6 Stylish Bikini Colors on Trend

Finding the right sexy designer bikini to add to our swimsuit collection comes down to several factors: design, fit, color, and current bikini trends. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as having too many selections and rotating options for your swimsuit wardrobe. There’s plenty of room for your favorite colors while leaving the fashion door open to introduce a new hue.

Each destination and occasion calls for a different aesthetic and vibe, which will help you choose your preferred styles accordingly. Of the variety of choices together, we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorite trending bikini colors.

#1 Vibrant Red

    Red is a color for anyone who wants to feel bold, and wearing a red bikini is no exception. While there are many variations of this primary shade, a bright, classic red bikini tops the best bikini colors list. Our Red Pepper Bikini collection makes a statement using this striking hue as a base for a range of designs to find the style that works best for you.

    A go-to option is the Red Pepper Milano Shaye Bikini. The soft, stretchy fabric and vertical ribbed texture add to the cut of this t-back classic. With a low rise fit and adjustable ties at the hip, you can adjust the bottoms to suit your comfort level. Plus, the rose gold detailing gives an extra special finish to this red hot swimsuit.

    For a trendy alternative that keeps with the vibrant red trend, the Red Pepper Milano Liz Bikini offers a flirty and fun style. The ruffle top and horizontal ribbed texture of the fully lined bottom is a combination that makes this bikini versatile enough for a day of play at the beach or lounging poolside.

    If you’ve never ventured into the red zone when it comes to your swimwear and bikini color choices, this is the hue for you. It’s universally flattering and can be interpreted in many different ways through the various cuts and range of swimsuit coverage. When you’re feeling adventurous and want to go for a sizzling pop of color, a vibrant red gets the job done.

    #2 Timeless Black

      Black is a timeless color option that’s always appealing and looks great on a number of styles, making it difficult to choose between a one piece vs. a bikini for your style. A black bikini is a staple of any bathing suit collection but still manages to stay on trend year after year. To liven up the color, pick a design that adds a playful twist on a standard cut. A few current favorites are the Black Firenze Fringe Triangle Bikini and the Black Pipping Bikini.

      The Black Firenze Fringe Triangle Bikini starts with an ultra-flattering cut and switches up the look with fringe on the top. Paired with a pair of cheeky bikini bottoms that sit high on the hips, the result is a sexy and sophisticated look perfect for your next exotic vacation. Whether you’re lounging on the shores of the French Riviera or exploring the California coast, this black bikini works for wherever your life takes you.

      Another fashionable take on the timeless black color trend is the Black Pipping Bikini. The color block lining provides a modern update inspired by 60’s retro style. The banded bikini top and double string side with full coverage bottom makes this swimsuit option the ultimate in chic comfort.

      Black doesn’t have to mean basic when there are options like these to choose from. You can easily update your wardrobe while still relying on one of the best bikini colors there is.

      #3 Sunny Yellow

      Switching gears toward the lighter side, one of the top bikini colors that brighten up any aesthetic is sunny yellow. The yellow bikini color trend takes its cue from Capri’s lemony inspiration with styles available that exude elegant sophistication. Beautiful designs like the Mellow Dune Li Bikini and the Mellow Dune Nissi Bikini celebrate each shade in their unique way.

      The Mellow Dune Li Bikini is made with a horizontal ribbed texture with a low scoop top and a sexy low-rise string bottom. It’s ready-made for days spent lounging in the sun or walking the shorelines of your favorite warm weather destination. The color offers a demure, casual appeal, while the different bikini cut delivers a flirty, confident vibe, the perfect combination for a flattering look.

      The Mellow Dune Nissi Bikini offers a bit more coverage than its equally alluring counterpart. The horizontal ribbed fabric and sunny yellow hue lend itself well to the structured bikini top and low rise bottoms that lay comfortably on the hip. The attractive texture and clean lines of the bikini cut work together for this gorgeous, golden bikini.

      Yellow instantly brightens up any mood and wardrobe, which makes it a color trend that’ll leave you feeling ready for sunny days and a laid-back demeanor all year long.

      #4 Cobalt Blue

        By following the direction of the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, classic blue sits at the top of the list of the best bikini colors. To pay homage to the hue, cobalt blue offers a dazzling edge to this specific color. It’ll make you dream of ocean waters and clear skies for a tropical destination somewhere warm and relaxing.

        The Cobalt Beads Triangle Bikini elevates the standard style with beaded fabric on the straps and bikini bottoms. It’s like a built-in accessory to the swimsuit, giving it a playful edge and flirty appeal. Consider if a Brazilian cut on the bottom or full coverage works better for you while staying on trend with this beautiful bikini color.

        As an alternative, the Cobalt Liz Bikini offers a burst of color the feminine, ruffled top of this pretty swimsuit. A full coverage fully lined bottom offers the right support when you want to get in on the action for a game of beach volleyball or your favorite water activity. Cobalt blue bikini give life to the classic color trend that elevates the style of any swimsuit.

        #5 Bright White

        Clean, cool, classic are the adjectives that describe one of the trendiest bikini colors. There’s no shortage of designs and details when it comes to bright white bikini options. Bright white offers an eye-catching appeal and a blank canvas when pairing with matching bottoms and a sarong for the ultimate in resort wear. Two favored styles are the White Bia Tube Bikini and the Off White Scales Nissi Bikini.

        As a repeated favorite over the years, the White Bia Tube Bikini embraces the color trend and is always in style. The combination of soft, silky fabric and the comfortable cut is the kind of simplistic luxury everyone looks for in a swimsuit. The hints of 24-karat gold-plated adjustable tubes and thicker band on the bottom illustrate the attention to detail that makes this bright white swimsuit all the more alluring.

        Not to be outdone, the Off White Scales Nissi Bikini offers beautiful design details for another unique twist on a classic, bright white bikini. The fine-scale fabric design and retro feel of the high-waisted bottoms offer a flirty aesthetic to the swimsuit. It’s a beautiful option if you want a bikini with more coverage on the hips and midsection and enhances the body’s natural curves.

        Forget about the supposed rules that say you can’t wear white after Labor Day. When a bikini color is this chic, it’s called for to wear year-round. For more fashion tips on styling white bikinis, check out our all white white beach outfit ideas.

        #6 Colorful Prints

          Every wardrobe needs its fair share of solid color bikinis, but a shake up with an unexpected print is a way to always keep up-to-date with what’s currently en vogue. Colorful prints combine the trendiest shades and come up with innovative ways to wear the moment’s colors.

          Technically prints don’t fall under a single color, but it doesn’t make them any less trendy. Play around with the colors and designs that you feel best in, whatever the color or fashion forecast may say.

          Fans of cobalt blue will appreciate the Bella Bandeau Bikini’s colorful florals that rely on the color as its background hue. The watercolor-inspired design delivers pops of red, pink, and green for a pretty look. A high-waisted bottom and bandeau top keeps the retro appeal fresh and up-to-date, perfect for any beach destination or time spent by the pool.

          For those who can’t get enough of the bright red trend, but want a flirty print to add to their wardrobe, the Paris Erin Chain Bikini is an optimal choice. The color palette echoes the fiery hues of a coastal sunset to offer a twist on the trendy color. There’s playful sexiness with the low-rise string bikini and string chain detailing on the top. The color, cut, and design will leave you feeling cool and confident wherever you wear it.

          Embrace Your Favorite Color

          The best bikini colors are reinvented year after year to make the hues feel new again. What you like this season may not be revisited in the next year, or you may feel nostalgic for a throwback classic to update your swimsuit collection. Even when you maintain a certain color scheme, there is still a broad range of design elements and shade variations to keep things interesting.

          There’s always room for one more bikini, another color, another style. Follow what’s on-trend and make it your own. That’s what paves the way for new fashions and reinterpretations of colors you already love.