Hottest Resort Wear of 2021

With the height of the travel season and summer soon approaching, exploring the hottest resort wear 2021 has to offer is a must before embarking on your next vacation. This season focuses on bringing color basics back to life in vibrant prints and designs. There’s also a nod to fashion trends of the past with a resurgence of neon in the mix. 

Mostly, there’s an energetic feeling associated with the emerging styles and trends, with lively wardrobe pieces and interesting details to shake things up. Ready to discover what’s fresh and new when it comes to resort wear in 2021? We’re exploring the hottest styles when it comes to sexy designer bikinis, beach dresses, sarongs, and other resort wear selections to add to your wardrobe. 

Resort Wear 2021 Bikinis 

Trending colors for resort wear 2021 are poppy yellow and sparkling green. Like the burst of lemon and lime, this color palette feels vibrant and fun. From solids to stripes and playful patterns to flattering cuts, the resort wear 2021 collection for bikinis is bursting with tropical weather vibes. 

Zalie Elis Nissi Bikini

With an iconic zebra print that switches out black stripes for green, the Zalie Elis Nissi Bikini is a prime example of how to work in color in multiple ways. The familiar pattern is offset by unique stretch cord straps with hand-wrapped thread detailing that speaks to an island aesthetic. Additionally, the flattering corsage top and stretchy low-rise string bottoms offer a smooth, seamless finish for a look readymade for the beach. 

Mamba Elis Tri Parallel Bikini

For a burst of sunshine with a modern twist, the Mamba Elis Tri Parallel Bikini is part of the resort wear 2021 scene that’ll soon become a classic favorite. The warm yellow tone paired with a snake print design is cool and edgy, a gorgeous choice to take on your next getaway. As with the Zalie Elis Nissi Bikini, hand-wrapped and beaded detail on the hips and shoulder ties offer a fashionable element that takes this bikini to another level. Pairing familiar prints in fresh new ways keep styles feeling modern.

Citrus Firenze Corsage Bikini

The Citrus Firenze Corsage Bikini takes on the neon trend that’s sweeping all summer swimwear styles. The bold color immediately evokes the fun, carefree feeling of warm weather adventures and is a showstopper for any occasion. Plus, the intricate stitching on the top and bottom adds to the beautiful structure this swimsuit has to offer. This bold bikini is for anyone ready to turn on their out-of-office messaging and enjoy a blissful time in an exotic location.

Dresses to Take You Through the 2021 Season

Fashion trends aren’t reserved for bikinis alone. The resort wear 2021 collection carries over the vivid colors and unique patterns to dresses as well. You can build a whole wardrobe around a pattern or palette you like or mix-and-match different designs based on where you’re going and the look you want to achieve on any given day. 

There’s also room to play with hemlines as well. Whether you prefer a skirt that reaches the floor or want to accentuate your legs with a short dress, it all fits into what’s hot for resort wear 2021.

Light Leda Long Dress

The brilliant yellow color and structural cutouts of the Light Leda Long Dress automatically illustrate how this is not your average maxi dress. The warm hue is flattering for all and gives the comfort of a maxi dress but with added movement and style. 

Each cutout at the sides and front slits on the legs are what make this dress stand out.  It gives shape to the billowy nature of a maxi dress and creates a flattering silhouette for whatever the occasion calls for. The look is modern and chic and can be worn for an evening out or a day stroll by the beach. If you have a destination wedding coming up, embrace our resort wear collection so you know what to wear to a beach wedding

Forest Firenze Corsage Midi Dress

For a chic and sophisticated look that highlights one of the hottest color trends of resort wear 2021 has to offer, look no further than the Forest Firenze Corsage Mini Dress. The rich, vibrant green is flattering for all sun-kissed skin tones and exudes elegance with playful sexiness mixed in. 

The dress design has a corset top with molded cups and underwire for seamless support. It then extends to a mid-length dress with a thigh-high slit. It feels like a second skin due to the exclusive Firenze crepe-textured fabric and is stunning to wear all vacation long. An added bonus is that the color and shape of the dress can transition into early fall. Layer with a fitted jacket and swap out sandals for close-toed heels, and you’ll be set.

Lilac Firenze Liz Short Dress 

For those who prefer a shorter hemline, the sweet femininity of the Lilac Firenze Liz Short Dress has quickly become a must-have outfit for many. The soft color and ruffle detailing at the top create a look that can shift between daytime and evening resort wear. 

The bodycon style leaves a smooth finish and is the ideal outfit for any event. By wearing a color typically associated with spring and carrying it into the early days of summer, you can maximize the wear of this dress and make it a staple for years to come. It’s embracing the unexpected and making it work, regardless of season or current fashion trend. 

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Sarongs, Tunics, and Mini Skirts to Round Out the Wardrobe

For every bikini, there’s a matching sarong to pair with it. You can combine colors and patterns for whatever suits your mood. The trends of the season carry through to cover ups as well, with sarongs, tunics, and mini skirts all being the most versatile accessories you can take to the beach. 

Malta Sarong

The Malta Sarong blends in well with the trends of the season with green and gold combined with a classic black-and-white striped pattern. Due to its sleek style, you can wear this as a skirt or dress cover up over any of your favorite sexy designer bikinis. It’ll complement the lime hue of the Citrus Firenze Corsage Bikini, although it’ll also be a good match for a dark forest green color without being overly matchy-matchy.

The versatility of beach tunics is also a must-have when planning your vacation wardrobe. By choosing a solid color, you can make it work as a complement to nearly any style of swimsuit. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to beach style that says everything has to perfectly match. Instead, see what goes together in new and unexpected ways. 

Aqua Chemise Tunic

Match the colors of the waters of your next exotic destination with this Aqua Chemise Tunic. The dreamy aqua hue is subtly accented by vertical details that add to its appeal. With a sheer, lightweight fabric to keep you cool and ruffle bell sleeves to up the fashion ante, there’s nothing else needed for this style.

Keep the look cool by pairing with a bright white bikini or play-up styles from the Neon Collection or neon dress collection by wearing over the matching Aqua Firenze Corsage Bikini or Warm Red Firenze Luiza Bikini. There are multiple options when you have a tunic that can go with nearly any swimsuit style.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a mini skirt. They’re fun, breezy, and perfect for time spent on tropical coastlines. Wear it as a cover up or turn it into your outfit of the day. Either way, mini skirts are always in style and should remain a staple to any resort wear wardrobe.

Light Rai Mini Skirt

As one of the hottest shades of the season, the sunny yellow of the Light Rai Mini Skirt looks great when paired with a matching top or worn with your go-to designer bikini. The classic wrap-style skirt keeps the look laid back, while the fully lined back allows you to wear it to the beach and beyond, whatever the day calls for. 

The linen and rayon blend is ideally suited for warm weather temps and looks fantastic when paired with other bright colors and patterns. Keep the look casual by throwing on your favorite sunglasses and wearing resort flip-flops or elevate the appearance with a pair of straw wedges. No matter how you switch up the look, there’s versatility in making this mini skirt part of your go-to resort wear wardrobe.

Embracing Resort Wear 2021

Vacation wear allows you to let your personality shine through and get creative with colors and styles you may not normally wear in your everyday life. Although, whenever you wear any of this season’s hottest trends, you can make any average day feel like you’re on island time. One of the best parts about fashion is its ability to change how you feel. 

Find the colors and patterns that speak to you, and start a mini resort wear collection of your own. Then, next time you’re jet-setting to a tropical place, you’ll be all set with what to pack. Trends come and go, but personal style is forever. As long as you’re having fun and feeling confident, you can make any color, cut, and design work for you.