada Rosa by Photographer Martín Gavica Ianza

6. Handmade Pillows

7. Karina Sterenberg Dragonfly Scarf

8. Karina Sterenberg Dress

9. Brunello Cucinelli Shag Vest

10. Karina Sterenberg Belt