One of the best warm-weather or resort wear outfits to wear is a romper. Those who may not be as familiar with the style may be wondering, what is a romper exactly? Put simply, a romper is a one-piece outfit, where the top and bottom are connected. It often has the same color and pattern throughout, although some romper styles include color blocking or a combination of stripes and solids or polka dots and a floral print depending on seasonal trends.

Designer rompers create effortlessly stylish looks ideal for hot days. The materials used are lightweight, commonly linen, rayon, or a blend of both, and the hemlines have a looser fit, though still maintaining the structure of the outfit. What we love about these women's jumpsuits is that this clothing item can be dressed up or down in a snap! You can even style a jumpsuit for a wedding outfit or pair a playsuit with sandals and sunglasses for a casual beach-goer look!​​ It’s the kind of attire that gives you plenty of options and is a smart addition to every wardrobe. As easy it is to slip into an old t-shirt and shorts, it’s even easier to wear a romper, plus you’ll instantly look pulled together with fashionable clothes from head to toe. 

Learn more about the differences between rompers vs jumpsuits.

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Best Styles of Rompers and Where to Wear Them

The construction of a romper starts with the top-shorts combo. However, there are multiple ways to change up the look starting with that solid base. There are multiple colors, patterns, and design details to take into account. Some styles have spaghetti straps, while others still have sleeves. Some romper styles have a built-in belt while others have a tie-waist. 

The best styles of rompers are ones that are lightweight and have a fitted structure to create a flattering silhouette. A classic women’s jumpsuit blends comfort with style and can be worn for nearly any occasion. Here are a few of our favorite places to wear a romper and how we like to style it.

To the Beach

Due to its lightweight material and breezy appeal, a romper is a perfect outfit to wear to the beach. It's lightweight fabric and stylish nature make this clothing piece the perfect one piece garment for a day at the beach. It easily slips over your sexy designer bikini and can transition easily from day to evening. It looks great paired with a sun hat and sandals and elevates the casualness of your everyday t-shirt and shorts.

The striking cobalt color of the Nora Beads Mini Jumper is a go-to choice for any beach, pool, or resort day. The richness of the hue and quality of the fabric keeps the look classy. Meanwhile, the loose tie front and pockets maintain a laid-back appeal. Additionally, the beaded straps serve as their own accessories and add an extra style element to the romper that’s beautiful and unique.

For a Wedding

Shorts for a wedding isn’t often considered, but the versatility of a romper allows this to be an appropriate option. When attending a wedding outdoors, a pantsuit or even a long dress can feel stuffy and not quite right for the setting. However, the idea of wearing a pair of shorts may seem too informal for a ceremony. Enter: the women’s romper. The classiness of conventional formal wear with the comfort and coolness of shorts in hot weather. 

Swap out the strap versions for a romper with sleeves and make sure the shorts come down to at least mid-length on the thigh. These small details are significant when dressing for a more formal occasion, even if the wedding dress code is more laid-back than most. Also, switch to a dressy pair of heels or fashionable slides instead of beach sandals to dress up the look. Peep-toe pumps or kitten heels are also good choices to wear with a cute romper. 

Lastly, add a few pieces of jewelry to elevate the look even further. A statement necklace or a pair of structural earrings are all you need to pull the look together. It’s easy to change the traditional rules of wedding attire when you have the modern versatility of a designer romper to work with.

Out to Brunch

Off White Bruna Mini Jumper


Whether you’re meeting friends for brunch or dinner and drinks, a cute romper is a go-to outfit and can transition between day events and nighttime activities with ease. It instantly makes you look polished and pulled together with little effort at all. For brunch, a chic structure like the Off White Bruna Mini Jumper is low-key enough for a casual weekend but has enough special design details to elevate the attire.

This romper exudes sophistication with a lightweight feel that’s perfect for an outdoor patio session. The breezy sleeves and zipper front v-neck add to the airy nature of the all-white outfit while keeping the focus on the stunning construction. Wear some fashionable sneakers or a pair of great sandals and keep the accessories to a minimum to make the look complete. 

A crossbody bag or a roomy tote finishes the brunch look, making rompers a fashionable way to feel comfortable and chic at the same time.

On Vacation

A romper is also great to take on vacation. It’s a cool style to withstand hot weather if you’re headed somewhere tropical. When it comes to taking your wardrobe to-go, add in a few festive pieces that make the outfit complete. The Fiorella Black Nora Mini Jumper is just the kind of print to feel vacation-ready. The zebra pattern adds a fun flair to the romper to get your travels started off right. 

Stick with black sandals and matching shades for a chic appearance that’s elegant enough for resort wear and casual enough for when you’re strolling down the sidewalk, exploring the place you’re in. Plus, rompers take up much less room in the suitcase than several pairs of shorts and shirts. Simply roll up your romper to prevent wrinkles, and stack them side by side for a week’s worth of great-looking outfits.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Romper

Cobalt Nora Beads Mini Jumper


Rompers look great on everyone and can be worn for nearly any occasion. However, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when choosing the right style for you. 

Do maintain a tailored fit. You’ll lose your shape if the romper is too loose-fitting. You want to have a comfortable fit, but one that highlights your natural curves and creates a flattering silhouette.

Don’t be afraid to go up a size. However, just because you want a tailored fit doesn’t mean you can’t go up a size when needed. Each brand and design may fit a bit differently, so take the recommendation based on ensuring what’ll look and feel best.

Do consider your current wardrobe. Use the shoes and accessories you already have to make new outfits with the romper as the central piece. One of the best things about a romper is you can wear it multiple different ways. Pick a color or style that will blend in well with your already existing wardrobe. 

Don’t pick a color only for the trend. Though it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion, start with a color or pattern that you know you’ll wear. Then, venture into different trends and style elements. For example, if a zebra print is not your normal style, stick with classic black instead. Or, if you have enough classic colors already, swap in a vibrant pattern to switch things up.

Do have fun with accessorizing. Belts, hats, shoes, and jewelry can all change the look of your romper in an instant. A belt and heels completely change an outfit compared to sandals and a beach hat. The versatility of a romper makes it a wardrobe staple that can stick with you season after season.

Don’t forget about layering options. A cropped jean jacket or cozy cardigan can change the outfit completely and can come in handy when transitioning between different temperatures and seasons. If you know the evening will get cooler or you want to extend the wear of your romper from summer into fall, a few key pieces are all you need to get more out of your wardrobe.

No matter how or where you decide to wear a romper, you can get as creative as you’d like. It starts with securing the right fit, sleeves, and color for what you want and then extending the look with your favorite accessories and shoes. 

Rompers can be casual enough to wear with sneakers for an outdoor concert or dressy enough to be paired with heels and worn to a special occasion. It’s all about how you accentuate your outfit. Exploring all the ways you can style this one-piece ensemble may leave you wondering how you ever did without it before.