One Piece Swimsuits for Different Body Types

One piece swimsuits are classy, cool, and come in a variety of styles. They typically provide more coverage than sexy designer bikinis, but some designs have cutouts and flattering ways to add to the sultriness of this style of swimsuit without exposing too much. There are as many options to choose from in terms of fit, cut, and color. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fashion. It’s all individual-based. This makes it easier to find one that’s perfect for you.

One thing one piece swimsuits and bikinis have in common is the ways certain styles flatter different body shapes. There are swimsuits specifically designed to highlight certain areas, while minimizing others. Selecting a one piece based on your body type shows you how to get started when searching for the most comfortable fit.

Gone are the days of the standard tank suit with no detailing, luxurious textures, or modern cuts. There are now endless styles to choose from, which makes the search for the right one even more fun. Fashion at any level can help set the mood and show off different parts of your personality. Take your time selecting the ideal fit for your body type and what features catch your eye. 

Matching Swimsuit Styles to Body Types

Sizing charts typically break down a woman’s body type into four general categories: rectangle, triangle, apple, and hourglass. These are only the blueprints to start with that will help to determine how a swimsuit will fit. However, when searching one piece swimsuits for different body types, it’s also important to consider height, torso length, and which areas of the body you want to minimize and which you’d like to accentuate. This guide can lead you in the right direction of where your measurements fit on the chart.

Taking your own measurements for designer swimwear is simple. Measure your bust, waist, and hip to determine your most accurate size. Place one end of the measuring tape at the fullest part of your bust and wrap it around your body under your arms. For the waist, measure around the narrowest area of your torso and for the hip measurement, stand with your feet together. Then, hold the tape measure at the fullest part of your hip and bottom to determine the closest size.

If you end up between sizes, many times the recommendation is to size up to allow for a more comfortable, breathable fit. Keep in mind that a swimsuit that’s too tight will change the overall look and may not allow you to feel your most confident.

One Piece Swimsuits for Rectangle Shapes

A rectangle body shape is defined as narrow throughout the shoulders and hips. This body type is often associated with more athletic builds, but may not always be the case. For this body type, there are two main things to consider: level of coverage and creating curves. If you are more active and want a one piece that provides the kind of support that will be as comfortable for cliffside hiking as it would be swimming in the ocean, then there are certain one piece styles that would suit this need better. 

For example, the Cindy One Piece is a modern spin on a classic tank suit. Although the straps are thinner, the fabric comes up higher on the chest to offer more coverage. The sides have cut outs with 24K gold charms to provide a slimming silhouette.  

The other focus of a one piece swimsuit for a rectangle body type may be to add subtle curves. Choosing a unique structure like the Gisele One Piece helps with defining a slightly rounded shape. The trendy side cutouts create the illusion of a more hourglass shape while also highlighting slim shoulders and hips. This swimsuit exemplifies an effortless look that’s flattering to women with this body type.

One Piece Swimsuits for Triangle Shapes

A triangle body type is also sometimes referred to as a pear shape. It’s defined as being narrower throughout the shoulders and chest than the hips. Many times, women with this shape prefer to minimize the lower area of the body and draw the attention up toward the neck. For those with shorter torsos, it’s also important to find a swimsuit that will help to elongate the middle area as well. Fortunately, there are several one piece swimsuit choices that help to highlight the features most flattering to a triangle shape. 

To focus on a delicate neckline and slimmer shoulders, the Gracie One Piece is a sophisticated style that provides Brazilian coverage on the bottom. What makes this swimsuit stand apart from your average black one piece is the eyelet fabric that provides an interesting texture and creates a modern appeal. It’s minimalist chic at its finest and is the perfect one piece to pack when planning a trip to the French Polynesia

Another gorgeous selection for a triangle body shape is the Isabela One Piece. To start with, this one piece is offered in different VIX exclusive textures. Second, the deep-v neckline accentuates the shoulder and shows off the natural sexiness of the swimsuit. At the same time, the Brazilian coverage on the bottom and pleated middle detail minimizes these lower half areas. The result is a flattering fit with eye-catching detail that looks good on everyone, especially triangle body types.

One Piece Swimsuits for Apple Shapes

Apple-shaped bodies are defined as having a larger bust, a less-distinctive waistline, and narrower hips. One piece swimsuits that elongate the legs and defines the middle are most flattering for this shape. It’s ideal to find the right balance of chest coverage that will provide necessary support without being too confining. Thicker straps or high-cut bottoms are two features that work well for apple-shaped women.

The Bia Tube One Piece covers both of those solutions in one swimsuit style. Plus, it showcases a striking textured fabric that’s both modern and exudes a timeless appeal. The full coverage top with 24K gold sliding hardware supports a curvy silhouette and is balanced with thicker straps for tastefully sexy coverage. The low cut on the leg helps to deliver a streamlined look that brings the eyes down to the area that is narrower. It’s comfortable, classy, and is a suitable fit for an apple body shape. 

Another standout design for this body type is the Firenze Polly One Piece. It embodies pure sophistication with halter straps and cut out hole. The removable cups provide ample chest support and the adjustable halter strap leaves the shoulders bare. There’s full coverage on the bottom and fabric gathering at the middle to add more definition throughout the torso and waist. It’s the kind of one piece that feels good as soon as you put it on. 

One Piece Swimsuits for Hourglass Shapes

An hourglass body shape is made up of a well-defined, narrower middle with a fuller chest and bottom. There are several one piece swimsuits that fit beautifully for the hourglass body type. Highlighting this silhouette means focusing on the middle through unique cutouts and detailed straps. The best fit for this body type is one that plays up the curves found in an hourglass shape.

For a fun surprise, the Firenze Rai One Piece has a  double cord straps with gold detailing for a fashion forward look, revealing the perfect amount of skin. From behind, this swimsuit looks like a two piece bikini with a Brazilian bottom, but offers coverage in the front that’s more recognized as a one-piece style. It’s elegant with enough edge to keep the look updated and interesting.

The Mag One Piece is another design that amplifies hourglass curves in a sultry way. With front cut out detailing, halter tie, parallel adjustable straps, and a Brasilian cut bottom for medium coverage, this swimsuit is the perfect piece to add a touch of femininity to your warm-weather wardrobe. It embraces a sleek silhouette while still appreciating more modest features. When it comes to what’s suitable for hourglass figures, mostly anything goes. When deciding on what to pack for a beach vacation, make sure to throw in this stunning little number!

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a One Piece Swimsuit

Finding the right fit for a one-piece swimsuit that goes with your body type can be difficult. A one piece that’s too loose can cause you to look shapeless or cause slips without warning. A swimsuit that’s too tight can be uncomfortable and create problem areas where there aren’t any. The trick is finding the happy medium where the fit is snug but not suffocating and is also sexy and sophisticated. 

In addition to selecting one piece swimsuits for different body types, other factors to consider are colors and straps. Swimsuits come in every color of the rainbow, but which color best suits you? Do you lean more toward neutral tones or bright, bold shades? Are prints part of your regular wardrobe or are you more of a minimalist? These all make a difference when narrowing down the choices of how to find the perfect one. 

The good news is you don’t have to favor one or the other. There are rich hues that have a simpler style and more subdued colors with eye-catching prints. There’s always room for one more swimsuit whenever you’re packing to go to the pool or setting out on a beach vacation. You don’t have to narrow it down to only one selection. 

Straps are another detail that can determine the look and fit of a one piece swimsuit. The standard strap is the basic tank, which will never go out of style. However, there’s a variation of swimsuit straps and bathing suit back designs that can add another fashionable element. Criss-cross backs, one-shoulder styles, and halter neck straps are all popular looks. 

Choose a one piece swimsuit that’s made with quality fabrics and a focus on details. It makes a difference when you have a swimsuit that’s been crafted with luxurious materials and a fashionable eye versus one that’s skimped on fabric quality and doesn’t have much added to make it stand out. Between sizing charts, body types, color, straps, and fabrics, it’s amazing to think about all the decisions that go into finding the swimsuit that will work best for you.

Swimsuits to Fit Any Size

Identifying your body type is one way to help you narrow down your swimsuit choices, but it shouldn’t limit you to only those examples. How a swimsuit fits to your specific measurements is more important than your actual body shape since not everyone in the same category is exactly the same size. The ultimate swimsuit also depends on your individual style and where you plan to wear your swimsuit the most. Are you packing for a trip to Bali or are you relaxing next to a hotel pool? 

For example, two women who both have rectangle body shapes may opt for different swimsuits based on their activity level. Perhaps one is always on-the-go at the beach or swimming at the pool while the other wants a swimsuit to relax in and isn’t as concerned about coverage necessary for more adventurous activities. Focus on what makes you feel the most confident and go from there. 

What makes the swimwear search easier is when there are options for everyone that are universally appealing and designed to celebrate a woman’s body and unique styling choices. Shop for one piece swimsuits for your body type to get an idea of what will work best for your natural shape. After that, it’s up to you to decide what you’ll love wearing the most.