10 Winter Skirt Outfits to Rock this Season

Winter months mean bundling up with extra layers to keep away the icy chill. However, it doesn’t mean you have to pack away your favorite summer skirts for the season. Longer skirts can transition into being worn for colder temperatures with the right footwear and layering options. They can even make for great outdoor wedding outfits in the winter.

The first thing to know when learning how to wear a skirt in the winter is covering up the legs. Though the breezy feel of a billowy skirt can still be ideal during the early days of fall, it’s simply too chilly come wintertime. An easy fix is wearing ankle boots instead of sandals. Whether it’s knee high boots, thigh high boots, or ankle boots paired with opaque tights, there’s versatility when it comes to this cold weather-friendly footwear. 

Make the most out of your wardrobe by extending the wear of your must-have pieces and making them suitable year-round. Looking for an outfit idea or style inspiration as you head into a new season? We’re sharing 10 fashionable ideas for winter skirt outfits with boots, as well as other ways to winterize your wardrobe.

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Mabel Rose Skirt

The vibrancy of red and purple against a cobalt blue background emulates the beauty of a hibiscus flower. Instantly, the floral inspiration of the Mabel Rose Skirt makes it an ideal choice for spring to winter wear. The bold hues make a perfect wardrobe candidate to transition into fall. You can keep the skirt in regular rotation year-round when paired with classic black elements. 

A chic pair of black knee high boots and a chunky sweater over the top or as an open cardigan give this skirt more life through the winter, while still allowing the beautiful print to remain the center of attention. For extra warmth, layer a slimming bodysuit and a pair of thick black tights underneath. The lightweight, flowy fabric of this popular skirt may say, bring on spring, but the added styling options make it appropriate for winter, too.

How to Dress It Up

Work in sparkle in subtle ways either through a shimmery pair of thick tights or a sequined or silk jacket. Though black is the timeless way to go, don’t be afraid to play up the colors of the Mabel Rose Skirt to create a bold fashion statement. Since red is a go-to color for the winter season, put a spin on the traditional red-and-green color combination for the holidays. Finish the look with ruby earrings or small gold hoops or studs to keep the look balanced and trendy in a tasteful way.

Periwinkle Clara Long Skirt

Need inspiration on what to wear for a girl’s night out? Try out the elegance of the periwinkle Clara Long Skirt, which adds a sexy sophistication for any occasion. Despite the lightweight viscose material, the skirt can transition into winter for a wedding, date night, or any other special occasion. Pair with sheer black tights and Mary Janes and mix-and-match tops to create various looks. 

When the holidays roll around, opt for a sparkly oversized sweater and matching jacket to add elegant shine. Or add a patterned black-and-white blouse with an oversized black blazer for a more formal appeal. Due to the floaty nature of the skirt, maintain a streamlined silhouette on the top for the optimal balance to the skirt outfit.

How to Dress It Down

Though elegant in nature, the Divino Ana Skirt can also be dressed down and worn for a brunch with friends or an afternoon matinee. An oversized black-and-white striped sweater and a simple pair of black velvet flats make for the ideal combination for a casual yet polished style. 

A velvet headband pulls the look together for a pretty and feminine look. And, as an alternative, swap out the flats for chunky loafers and geometric jewelry to add a funky flair to an otherwise classic ensemble. Although red isn’t considered a neutral color, it offers enough versatility to work with other hues. Black and white never fails, but color-blocking with purple or pink offers an unexpected twist in a stylish way.

Scarlet Nicole Skirt

Model wearing Scarlet Nicole Leopard pattern skirt

You can’t go wrong with the bold sophistication of the Scarlet Nicole Skirt. The modern style and knee-length skirt pair well together when you want to elevate the style of your work attire or dress up for a girls’ night out. By using neutral colors in a fun, fresh way, it’s easy to change the look to work for different seasons and occasions. 

A crisp white button-down shirt and brown belt and heels create a polished, business casual style. Then, for a fun night out, pair it with the Black Firenze Knot Top. The classic, long-sleeved crop top with a boat neckline is a staple piece that can be layered under a duster jacket and paired with black stilettos. With only a few other pieces, you’ve got a look that can still withstand the winter temps.

How to Dress It Down

Despite the showstopping animal print pattern, you can still dress it down for weekend wear. Pair it with a white fitted tee, black bomber or denim jacket, and comfortable white sneakers for a casually chic look. For extra warmth, choose a pair of patterned tights or thick, over-the-knee socks that complement the neutral colors of the skirt. And for even extra layering, wrap a chunky black scarf around the neck and keep cozy as you run errands, head out for a day of shopping, or meet up with a friend for an afternoon coffee date. 

Namaste Jess Long Skirt

Need ideas on how to style a maxi skirt? The unique patchwork pattern and rich colors of the Namaste Jess Long Skirt make it a perfect candidate for creating winter skirt outfits. The Desert Lurex Cami Top echoes the sheen of the skirt with a gold reflective thread knitted throughout the sand-colored, long-sleeved crop top. When paired with the high waist of the long skirt, it works well to provide fuller coverage, as well as a different silhouette than what you’d wear in the summer. 

Keep the shoes neutral or branch out with a unique pair of patterned heels that mimic the colors of the skirt. Use the eclectic nature of the design to your styling advantage. You don’t have to establish an exact match when it comes to complementing the outfit. Play around with various colors, patterns, and textures to make the look your own.

How to Dress It Up

The essence of the Namaste Jess Long Skirt pairs well with a gold chainmail top and matching gold jacket when you want a luxurious shimmer. Gold serves as an excellent neutral alternative that adds an extra element of style to any outfit and makes it special occasion-ready. 

Not sure about going all gold? Draw out the rich warm tones of the skirt by pairing it with a forest green or burgundy satin blazer instead. Then, you can keep the gold shimmer for the footwear by pairing it with metallic flats or pumps. Considering layering necklaces or wearing statement earrings to further play up the overall aesthetic the skirt helps to create. 

Black Firenze Luiza Midi Skirt

model wearing black Firenze Luiza Midi Skirt

Trying to figure out how to style a midi skirt? The Black Firenze Luiza Midi Skirt is as timeless as they come. It works well with any wardrobe, for any style, during any season. The stretchy fit and high slit in the front deliver a comfortable and chic appeal, ready to wear for any occasion. Keep the look simple and sophisticated by pairing it with a long-sleeved, v-neck white top and black-and-white patterned shoes. Or add in a pop of color with a chunky cardigan in a deep jewel-toned hue. Layer on black tights and knee-high boots to keep the legs covered, and this can easily become one of your go-to winter looks.

How to Dress It Up

Formality is easily achieved with nearly any black-on-black ensemble. The streamlining aspect is effortless elegance at its finest. With the Black Firenze Luiza Midi Skirt, you can mix and match textures and shoe styles to create multiple outfits with this single color palette. 

Mohair sweaters, satin dusters, and cotton-blend capes all make the cut when dressing up an outfit. They each add their own element of style and leave the accessories to fill in the blanks as needed. Add drama with dangly earrings and a statement necklace, or keep it simple with diamond studs and a matching chain. As for shoes, anything from kitten heels to sky-high stilettos will work to complete the look. 

Wearing Skirts in Winter

It’s amazing what a beautiful skirt can add to a winter wardrobe. When you start with five stunning designs like these, it’s easy to find plenty of ways to dress them up or down based on the occasion. Accessories like belts, jewelry, and scarves can all instantly change the overall aesthetic. Additionally, the addition of tights, closed-toe shoes, and jackets, and sweaters switch up the style as well, while also adding much-needed warmth. 

During the winter, it feels good to be cozy at home in soft, oversized sweats and sweatshirts. However, when venturing out to a holiday event or simply getting together with friends, it’s nice to feel pulled together and polished. Fortunately, with the array of winter skirt outfits you can create with just a few key pieces, you won’t have to overthink what to wear before you head out the door.