How to Style a Midi Dress for Any Occasion

Everyone should have at least one midi dress in their closet. What is a midi dress?  A midi dress is a stylish, chic, and versatile dress that hits at the mid-calf. With the range of colors and designs to choose from, you can find one to wear for any occasion. 

When learning how to style midi dress fashion, the way you’d approach it for a formal event is quite different from how you’d wear one over your sexy designer bikini when hanging out by the beach. The good news is that you can often wear the same dress for both environments, all by changing your shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup. We’re exploring ways you can dress up a midi dress as well as how you can make it more casual with examples of some of our favorite styles and where to wear them.

How to Wear a Midi Dress: Casual vs. Dressed Up

Midi dress fabrics are usually lightweight, made of materials including cotton, silk, rayon, or a blend. Due to the breezy feel they often present, it’s easy to maintain a casual look by keeping the outfit’s accessories low-key. 

Dressing it Down

Shoes that help dress down midi beach dresses include flip flop sandals, straw espadrille wedges, and even a sneaker. A minimalist approach to jewelry is also the way to embrace a low-maintenance appeal. Rather than layer on sparkly earrings, statement necklaces, or expensive rings and bracelets, reach for simple studs or hoops, delicate chains, beaded bracelets, and costume rings. 

Dressing it Up

With regards to how to style midi dress options for dressing up, swap out the flip flop flats or espadrille wedges for a heel, which immediately adds an element of formality. These can be stilettos, peep-toe pumps, or a pair of chunky closed-toe heels, depending on the style you want. Stilettos are a good choice for cocktail attire, while chunky heels better suit a boho vibe. These ways of styling a midi dress are the perfect girls night out outfit ideas.

Layering can also change the aesthetic of a midi dress. A long silk jacket or a pair of fishnet tights both quickly update the look and put a dressed-up spin on this dress length. 

Complimenting the Dress

When factoring in how to wear midi length dress styles, consider how makeup plays a part. Fresh-faced makeup with barely-there color suits the casual aesthetic, while deeply rouged cheeks or a pop of bold color on the lips add drama to amp up the formal factor of what you’re wearing. 

Finally, the way you wear your hair also affects the styling of the dress. A loose ponytail or a simple braid look great as part of a casual look, but to increase the level of dressiness, a chic updo or a sleek fishtail braid make a difference. Each of these details transforms how dressed up or down you make your midi dress outfit.

Midi Dress Styles for Every Occasion

Fortunately, there’s a midi dress suited for every occasion and a way to style it that feels appropriate for the season and location. As resort wear to take with you on your next tropical getaway or a striking design you’ve chosen for a special occasion, we’re sharing a few of our midi dress favorites to get you fashionably inspired for where and when you’ll wear the next one.

Aqua Nidia Dress for Breezy, Beachy Style

The gorgeous aquamarine color of the Aqua Nidia Dress is enough to make anyone smile. If you’re not already wearing it on your beach vacation, it’ll make you want to start planning one as soon as possible. The full bodice and front slit keep the look casual and ready to wear when exploring a new location. Plus, the built-in airy feel of this lightweight style has a stunning simplicity that works in any tropical location and is perfect for a beach date outfit

Additionally, the full lining delivers a modest appeal, and the removable waistband tie and adjustable parallel straps create a flattering fit for all. A style tip is to wear it with a comfortable pair of beach sandals as you head to a seaside lunch, take a stroll near the ocean, or embark on a bike ride beyond the resort. 

Margot Dot Malti Midi Dress

Simply chic sums up the style of the Margot Dot Malti Midi Dress. The subtle polka dot print puts a fresh spin on a neutral tone that’s adaptable enough to wear for any occasion. The linen blend and corsage-style top with front button details give the dress structure to create a beautiful silhouette. 

A style tip is to pair with low-heel wedges and earthy jewelry for a laid-back look. It can also easily transition into professional attire by adding closed-toe pumps and a fitted, solid color blazer, allowing you to get more wear from the look when transitioning from season to season. Thanks to the classic design, it adapts well to work in any situation. 

Divino Lora Midi Dress

How to style midi dress looks when shifting from casual to dressy? This can be achieved with a single dress, the Divino Lora Midi. The vibrant red is striking and sexy with stretch crinkle fabric and a front side mid-thigh slit to create texture and movement. It’s a timeless style with a modern feel that will stay on trend year after year. 

The punch of color combined with the boldness of the cut makes the dress a must-have for any warm weather soiree. Wear it to a cocktail party, an evening wedding, or for a romantic dinner date. Pair with a strappy heel and chandelier earrings to elevate the look. Or, keep the focus solely on the dress by wearing sparkly stud earrings and a flat sandal. A dress like this makes a statement without the need for too many extras to draw attention. 

Scarlet Leone Midi Dress

Speaking of attracting attention, look no further than the Scarlet Leone Midi Dress. The leopard pattern of this classic wrap dress cut is a go-to when you feel like having some fun. The asymmetrical ruffle trim adds a stylish touch to this statement choice. While readymade for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, wear it whenever you need a boost. The fun, flirty style instantly lifts the mood and is a fashion staple to have on hand. 

Black, white, or brown sandals are all complementary colors to wear with this dress, but don’t be afraid to mix-and-match patterns, such as stripes or color blocking, using the same shade for an unexpected yet stylish option. 

Tiger Yana Midi Dress

For an animal print of another variety, the Tiger Yana Midi Dress takes neutral to another level. Beautiful details like a tie cutout back and high slits on the sides make the design feel fresh and modern. The pattern and cut create a slimming silhouette that both looks and feels good. 

The warm tones call for equally warm accessories. Gold, bronze, and copper are all metallics that pair well with the dress and can either dress the look up or keep it fashionably casual. 

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Midi 

Since the midi dress is a favorite among most, fashion don’ts aren’t too common when styling. However, when learning how to style midi dress options, there are a few dos and don’ts to help guide you. 

Do step outside of your comfort zone. The midi dress length is ideal, which means you can play around with the cut and color. Even if you favor muted tones, consider branching out by adding a few midi dresses in colors like turquoise, crimson, or bright pink. Look for a midi length dress style that has a leg slit or a partially cut out back as a way to see if a trend works for you without going too far off your personal style base.

Don’t overthink styling options. When learning how to wear midi dress styles, their versatility makes room for varying aesthetics. Whether you prefer boho casual, elegant chic, or somewhere in between, you can transform your midi dress selections in multiple ways through different accessories and changing up your hair and makeup. 

Do swap your shorts for a midi dress. It’s common to feel most comfortable in an oversized t-shirt and shorts when dressing for warm weather. However, a midi dress can feel equally good while also immediately elevating your element of style. It doesn’t take any extra effort to slip on a soft, cotton midi dress and flip flops than it does to pull on your favorite pair of shorts, but you’ll feel more polished and put together.

Don’t stick with only one midi dress style. A wrap dress may be a smart selection for your first midi, but try different silhouettes and patterns you feel would make a good addition to your rotation of outfits. Once you find a cut and features you like, check if there are other colors available and build your wardrobe from there. 

Do expect compliments to come pouring in. The midi dress is an appealing look for everyone. The hemline may not hit at exactly the same place depending on your height, and certain designs may feel more appropriate based on the atmosphere you’re in, but the overall consensus is that every occasion calls for a midi dress. Make it uniquely yours by styling it in a way that feels authentic to your fashion sense and makes you feel beautiful and confident when you put it on.