How to Style a Maxi Skirt

Few things are more versatile for warm weather climates than a maxi skirt. It serves as a fashionable, ready-to-wear cover-up for your sexy designer bikini, can be mixed and matched with a variety of your favorite blouses or bodysuits, and can be worn for any type of occasion, from casual to formal, and beach to nighttime soiree. 

When learning how to style a maxi skirt, it’s all in how you want to dress it up (or down) to meet your current mood. Dive into the latest trends to give your current wardrobe a fashionable boost and create new looks for the season.

Stay Chic with a Maxi Skirt Cover Up

Maintaining comfort on the beach doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. The longer length of a maxi skirt helps shield your skin from the sun when needed in a cool and effortless way. It works as a chic cover-up to transition between activities by the water and lounging at the resort or spending a day sightseeing.  

The fresh and feminine, bright white Eyelet June Long Skirt is lightweight enough to wear over your swimsuit, yet refined enough to complete a daytime look. The shorter length on the front and adjustable wrap-style at the waist keeps the look airy and ideal for any sunny day. Plus, the eyelet detailing adds an ethereal appeal, differentiating it from your average maxi skirt option. 

Wear it over your favorite designer bikini or one-piece swimwear and slip-on neutral sandals as you head to the beach, pool, or spa. A few beautiful ideas include the ultra-luxe, opaque crepe texture of the Firenze Corsage Bikini in white. The Natalie Bandeau Bikini with its off-the-shoulder, ruffle top adds to the flirty factor. Or, keeping with a classic color combination of black and white by pairing with the versatile Lila One Piece or a simple white bikini.

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Mix-and-Match with Your Favorite Bodysuits or Blouses

There’s plenty of variety when deciding how to style long skirts because you can swap out tops interchangeably and instantly create whole new looks. The flowy nature of the skirt means it’s perfectly suited to wear with an equally loose-fitting blouse, skim your silhouette with a flattering bodysuit, or match with a top that’s somewhere in between. You can also add a black leather jacket or a denim jacket to finish off your look. 

Whether you’re planning for a casual day strolling the sidewalks of a new city, gearing up as a guest for a beachside wedding, or planning for an evening of dinner, drinks, and dancing, there are plenty of ways to make a maxi skirt work for you. 

Periwinkle Bia Long Skirt and Short Slim Wrap Top for Everyday Attire

Keep your look timeless by pairing the periwinkle Bia Long Skirt and Short Slim Wrap Top. It offers the comfort of separates with the look of a maxi dress. The linen-blend fabric and pleating details of this gorgeous maxi skirt delivers an elegant appeal that’s ideally suited for dining, shopping, exploring, or whatever the day holds for you. 

The Short Slim Wrap Top mimics the flattering draping of the skirt and creates a streamlined look that’s laid-back but still put together. For places and occasions where you might need both your knees and shoulder covered, swap out the wrap top with the Off White Mary Blouse. This cropped option is lightweight with a functional button front that maintains the look and feel of vacation mode.

Mabel Rose Skirt and Tulip Eris Nara Top to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Girl in mabel print long skirt

Make learning how to style long skirts for a beachside wedding fun by adding bold splashes of color. A feminine and fashion-forward pairing for a seaside affair are the Mabel Rose Skirt and Tulip Eris Nara top. The floral pattern of this maxi skirt combines vivid hues of red, deep purple, and cobalt.

When paired with the deep purple of the Tulip Eris Nara Top, it creates a statement look with hardly any effort. The fitted style of this sophisticated top is detailed with beaded, hand-wrapped straps and complements the asymmetrical flow of the long skirt. 

Complete the look with crisp white heels or wear neutral-colored sandals to allow the hues of the outfit to stand on their own. Either way, you’ll capture the formality the moment calls while balancing it with the breeziness of the destination.

Cora Long Skirt and Off White Leda Top

When the sun goes down and the night heats up, the form-fitting Cora Long Skirt is the perfect go-to for a night out. The stunning coral shade is a must-have for your next tropical getaway and flatters all skin tones nicely. Although it’s a fitted maxi skirt, the high side slit offers plenty of movement, ideal for dancing. Furthermore, the buttons on the skirt add another element of style that elevates the overall appeal of the skirt. 

While the obvious choice is to pair it with the equally alluring Coral Nara Top for a bold look from head to toe, another sultry choice is pairing this vibrant maxi skirt with the Off White Leda Top. The bikini-style, fixed knot top oozes confidence and will enhance your summer glow. Keep the footwear simple with slip-on resort sandals or a pair of espadrilles to complete the look for one unforgettable night.

How to Extend the Life of a Maxi Skirt

One of the great things about a maxi skirt is it barely takes up any room in your closet or your suitcase. Additionally, maxi skirts can be worn through multiple seasons when you plan right. 

When deciding how to style a maxi skirt for your next getaway or lineup of summer soirees, be strategic with your selections and find maxi skirts and tops that can be combined in different ways to create multiple looks. You’ll get more wear from each and be ready for any invite that comes your way. Whether you're looking for a more casual outfit with a high waisted maxi skirt and a crop top or a more sophisticated look with a red maxi skirt, a tight top, and a heel, the maxi skirt is perfect for you. 

Choose a few maxi skirt staples and build from there. Start with a solid color, like black or blue, and then choose an eye-catching pattern to give your wardrobe some variation. Next, add in a few layering pieces and switch out your shoes to take your maxi skirt from the still-cooler temperatures of spring into the heat of summer and beyond. 

A few layering pieces to pair with a classic maxi skirt include a fitted tee shirt, oversized blazer, and a comfy, lightweight sweater. For example, you can swap out the Off White Leda Top and slip on a white fitted tee and oversized black blazer when wearing the Cora Long Skirt. 

Complete the look with matching mules for an elegant look that’s appropriate for cooler climates. Another alternative for a fitted maxi skirt is to pair it with a cropped cozy sweater and crisp, white sneakers to turn a sultry style on its head and keep the outfit more casual. 

The same layering details can be applied to the Bia Long Skirt. Wear it with a striped boatneck sweater and pair it with pretty flats to extend the wear into the early weeks of fall. With the right layering pieces, you can make sure your wardrobe is outfitted for any occasion and destination. Play around with the pieces you already have in your closet and see how to make them work with the latest maxi skirt trends. 

Amp Up Your Maxi Skirt Style with Accessories

green printed long skirt

Lastly, to complete any maxi skirt outfit, accessories always make a difference. Accessories help dress up or down an outfit for wherever you’re headed to next. From jewelry to beach hats and bags to sandals, a few key pieces can change an entire look.

Jewelry staples include delicate metallic hoops, glittery chandelier earrings, or a classic pair of diamond studs. You may also want to add bangles, a colorful cuff, or a statement necklace to your accessories collection to instantly amp up an outfit. Also, consider incorporating interesting textures and accents like leather, feathers, or beads.

When headed to the beach or pool, the addition of a functional yet fashionable beach hat is the perfect top off for any maxi skirt outfit. It speaks to the appeal of a vacation mode while shielding your face from the sun. Then, an elegant pair of sunglasses and a roomy beach tote pulls the entire look together. 

And as you transition to evening wear, a trendy clutch and gladiator sandals can help make an outfit feel complete. Create a balance between simple and statement pieces for both your clothing and accessories and continue to find new ways to update your style.

Maxi Skirts Work for Every Occasion

Maxi skirts will forever be in style because there’s no shortage of ways to wear them. They’re the perfect blend of comfort and style to carry you through every occasion and tropical vacation. Dress them up with heels and colorful tops. Or, keep it casual by wearing one with your favorite swimsuit and beach sandal. 

With the endless colors, patterns, and styles available, you can create an outfit for every day of the week and still find ways to make the looks feel brand new. Who knew there was so much versatility built into one simple skirt? 

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