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Types of Bikinis

Types of Bikinis

Here we give you insight into seven of the most popular types of bikinis for women. When choosing between a one-piece or a two-piece swimsuit, there are different styles, prints, and options to choose from. Whether you're at the pool or at the beach, when you're wearing a bikini, you should let your hair down and feel sexy and confident in your skin. Our hope is that this guide will help you find the right fit for you so that you can feel beautiful. We are highlighting the seven most popular bikinis. 

Triangle Bikini

Model Rocky Barnes wearing the Midnight Wave Triangle Bikini.

This is the true classic women’s swimsuit. It ties at the back and comes up to tie at the neck forming the well-known triangle shape. This is the bikini the women turn to because it has minimal coverage and can truly add the sexy aspect that most women search for when sitting by the pool or on the beach in their new bathing suit. 

Off the Shoulder Bikini

Model Matilde wearing the Feathers Shoulder Bikini.

The off the shoulder bikini is a trendy take on swimwear that is a must have this year. The Bardot-esque shoulder exposure is both flirty and feminine. This style makes for unique swimwear tops as well as a casual crop top to create a look that's perfect for festivals or pool parties. The shoulder top is a guaranteed head-turner and will give you a fashion-forward edge for a day in the sun. Show off your shoulders when you wear this bikini to your next pool party or your next day at the beach.  

Bandeau Bikini

  Influencer and Model Helen Owen in the Klien Scales Buttons Bikini.

Did someone say strapless? That's where a bandeau bikini comes in. This style of bathing suit top forms around your bust like a band, so most women turn to this bikini to help get rid of unwanted tan lines. Although these tops sometimes have the option to be worn with very thin straps, they are also removable. 

Ripple Bikini

Influencer and Model Helen Owen in Bluebell ripple bikini

This isn’t necessarily its own individual style of bikini, but a fun detail that can be added to bikinis for extra flair. The ripple effect adds wavy edges to the tops and bottoms of a bikini for an elegant feature that adds a chic look to your swimwear. 

Halter Top Bikini

Featured bikini: Betsey Black Halter Bikini

A halter top is like a tank top with no sleeves that sits high on the neck and chest area, but ties behind the neck and back. This style is different than your average bikini, making it fashionably eye-catching!

T Back Bikini


  Featured bikini: Black Ella Triangle Bikini.

Yet another exclusive bikini style, the t back bikini is one that includes a modish and trendy strap design in the back. At ViX, we like to use a gorgeous knot and beading detailed finish on our t back bikinis.

One Piece Swimwear

Featured here: Divino Maite One Piece.

Our one piece swimsuits range from full coverage to Brazilian one piece swimsuits. Some of our one pieces have far less coverage than your traditional one piece. Some have cut out sides with hardly any coverage, making them just like a bikini. It is a style that is on the rise and becoming more and more popular, even on professional models. One pieces are great for showing off your figure, whether you have a pear shape, hourglass shape, or straight shape! 

Bikini Bottoms

With most of our bikinis, you can choose your favorite style of bikini bottoms from cheeky, Brazilian, or full bottoms. We typically offer two different types of bikini bottoms for each of our styles so that you can choose your favorite or mix and match, ViX puts emphasis on choosing high-quality fabrics that are both more unique and luxurious. Tan, swim and lounge in style in any of these ViX bikini styles. We offer bikinis with stripes, solid color bikinis, textured bikinis or patterned so that you can find the style that best suits your personality. 

Our Favorite ViX Bikini for all body Types: Bia Tube Bikini

Victoria's Secret Angel and model Iza Goulart wearing the Indigo Betsey Bia Tube Bikini.

This is actually a unique style to us here at ViX. When most people hear tube associated with clothing, they think of a tube top, but this is not that nor does it have anything to do with that. Where the name Bia Tube Bikini comes into play is due to the adjustable sliding tube details that give this bikini a fresh look and ultimately that gives you the option to adjust the sliding tubes and place them wherever you’d like. This bikini is truly figure-flattering because of that customization factor.    

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