Summer Swimsuits for 2019

Are you getting ready for the arrival of summer by beginning your search for the perfect summer swimsuits to make sure you are on trend? Look no further! We know it can be tough to stay up-to-date on all of the 2019 bikini styles and narrow down the trends to those select styles that will both stands the test of time and make sure you always feel comfortable, which is why we’ve taken out the guesswork and compiled all of our favorite swimsuit styles taking the bikini world by storm in 2019, from back design bikini tops to bottoms with handmade details.

We’ll break down all of the details you need on some of the top swimsuit trends for this summer as well as some of our favorite swimsuits. With our guide, you’ll be able to easily pick your perfect swimsuit to accompany you on all of your poolside summer adventures, whether you’re relaxing on a tropical vacation or curating the perfect beach style to transition from day-to-night. Keep reading for the top summer 2019 bikini styles!

Top Summer 2019 Bikini Styles

If you’re looking for a guide to 2019 swimsuits that will make your search for the perfect bathing suit simple, you’ve come to the right place! We know everyone loves different bathing suit styles depending on your personal style and body type and we want to make sure that no matter what you’re looking for, you can head into summer with a swimsuit you love that will make you feel attractive, stylish, and ready to have fun in the sun all summer long. Below we’ve broken down a handful of swimsuit styles you’ll see taking over your social media feeds this summer and the 2019 swim suits we would pick to stay on trend while still being comfortable and ready for any adventures that await you.

Ripple Design Swimsuits

One of the latest swimsuit trends that will be topping your social media feeds in summer 2019 is rippled design bathing suits. Do you love the cut of a classic triangle bathing suit but want an extra dash of detail? The ripple design element could be the perfect go-to style for your upcoming beach adventures! If you’re having trouble picturing exactly what a rippled design is, think of a triangle bikini that that relaxed ruffled waves along the border of the swimsuit, giving it a unique, flirty and softened look. You’ve probably already seen some of your favorite celebrities sporting this budding design trend in their recent beach vacations. It’s easy to see why rippled cut swimsuits are one of our top picks for summer 2019 swimsuit trends.1

If you’re looking to be ahead of the trend curve, take a look at our Calala Ripple Bikini or Gold Scales Ripple Bikini. These bathing suits are made from a soft LYRCA blend gives a dose of athletic support and flirty fit and the classic string ties offer the perfect dash of flexibility. Whether you tend to shop for  simple, solid colored swimsuits or bikinis that have intricate patterns, ViX has created a variety of options to choose from that will fit your personal style and preferences.

Animal Print Swimsuits

Another bathing suit trend that we foresee continuing its reign of popularity on beaches everywhere this summer is animal print swimsuits. One of the most popular animal prints in recent seasons is leopard print, which is continually reimagined in new colors and textures to add dimension, depth, and an extra dose of style. With an animal print swimsuit, you can bring the wild to the beach in an unexpected and fresh way that is sure to elicit compliments from fellow beachgoers and friends alike. We recommend going for an animal print in a neutral tone so that you can feel comfortable wearing it season after season without it becoming too bright or off trend.2

If you’re looking for the perfect neutral animal print swimsuit, try our Paola Knot Bralette Bikini. This fun animal print brings a classic animal print to life in a fresh and modern way. With clean lines, seamless finishing, and a soft and unique Xtra Life Lycra blend construction, you can’t go wrong with this sexy bikini. For all our triangle bikini lovers, we have designed the Paola Triangle Bikini to put a fresh twist on a classic look. With the perfect blend of coverage and daring, our animal print bikini will be a showstopper that you’ll turn to again and again for a great day of fun in the sun.

Speckled Swimsuits

Have you ever heard of speckled? If you don’t recognize the name off-hand, you’ll likely know the pattern when you see it. A speckled pattern is often recognized for its twist on the classic polka dot pattern. In recent years, the speckled design has been on the rise in interior design, but now the trend is making its transition to the sea as well. Speckled swimsuits ranging from dark, bold color schemes to light and fun colors are one of our picks for the top summer swimsuit styles in 2019.3

Excited to get your hands on a something speckled this summer? Check out our Arena Bralette Bikini for your perfect match. If you love the pattern but want a different cut, we have you covered! We also have our Arena Judy Bikini and Arena Rosie One Piece. These speckled bikinis will help you curate the perfect modern, clean look with seamless style in a variety of cuts!

Cut Out Swimsuits

Cutout swimsuits aren’t a new trend, but they are one that has endured the test of time and continued to adapt through the years. Cutouts take your usual bathing suit styles and add a unique, modern edge by cutting out slices of fabric to display different areas of the body. Cut out swimsuits help you add an extra dose of style and sexiness without going overboard. Whether the cutout is over your abs to reveal your hard work in the gym, right above your midriff to show a glimpse of your ribs, or anywhere else, cutouts allow you to show off the areas you want to while still staying comfortable and covered up in the right places.

If you’re looking for a fun take on the cutout swimsuit, take a look at our Dolce Bandana One Piece. This one piece is the perfect balance of sexy and style with a modest backside fit that is complemented by a plunging neckline and a cutout that give the illusion of high-waisted bottoms with the security of a one piece. With a tie in the front center, adjustable straps, and a high-leg cutout, this swimsuit is the perfect blend of modern, clean lines and eye-catching details.

High-Leg Swimsuits

You’ve probably seen some of the celebrities and models rocking high-leg swimsuits in recent months and this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere in the summer of 2019. So why are high-leg swimsuits a trend that is here to stay? The higher cut on the leg of the swimsuit gives the illusion that you have a longer silhouette, which means if you’ve been in pursuit of a bathing suit that will make it look like you have legs for days, a high-leg swimsuit is a perfect match for you. Equal parts classy and sexy, high-leg swimsuits are eye-catching, memorable, and fashion-forward without being too trendy.4

Looking for the perfect black high-leg bathing suit to add to your arsenal? Take a look at our Black Tess Stitched One Piece. The high-cut legs will give you the longer silhouette you’re looking for with a plunging V-neckline and a flattering low back to create a sophisticated swimsuit that you can wear for any occasion. Whether you’re heading on a beach vacation or out for a day on the water with friends, the Tess Stitched One Piece is a versatile and classic swimsuit that is made with smoothing stretch fabric to keep you comfortable all day long, no matter what color you choose.

Knotted Detail Swimsuits

If you’re looking for a swimwear trend that will stand the test of time, look no further than knotted detail swimsuits. With these fashion-forward twists on classic bathing suits, you get an added dose of style from the knotted details that add texture, dimension, and eye-catching appeal while still being delicate and sophisticated. Not only do knots add an extra layer of detail, but they are also extremely functional and allow you to make sure your swimsuit is the perfect fit for your unique body type and curves. Knotted detail swimsuits won’t be going out of style anytime soon, so get your hands on one for the upcoming summer so you can have a classically detailed style with the functionality of a customizable fit.5

Knotted details can come in all different types. If you’re looking for a swimsuit with a flirty, fun front knot, try our Coral Tied Knot Bikini. Not only will this swimsuit add some summer brightness, it gives you knotted details on the straps and at the center of the bikini top so you’ll be on trend. Looking for a more subtle knot detail? Try out Blue Grey Knot Triangle Bikini that has delicate knots on the straps of both the bikini top and bottom to give a classic triangle bikini a modern twist.

Swimsuits That Double As Resort Wear

When you’re on vacation spending your time in the sea and sand, the last thing you want to be worrying about is packing tons of different clothes to haul down to the beach with you if you need to change activities. One of the latest trends in swimwear that doubles as resort wear so you can easily pair it with a skirt, short, or cover-up and seamlessly transition from being by the water to wherever your heart desires. These designer swimsuits are perfectly crafted to fit easily underneath resort wear and to function as a piece on their own so you can simplify your packing and wardrobe, allowing you to stay focused on the most important part of any day in a swimsuit: having fun!6

For a one piece that can easily function as a bodysuit paired with a skirt, pants, or shorts, try our Off White Scales Buttons One Piece. This one piece exemplifies soft, feminine style with a form-fitting fit that will hug your body in all the right places. With a fashionable button front and parallel adjustable straps, this one piece will be an effortless and chic showstopper on the beach or as a part of an outfit. For a form-fitting, fun one piece, take a look at our Seychelles Knot One Piece. This swimsuit is sprinkled with flirty feathers on a soft black background to create a lively, eye-catching print that will be the perfect addition to your beach wardrobe. With full coverage in the back, parallel straps, and a modern print, your swimsuit will make it appear as though you’re simply wearing a high-end bodysuit with your outfit.

Trust us in saying that you can’t go wrong with any of these trendy swimsuit styles in the summer of 2019. If you don’t see something you love here, take a look at the rest of our swimsuit styles to find the perfect bathing suit that will make you feel comfortable and that will reflect your unique personal style. Whether you’re looking for cheeky or Brazilian bathing suits, or anything in between, we have you covered! No matter what body type you have, we have many different types of bikinis to make sure you’ll have the perfect bikini to hug all of your curves in the right places. We create every bikini style with you in mind so you never have to choose between comfortable materials that move with you and fashion-forward styles; you can have both!