What to Wear With a Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit outfit is the ideal wardrobe piece. It folds up nicely to pack for your next vacation and instantly makes you feel pulled together once you slip it on. It has the comfort of a casual t-shirt and shorts with the fashionable flair of a summery dress. What’s better is a jumpsuit outfit can be styled in several different ways. 

As with any piece of clothing, there’s a jumpsuit to fit every occasion and personal fashion preference. Jumpsuits come in an array of colors, patterns, and lengths. Deciding how to style yours starts with a few key style tips. If you don’t know how to style a romper, you have come to the right place.

Styles Tips for What to Wear with a Jumpsuit

There’s no limit to what you can wear with a designer jumpsuit. By switching up the shoes you wear, layering elements, and accessories, you can instantly change the look. Before diving into examples of what to wear with a jumpsuit, there are a few key things to keep in mind to put your best fashion foot forward.

Secure a Comfortable Fit

Since a jumpsuit or romper is a one-piece outfit, you want to ensure the fit is as comfortable sitting down as it is when standing up. Choosing quality, lightweight fabrics that lay flat rather than bunching up can prevent you from tugging at your hemline when rocking a stylish jumpsuit. Additionally, a tailored fit that’s not too loose and not tight immediately elevates the overall look, taking it from sloppy to chic. Jumpsuits and rompers look great on any body shape; it’s all about finding the right fit for yours.

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Consider It a Wardrobe Staple 

A jumpsuit can easily transition from day to evening, casual to formal, with the right accessories, shoes, and jackets. It’s smart to have a solid color that you’ll wear often and then add a fun pattern into the mix with a standout jumpsuit piece. Either way, jumpsuits are easy to dress up or down. Choose ones with quality design and timeless details that’ll hold up to the changing trends from season to season. For example, a built-in tie at the waist creates a flattering silhouette and beaded straps accessorize the outfit without adding a single piece of jewelry.

Add Your Own Personal Flair

With a jumpsuit as the central piece, you can change the look from street style to wedding guest-appropriate. Whether you realize it or not, it's really quite simple to style a jumpsuit for a wedding. Have fun with how you accessorize and play up the different styles. A beautifully crafted jumpsuit serves as the best canvas to build your outfit of the day. Whether it’s a hat, belt, or an armful of bracelets, all it takes is your own personal style to make the look your own.

Cool and Casual Jumpsuits 

Lightweight fabrics are the name of the game when you’re on the hunt for a cool and casual jumpsuit you can pack for your next exotic getaway or summertime event. Flowy hems, short sleeves, and a loose tie at the waist are all elements that keep the look laid-back. Remember, you can always dress up a casual jumpsuit with a pair of heeled sandals and a leather jacket. 

Cobalt Nora Beads Mini Jumper

Cobalt Nora Beads Mini Jumper


The cool blue hue of the Cobalt Nora Beads Mini Jumper is perfect for a beach vacation. The vibrant material is an instant mood booster and the comfort makes it ideal to wear on the beach, out to lunch, or exploring a new spot. The lightweight fabric and a straight short hem with pockets keep the outfit airy while still maintaining a sophisticated structure. 

The beaded straps, keyhole tie front, and v-neckline all work well together to give the mini jumper a unique edge. It’s easy to slip on over your designer swimwear or accessories for an outdoor event when you want to appear fresh and cool in the heat.

When hanging out at the resort, slip on your favorite designer sandals and wear trendy sunglasses for an effortlessly stylish appeal. Keep the jewelry to a minimum and stick with a simple chain necklace or stud earrings. Then, finish the look with a wide-brimmed beach hat to protect your face and shoulders from the sun and look elegantly sophisticated at the same time.

Another option is to go sporty by pairing the jumper with white sneakers and a mini backpack when attending a sports event or outdoor performance. You’ll keep comfy while pulling off a stylish look at the same time. Or, add a boho edge by layering with a long, crocheted duster and swapping out the sneakers for flat, strappy sandals. Layer different necklace lengths and wear dangly earrings to complete the look. 

White Bruna Mini Jumper

We love the look of a crisp, white outfit and the White Bruna Mini Jumper is the epitome of a fresh, summer look. The structure of this design offers a classy appeal to a look that still works for casual wear. The lightweight linen blend makes it a good choice to take on your next warm-weather excursion, and design details like a wide tie at the waist and zipper front keep it effortlessly chic. 

As with the Nora Beads Mini Jumper, it gives you the romper-style option of shorts but with sleeves rather than straps to switch up the style. For this wardrobe piece, sticking with neutral-toned accessories is a smart choice. Strappy, block heels or a pair of gladiator sandals will also help to set this look off right. Also, natural leather jewelry pieces, like an arm cuff or artisan earrings, make for chic final touches. 

If you want to turn on full beach vacation mode, another style option is wearing a colorful headscarf and metallic sandals. With the white mini jumper serving as a blank canvas, you can incorporate in color with the accessories you wear. To maintain an exotic appeal, pairing with coral or turquoise jewelry are obvious choices that’ll dress up the look and complement the setting you’re in.

Fierce and Fashionable Jumpsuits

There are times when you want to wear something that’ll help you blend in, and other times when you’d rather put on an outfit that makes you stand out. The versatility of a jumpsuit means you can switch from cool and casual and switch to fierce and fashionable in an instant. The comfort, style, and effortlessness are still in place, but the elements are taken up a notch to create truly showstopping looks.

Red Pepper Yana Jumpsuit

Red is a power color, instantly instilling confidence no matter how you wear it. The Red Pepper Yana Jumpsuit commands attention in the best way, creating a stunning silhouette in a gorgeous color. The lightweight, linen-rayon fabric and adjustable straps keep things comfortable, while the corsage-style top and ankle ties add flirty fun to the overall look. 

With a statement wardrobe piece like this, accessories can be kept simple. Gold jewelry has always been a go-to complement to red. Wear with thin, gold hoops and matching bangles for an effortless look when rocking this dressy jumpsuit. Or, you can always accentuate the bold color and pair it with red, strappy stilettos, and a pair of sparkly, chandelier earrings instead. 

Since there’s full coverage on the legs, you can also layer this look for when evenings are cooler or when you’re headed to a more formal affair. Slip on a black satin blazer or a beautiful wrap-around shawl to cover the shoulders without minimizing the jumpsuit’s red-hot appeal. Adding different accessories and layering pieces allows you to get more wear from your wardrobe and pull out this jumpsuit as often as possible.

Fiorella Black Nora Mini Jumper

Fiorella Black Nora Mini Jumper


An animal print instantly makes an outfit feel special. The Fiorella Black Nora Mini Jumper has an exotic zebra print that changes the look while keeping it classic. The black-and-white color fits into any formal or casual occasion and can be dressed up or down as needed with a few key pieces. It’ll look great when paired with matching black slides and a black beach hat, suitable both for heading to the beach or hanging out around the resort. 

This patterned jumpsuit also adds a festive vibe ideal for an outdoor concert. Wear earth-toned flat sandals or ankle booties and layer with a structured bomber jacket or an oversized cardigan for a fashion-forward look. Though keeping the color palette neutral is an easy way to style this look, don’t be afraid to mix and match with other colors or patterns to put your own fashionable spin on the outfit. This design embodies what’s fun about fashion and should be celebrated however you see fit.

Another style idea is to wear with a wide, light brown belt and matching flats or strappy flat sandals for an effortless brunch outfit or if you’re out enjoying the day. Accessorize with a pair of metallic, structural earrings or a modern and elegant watch and you have a pulled-together look that’s easy to plan.

There are no limits when choosing what to wear with a jumpsuit. Start by considering the climate of where you’re headed, whether you want to err on the side of formality or want to keep things casual, and the different accessories that can be used to pull off multiple looks. Whether you are going for a casual look with strappy sandals or you prefer a fitted jumpsuit to dress up for an occasion, our selection of stylish jumpsuit pieces offers something for everyone. 

Needless to say, a jumpsuit is a must-have wardrobe staple. Its timeless versatility allows you to wear it for any mood, setting, or occasion.