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Inspirational Women: Jane Birkin

Brown hair, big green eyes and a charming smile—it was these attributes, not to mention her amazing style, that made Jane Birkin one of the greatest muses of the late 1960’s.


The British actress and singer wowed audiences on screen with her cameo in the 1966 film, Blowup, and a memorable appearance in 1968’s Wonderwall.  She later released the famous duet, “Je T’aime … Moi Non Plus,” with Serge Gainsbourg, her mentor and lover at the time.


Jane Birkin was the epitome of boho-chic, seen constantly in miniskirts, boots, printed gowns, bell-bottom pants, fur coats and her famous straw basket she used for travel.

On one of her many trips, she was sitting right next to Jean Louis Dumas, CEO of Hermés, when the contents of her bag happened to spill out.  This prompted the fashion executive to help Jane gather her things and to later, design her a travel bag that is now known today as the Birkin.


Beautiful, iconic and a fixture of the 60’s style scene, what is there not to love about Jane Birkin?