Bikini trends have evolved over the years, some making a resurgence every few seasons, while other swimwear trends remain staples forever. This year is no different with women looking for bathing suit colors, styles, and patterns that are effortlessly cool as well as fresh and modern. 

As with any trend, there are multiple ways to style a bikini and make it your own or create your own interpretation of what’s considered en vogue this season. We’re sharing some of our favorite latest bikini styles to serve as inspiration as you get ready for your next beach vacation or extra time soaking up the sun.

These style trends include revitalizing classic colors to make them feel new again. It also involves honoring the kind of designer swimwear styles you’ve always been drawn to in an unexpected way. All swimsuit trends are fun to follow to see what latest bikini styles rise to the top and which new bikini will manage to stick around for more than one season. 

Classic Colors Made Fresh Again

Pantone announced its 2020 Color of the Year as Classic Blue. It reflects a shade that’s calm, confident, and is an enduring foundation for all types of designs. We’d have to agree since you can never go wrong with a classic. There are ways to incorporate this color as part of this year’s new bikini styles. 

Our Periwinkle Dune Tri Parallel Bikini has been a longtime, trendsetting choice thanks to its vibrant blue hue. The horizontal ribbed texture adds a special detail to this standard triangle bikini top, which adds a subtle element of style. The ultrasoft fabric and smooth seamless finish makes this a popular swimwear choice year after year.

Additionally, in one of our luxury designer swimwear collections of New Arrivals, we’ve taken a quintessential look and put a fresh spin on it. The Blue Grey Scales Ripple Bikini is a chic color that is flattering on all and will never go out of style. Rather than relying on only the standard offerings of black and white, the blue-grey color serves as a go-to option that looks chic in all types of bikini styles. 

The Ripple Bikini, in particular, has a delicate tie-string top and sides on the bottom for a flirty appeal. However, the basics of the cut is a style that creates a beautiful silhouette for all body types. Paired with the Blue Grey Embroidery Pamela Caftan and silver or gold jewelry, it delivers a sophisticated resort look that’ll you want to pack for your next getaway. 

Low-Cut Bikinis vs. High-Waisted Bottoms

The retro appeal of high-waisted bottoms has made its mark on the swimwear circuit for the past few years, but among the bikini trends of 2020, it looks like low-cut bikinis are back. Both are excellent options depending on your body type and coverage needs. Although, we do love a low-cut bottom as a way to promote body confidence and a flirty approach to swimwear. 

Fortunately, there doesn’t have to be a choice between either once you find a print or color that you like. For example, the Bella Tied Shoulder Bikini sits low on the hips, while the Bella Bandeau Bikini is high-waisted. Both have the beautiful appeal of a bold, colorful print, but with the option of choosing the bikini bottoms that work best for you. Regardless of the current bikini trend, personal preference changes seasonally too. 

The option to pair various styles of tops with alternating bottom cuts allows for room to switch up styles easily and see what trends you like the most. When deciding if you want to try an alternate swimsuit cut, stick with a color you already like first. Taking on one part of an of-the-moment swimsuit trend is a good way to ease into it and make it feel more like your own.

Stripes Are Back in Style

Calling stripes a new bikini trend may not be entirely accurate since they never really went out of style. It’s the way you wear them makes a difference. Some prefer smaller horizontal stripes, while others like the thick, vertical stripes of certain swimwear styles. One way to play with this ongoing bikini trend is with the Fiorella Georgia Bikini

This swimsuit takes the beauty of stripes in a whole new direction. Rather than sticking with up and down or left and right, this striped-inspired pattern stands out uniquely on its own. The showstopping red and pink hue puts a modern spin on the trend. The addition of the one-shoulder strap (with the versatility to be worn as a halter) and low-rise bottoms pulls several trendy elements into one gorgeous swimsuit.

The Ava Paula Bikini also embraces the simplicity of well-placed stripes. The copper and black colors of this style range between thick and thin horizontal stripes for a modern application to a classic look. The knot and bead details at the hips and top make this swimsuit feel both of-the-moment and timeless enough for everyday wear.

The Perfect Red Bikini

The woman who wears a red bikini is bold, fierce, and fearless. As one of the bikini trends of 2020, one of the most stunning choices in our New Arrivals Collections embraces the shade that looks great on everybody. The Red Pepper Milano Shaye Bikini is a prime cut and style of bikini in a shade of red that will outlast other color trends that come and go. 

The vertical ribbed texture, t-back top, and tie-side bottoms are all the flirty, stylish elements you could want in one perfect bikini. There are other bikini cuts and one piece styles also available in this daring red color, such as the Red Pepper Laura Tri Parallel Bikini and the Red Pepper Milano Nissi Bikini. Find the one that inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and wear this shade with confidence.

Another gorgeous red bikini option is the Divino Bia Tube Bikini. This shade leans more toward a red wine hue but is just as dazzling. It’s one of the most sought-after styles and creates a modern silhouette that looks beautiful on every body type. Elegant 24-karat gold-plated sliders at the hips adds an extra element of style without having to layer on accessories. It’s simplistic while still making a fashion statement. 

Purely Sweet, Feminine Appeal

Vibrant color and head-turning prints are always part of a season’s bikini trends, but one of the styles popular this year is the sweetly feminine styles of the Margot Dot Maia Bikini and Margot Maite One Piece. The subdued color and girly touches are fashionable and fun. 

The Margot Dot Maia Bikini has a subtle polka dot print with a bow tie on the top. The banded waist of the full cut or Brazilian bottom is the ultimate in comfort and easy to move in. It’s a reliable swimsuit that’s ideal for any occasion. Wear it while hanging out by the pool or sunbathing on the beach. It’s cool comfort and laid-back style adapts to all environments. 

The same can be said for the flirty appeal of the Margot Dot Maite One Piece. Though technically not a bikini, it still has elements that make this unique swimsuit a hybrid between the two. It’s an outfit all its own that happens to be one you can swim in. The lace-up back and laser cutouts on the side are stylish and modern. With or without straps, it can be worn on its own, but also looks elegant and slightly edgy when paired with flowy black pants and resort sandals. 

Which Bikini Trends to Follow?

In addition to these trends, metallics are popping up in a big way. Inspired by nature, foliage prints and floral bikinis are part of what’s current in swimwear fashion. Also, playing around with strap options from super skinny to one-shoulder options is also what we can expect to see for this year’s summer styles and beyond. Following bikini trends gives you a good reason to feel playful again when it comes to swimwear. It allows you to step outside of your comfort zone of what you normally wear and introduce something fresh and exciting to your wardrobe. 

Then again, it may mean giving your current swimwear collection a refresh. This can include updating certain colors and making them feel current again. It could involve swapping out your favorite bottoms for a different cut. Trying an updated twist on an old staple like stripes is an easy way to incorporate trends without straying too far from your personal style. And, finding the perfect color that makes you feel confident is something you should always strive for regardless of the season. 

There’s no single bikini trend that encompasses everybody equally. After all, fashion trends come and go. Embrace the newness of what works for you and leave the rest behind. We love to see how styles emerge and evolve. It’s always nice to see when old standbys are revitalized as well. As you search for the swimsuit that’ll make you feel your very best as you plan your next beach getaway, tropical adventure or pool party outfit, let trends serve as a guide to the swimsuits that speak most to you.