How to Style a Midi Skirt

What’s not to love about a midi skirt? It’s the perfect in-between option when you can’t decide between a flirty mini skirt or a flowy maxi. The midi length hits right near the calf, making it an ideal style for every body type. In general, skirts are a go-to fashion staple that can quickly dress up a look with a satin midi skirt, while also being casual enough to wear as a cover-up with a floral midi skirt when donning a sexy designer bikini

Due to the versatility, a midi skirt brings to any wardrobe, having several in your rotation is a smart idea. Wondering how to style a midi skirt? Go chic and modern, bold and fashion-forward, wear it with accessories, or simply let the style of the skirt stand out by itself. 

However you choose to work a midi into your personal style, it’s sure to look amazing. We’re sharing a few ways we like to style a midi skirt to help inspire your future outfits.

Create a Monochromatic Look

Midi skirts are perfect when you want a sleek and polished look, particularly a design as of the moment as the Firenze Luisa. The stretchy tight fit of this midi skirt has a high front slit that oozes sultry sophistication. The comfort level remains intact with the classic black color, which pairs well with a black crop top for an edgy monochromatic look. 

When exploring how to style a midi skirt, an all-black outfit is always on trend and is just as appropriate for a weekend brunch as it is for an evening out. Plus, the Firenze Luisa is a staple skirt that can be styled in many ways. Swap out the black top for a crisp white tee or a colorful, striped tank instead. Add a pair of gladiator sandals or keep the look casual with a pair of white tennis shoes. To finish off the look, throw on a jacket or hang it off your shoulders to complete your chic and sophisticated look. 

Anything goes when you start with a solid base, which means you can plan a different outfit for every day of the week with just this one midi skirt.

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Go Bold with a Red-Hot Statement

Red instantly boosts the look of a midi from casual to an outfit more suited for a special occasion. The Divino Ana Skirt is a bold color choice with a pretty asymmetrical hemline to allow extra movement when wearing the skirt. Additionally, the fully lined fabric makes it ready to wear on any occasion. 

Pair it with the equally flowy Candice Top, also in bright red, for an effortlessly stylish ensemble. When it comes to knowing how to style a midi skirt like this, keep the add-ons minimal, with a pair of gold sandals and possibly a few shimmery jewelry pieces. The main idea is to keep the focus on this show stopping color. 

Another style option is pairing the skirt with the form-fitting Alissa Top to amp up the outfit for a night out. The linen blend crop top is flattering on all and made extra comfortable with elastic cinching at the back and adjustable parallel straps. Pair the outfit with animal print heels to elevate the style factor or stick with pretty peep-toe pumps in a complementary, solid hue to keep things sexy and sophisticated.

Embrace a Modern Flair

The midi skirt is already a modern interpretation of what a skirt length can be, but if the fit isn’t right, it can look frumpy rather than fashionable. For example, a midi made with a heavy material may feel overly formal, particularly for a tropical setting. Whereas, a fluttery midi with sheer fabric, like the Tulip Lily Skirt, is more suited for the beach. It hits all the right notes with a fit and flare that makes a fashionable statement. 

Elisa Nara top


The unique ruffle and ruching of the midi skirt is a beautiful complement to the gorgeous deep purple color. Additionally, the asymmetrical hemline and thigh-high front slit keep the look cool and chic for whatever the day calls for. Go ultra-modern by pairing with the matching Elis Nara Top or provide unexpected, yet still alluring coverage with the Nicole Top. This long-sleeve boat neck crop top is an elegant addition to pair with the flirty style of the skirt.

Fortunately, when learning how to style a midi, there are no hard and fast rules that must be followed. Get creative when mixing and matching textures and design details to keep the look fresh. Go with what makes you feel most confident, but don’t be afraid to venture out.

Pair with the Perfect Shoes

Due to the flattering length of the midi dress, it allows you to show off your footwear. Make the most of the fashion moment but taking into account what shoes will help complete your outfit. When deciding how to wear a midi skirt, here are a few shoe styling tips to keep in mind.

Opt for a Pretty Pattern

The carefree vibe a midi skirt elicits means you can have fun playing with patterns when it comes to your shoes. If you opt for a monochromatic top and skirt, wear shoes with stripes or polka dots that complement the color scheme, or choose a pair that has a colorful pattern. Either way, allow the shoes to add to your outfit to create a complete look.

Add Height with Heels

In some instances, the mid-calf length of a midi skirt may feel like it shortens the legs. Simply elongate them instead by pairing them with your favorite heels. Three inches is a good height to start with but add or subtract an inch or two, depending on your personal style. Stick with the sultriness of stilettos or go trendy with a pair of chunky heels or wedges. Whatever shoes suit you best, just make sure it adds some height to the frame.

Select Shoes with Fashionable Accents

Shoes can also pull double duty if you want to limit your accessories. Find shoes with fashionable accents like interesting cutouts or lace-up ties. A strappy sandal, such as the Paige Sandal, will be the right accent for your outfit or try a pair of zippered wedges. There are endless styles of shoes to choose from that allow you to keep jewelry minimum and still look perfectly put together.

Layer Up Based on the Location

Take your midi skirts with you regardless of the destination. It’s perfect to pack for your next resort vacation, and you can always add a layering piece to cover up your shoulders as well. Certain cultures and places, like shrines and temples, require both your shoulders and knees to be covered. The midi skirt already makes for the perfect length to accommodate this, so just make sure you’re equally covered up on top.

white Laura blouse


A button-down, long-sleeve shirt in a lightweight fabric is the perfect complement to a midi skirt look. Roll up the sleeves to the elbow and tie loosely in the front to keep the look casual and polished at the same time. The Laura Blouse is a must-have staple that goes well with everything and is still fresh enough to feel vacation-worthy.

Another option is to layer a loose-fitting jacket or blazer over a strapless top. You can also add a black or white turtleneck under any tank tops to keep your look fashionable and fun. In addition to wearing to places that require a cover-up, you can also keep it close by when evenings turn cooler. Picking a few staple pieces to layer with your midi skirt extends the way you can wear it and ensures you’re dressed for the destination. 

Play Around with Accessories

When you start with a midi skirt you love as your foundational piece, dressing around it is fun and easy when you have the right accessories. It only takes a few to make an outfit feel complete. For starters, you can never go wrong with metallics. Whether it’s a beautiful pair of gold hoop earrings or sterling silver studs, these jewelry box classics instantly go with everything.

From there, branch out with your selections and add in a few trendy pieces. Try bright and festive coral or turquoise pieces if you want to stick with a tropical theme. A multi-strand necklace or a solid colorful cuff effortlessly pulls a look together. Also, play around with jewelry sizes and shapes to easily switch things up. Choose jewelry you can wear with multiple outfits and mix-and-match textures and colors, the same as you would with a midi skirt outfit itself.

Furthermore, when headed to the beach, a must-have accessory is a beach hat. A visor in a neutral color is fashionable and functional. It can be worn to shield your face from the sun and be the final touch to your outfit before you head out the door. Additionally, a wide-brimmed floppy sun hat is a good choice whenever you’re traveling. Pack it up and take it with you to prepare for days in the sun. 

There’s no shortage of ways you can style a midi skirt. The length itself already makes it a fashion statement perfect for warmer climates. Then, you can easily switch up your look based on your mood and the occasion by swapping in different shoes, accessories, or layering pieces to change up your style. One of the best things about a midi skirt is you can adjust the look based on your style. Whether that be wearing it with a tucked graphic tee, an oversized sweater, or a tighter shirt to accentuate your waist, the midi skirt is extremely versatile.

If you ever want to switch up the length, the maxi skirt is a great alternative as it’s very similar just a little bit longer. Now you might be wondering how to style a maxi skirt but since they’re so similar you can style them just like you would with a midi skirt.