How to Style a Romper

A romper is such a versatile piece, you can wear it for nearly every occasion with the right styling. You can keep it simple by wearing it over a sexy designer bikini or put together a polished outfit for wherever the day takes you. So what is a romper exactly? Many refer to rompers and jumpsuits interchangeably, though rompers have shorts and jumpsuits have pants. However, when it comes to fashion, anything goes, as long as you’re making it personalized to you.

Start with a romper as the central focus and build your outfit by changing your accessories, shoes, and even your hair and makeup. Each detail can change the look you want to achieve and make a romper fashionable in every setting. It’s casual enough for the beach and can be dressed up for a party. 

Want inspiration for how to style a romper? If you don’t know what to wear with a jumpsuit or a romper, you have come to the right place. We’re sharing our favorite rompers and multiple ways to wear them. 

Cobalt Nora Beads Mini Jumper

It’s the details of the Cobalt Nora Beads Mini Jumper that really make a difference. Special design features like beaded straps and a keyhole front tie make this style on-trend, while the cool cobalt color keeps it a timeless wardrobe staple. Plus, the versatility allows you to get a lot of wear from a single piece. When you have such a strong style base to work with, it’s easy to create several different looks to match the location and vibe of where you are. With this playsuit, one outfit idea is to pair it with a statement necklace, white blazer, and high heels. These stylish additions take a casual romper up a notch and makes it easily go from day to night. If you want to keep things casual, slide on a pair of flat sandals and sunglasses for an outdoor affair. 

Classic Sophistication 

The vibrant blue works well with crisp white or neutral-tone sandals or kitten high heels. Choose shoes that have hardware across the toe or on the straps for subtle styling that doesn’t take away from the color. 

Slip on a gold watch and a pair of gold, geometric earrings for an effortless look that can be worn anywhere. Also, add a breezy linen blazer and a white beach hat to pull the look together for your next tropical vacation, or pull your hair back in a sleek pony and keep the shoulders bare for a brunch with friends or cocktails on the patio.

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Switch gears from cool and classy and embrace your creative side with a fabulous festival look. For a look that leans toward sporty, wear white tennis shoes and keep accessories to one key area. Whether it’s an armful of metallic bangles or a handkerchief in the hair, you can decide between an edgy or sweet vibe or any place on the style spectrum in between.

Another styling idea is to pair the romper with earth-toned ankle boots and a matching belt. Try a long, crocheted vest or duster for a boho appeal. A simple leather choker and stackable rings complete the look and still keep you cool during warm-weather days.

Elegant Evening

The linen blend material instantly makes the outfit feel dressier than your average cotton t-shirt and shorts ensemble. Play up this aesthetic by styling the romper with black stilettos and a black, lightweight silk jacket. The mix of textures and striking contrast between the blue and black creates fashionable drama for an evening out. 

Pair with dangly silver earrings and a necklace to match and you’ve changed a comfortably casual wardrobe piece into an elegant outfit that still maintains its sense of fun. Pull the hair back into a sleek chignon or a teased ponytail for lots of volume. Then, complement it with dramatic eyeshadow or a bold lip shade for a final flourish. 

Bruna Mini Jumper

Nothing quite beats the structural design and crisp white color of the Bruna Mini Jumper. If elegant chic was an outfit, it’d be this one. From the wide tie at the waist and zipper front to the tailored shorts and loose but fitted sleeves, it’s art and fashion in a single look. This popular lightweight romper is a dream to style for your next resort getaway. 

Sleek Comfort

ViX Leaf Necklace


Just because something is comfortable to wear doesn’t have to mean it has to fit loose or look sloppy. Let this perfect romper take center stage by simply pairing it with gold flip flops as a go-to daytime look. Keep the jewelry simple but beautiful as well, like with the Gold Leaf Necklace or Anklet. Both offer just enough sparkle to complete the look and still keep it laid-back. 

Special Occasion 

The construction and overall appeal of the Bruna Mini Jumper make it ready-made for a special occasion. Even though traditionally wearing white as a wedding guest is considered taboo, there are ways to style the romper to make it special-occasion appropriate. Add in pops of color with the Coral Long Necklace and wear a pair of patterned heels that complement the tropical color. 

Another option is to layer on a colorful, tailored jacket or loose, open kimono and wear black flat sandals to pull the outfit together. Layer delicate chains around the neck and wear the Gold Tulip Earrings for another element of style to an already fabulous outfit. There are several ways to dress up this perfect romper to make it fit into any special occasion and still provide the timeless look you want. 

Spa Chic

The simplicity of a one-piece outfit makes it the perfect option for a day at the spa. Pack your favorite sun hat, flip flops, sunglasses, and tote for a well-deserved day of rest and relaxation. Pack a small bag with a few key pieces of jewelry like the Black Asha Necklace, as well as a change of shoes like the Black Paige Sandal and you can head straight from the spa to dinner. The beauty of fashion is it often only takes a few details to change up a look instantly and with little effort.

Fiorella Black Nora Mini Jumper

An animal print instantly livens things up. The Fiorella Black Nora Mini Jumper puts a modern twist on the traditional black-and-white palette and adds an exotic zebra print to the mix. This alone makes for a standout piece, but the addition of a cinched waist and v-neckline are details that create a flattering silhouette as an outfit staple for all. 

Effortlessly Cool 

A beautiful design instills an extra level of style confidence for an effortlessly cool appeal. The unexpected pairing of bronze lace-up shoes like the Beth Sandal is the perfect complement to this stylish romper. Matching bronze earrings or accessories made with another type of metallic gives the outfit a polished look without being too matchy-matchy. 

The great thing about wearing such a striking pattern like zebra print is that it allows you to feel on-trend in a way that doesn’t feel forced. There’s a personal sense of confidence that supports wearing such a vibrant pattern. Though there’s a time for understated fashion, this romper deserves to shine.

Girls’ Night Out

vix black ball necklace


Rather than reach for a mini dress, create a stylish stir with this equally fun and festive romper. The comfort will keep you going all night long and the style will match the mood of being out and having a good time with friends. Layering the Gold Beaded Necklace with the Black Ball Necklace keeps with the carefree vibe of a girls’ night out and Gold Hoop Earrings incorporates another texture to the mix. 

Sometimes it’s fun to switch things up, especially when it comes to fashion. The romper is ideal for dinner and drinks, listening to live music, or wherever the night takes you. Rather than reaching for a skirt or dress the next time you go out, the romper may make its way to the top of the list.

Artsy Flair

Whenever you work a pattern in the mix, it instantly adds an artsy vibe. Though solid colors are also wardrobe essentials, sometimes an interesting print is what’s needed for the occasion. The drama of a zebra print works well when traveling because it adds specialness to an outfit. 

This romper would look great worn with black mules and a floppy sun hat for a leisurely afternoon of exploring city sights. Or, skip the sun hat and layer with chunky gold jewelry instead for an art gallery opening, open mic night, or other low-key, creative event. Then, wear the hair in a french braid or wrapped up in a colorful scarf to complete the look.

Make a Fashion Statement with a Romper

A few key pieces create the base for a whole array of outfits that can take you from casual outings to more formal affairs. The romper has been elevated over time in its construction, design features, colors, and patterns. Though still a comfortable, convenient outfit, the styling of a cute jumpsuit extends well beyond a casual look all the time. By getting creative with shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, there’s no limit to how to style a romper. 

Start with a romper you love in a fit that’s tailored to you and build from there. A few simple accessories are all you need to change the aesthetic and keep your romper in regular rotation as a wardrobe staple for years to come. Whether you want an outfit that’s casual and comfortable or classy and formal, you can get everything you need with a beautiful designer romper.