Snapshots: Paula in Costa Rica

January 11th, 2013

Ever since the first time ViX designer Paula Hermanny set foot in Costa Rica, she promised herself that she would return as many times as she could.  The sultry locale, rustic beaches and pura vida lifestyle had instantaneously secured a place in her heart. 

“I love Costa Rica, it’s amazing,” Paula exclaims, “the kids love it and we just go to the beach all day, having fun.  I feel so relaxed there!”

She goes to Santa Teresa, bringing family and friends, focused on spending quality time with them and—of course—herself.  She begins each morning with yoga and afterwards takes the kids to go surfing.  An avid swimmer, Paula is just as comfortable in the sea as she is on land.  Being in Costa Rica severs any connection to the mundane and reconnects her with nature, feeding her design inspiration.  Below, are some snapshots of Paula from her recent trip to her much-adored “rich coast”: