5 Luxury Swimsuit Looks

A swimsuit is one of the most essential vacation outfits for women. We all know that feeling—that anticipation when you’re about to click the “Book Now” button on your next luxury vacation. The relief you feel when you treat yourself to that pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on for months. The joy you experience when you take the first sip of a fine vintage wine.

We all need to experience life’s finest pleasures every once in a while. So why not indulge in a fashionable swimsuit that feels as luxurious as it looks?

Show the world you know a thing or two about the finer things in life. Peruse our handpicked luxury swimsuits and find yourself one step closer to paradise. Whether your dream getaway includes lounging by the pool or taking decadent dips in the ocean, a luxury swimsuit can make an enormous difference.

Discover the difference and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

What is Luxury Swimwear?

The term luxury may seem like it’s tossed around often. From wristwatches to perfume, adding this word seems to imply it’s better than their competition in some way—but what exactly does it mean?

When you tack the word luxury before anything, you can often assume that it’s somewhat of an investment in quality.

What makes a product high-quality, however, depends on the product itself. Luxury spirits may gain their title from their aging process, whereas esteemed hair products may come down to the quality of their ingredients.

So, what makes a swimsuit luxurious, you may ask? We’ve got the answer:

  • Material – Luxury bathing suit consist of quality fabric that’s comfortable, durable, and reliable. For a swimsuit, you also want material that’s breathable and stretchable. High-quality synthetic fabric achieves these feats without running the risk of over-stretching and sagging.1 Materials like Brazilian Lycra or nylon make exceptional choices for luxurious swimwear.
  • Appearance – Quality swimsuits offer unique and gorgeous designs to show off your beach body. Luxury swimsuit designers will often try to break the mold of conventional swimwear construction. As a result, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind swimsuit you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Fit – While you can find swimsuits in many different designs, they’re not always size-inclusive. Luxury swimsuits will aim to flatter all body types, ensuring a snug, flattering fit without sacrificing comfort.

A cute and durable swimsuit can feel hard to come across—but with some tips on where to find them, you’ll be sure to discover the swimwear of your dreams. So grab yourself a luxury swimsuit and feel the confidence that stems from a sound selection.

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Our Top Luxury Swimsuit Picks

Now that we’ve got an understanding of what defines a luxury swimsuit, it’s time for the fun part—finding one that speaks to your style.

Discovering the perfect swimsuit may feel like a daunting task. Luckily, the swimsuits you’re about to peruse have reached high quality standards, meaning all that’s left for you is to choose the design you like the best.

So let’s dive in—the water’s fine.

#1 Gi Top Bikini

Many theorize that cutouts will become one of the most popular trends2 of the upcoming season—so don’t miss out on the fun. Grab a bikini set that hugs your curves in all the right places and provides flirty peek-a-boo moments.

If you’re looking for a bikini set that’s a perfect fit, look no further than a gorgeous Gi Top. The cutouts on this bikini top are used to expertly highlight your upper body, especially your:

  • Cleavage
  • Back
  • Upper abdominals

The wonders don’t stop at the stunning scoop neckline. This suit also provides incredible versatility, meaning you can pair it with wraps, skirts, or your favorite pair of jeans. Style it your way and give luxury a whole new meaning.

#2 Lotus Greta T Back Bikini

This next bikini’s got built-in bling to help you shine brighter than the summer sun. We may need some sunglasses over here.

If you can’t go anywhere without a touch of something shiny, look no further than the Lotus Greta T Back Bikini. This gorgeous bathing suit gives true meaning to the phrase, “business in the front, party in the back.” With a link of elegant gold hoops lining the back, you have the perfect accessory to compliment your sun-kissed skin.

Emphasize the gold detailing even further by implementing golden accessories, such as:

  • Earrings – Earrings can easily add a touch of elegance to your look. Go for a simplistic charm with a pair of gold Hoop Earrings, or add a touch of edgy flair with Horn Earrings. If you’re after glamour, a dangly set of Tulip Earrings won’t disappoint.
  • Necklaces – Layering necklaces has become a sensation for any occasion, so feel free to mix and match textures and styles. A short Chain Necklace would pair fabulously with a longer Gancho Necklace. A pendant necklace such as the Eliza Necklace will work wonders if you're after some extra oomph.
  • Bracelets/Anklets – There's something so satisfying as hearing the light jingle of chains as you walk along the shore. Whether you prefer bangles on your wrists or ankles, you can achieve beach goddess status with a Chain Anklet or Lara Bracelet.
  • Decorative string accessories – Supply your outfit with gold detailing and a pop of color all at once. From our Asha Necklace to our Pivot Anklet, you can enjoy the delights of a multi-textured, hand-crafted piece.

Rival the sunset with a stunning swimwear and accessory combo to light up your life. With these accessories in your beach bag, you can take golden hour to a new level.

Greta T Back Tri Top bikini

#3 Evie Duchese Beads Bikini

You can't go wrong with an Evie Duchess Beads Bikini for a lighthearted, vivacious affair. Between the color palette, the fit of the suit, and the elegant detailing on the shoulders, you have a romantic swimsuit ready for any occasion.

Take this piece of gingham glory anywhere good times are had, including:

  • Romantic getaways
  • Weekend girls trips
  • Sunny picnics by the sea
  • Rooftop pool mixers
  • Tanning sessions in your backyard

It’s not enough to have a flirty swimsuit that infuses luxe with love. When it comes to packing for vacation, reliability is key. Invest in a swimsuit you can depend on no matter the occasion.

#4 White Ella Triangle Bikini

If you feel free as a bird and grounded with the earth, you'll likely align well with a bohemian style. Bohemian style marries simplicity with unique and free-flowing elements like natural, organic fibers and hand-crafted materials.3 And it pairs perfectly with the luxury look we’re aiming for here.

The White Ella Triangle Bikini provides a perfect example of bohemian fashion combined with luxe materials. With its simple and refreshing white color and delicately crafted beaded straps, you'll feel like one with the earth and ocean.

Bring out your boho goddess by adding other artsy components to your outfit, such as:

  • Sarongs – Wrap yourself in a gorgeous piece of art. With bold, intricate designs on oh-so-breezy fabric, a sarong can dress up your swimsuit in a pinch. Go straight from the beach to a candlelit dinner without skipping a beat.
  • Hats – Protect yourself from sunburn and eye strain with a stunning sunhat. Opt for an easy-to-wear visor or for a bucket hat made from 100% Raffia.
  • Bags – A straw bag is a must-have for collecting shells on the beach. Whether you prefer a simple Kefera Bag or an elaborately woven Pyramid Bag, you can feel confident that you’ll start turning heads up and down the shore.

Who says you can’t feel luxurious and down-to-earth all at once? By seeking the looks and materials you love in high quality pieces, finding the perfect mix of luxury and style is certain to be a cinch.


Ella Triangle Top bikini

#5 Ju One Piece

If you consider yourself an unconventional thinker (and dresser), this next swimsuit will surely sweep you off your feet. The Ju One Piece is more than a luxurious piece of swimwear—it feels like a piece of art.

Take everything you know about one-piece swimsuits and throw them out the window. The Ju One Piece takes swimwear to the next level with its elegant style and sexy edge.

What makes this suit so special? Picture this:

  • A classy boat neckline
  • An exposed midriff
  • An open lower back
  • Side cutouts
  • Sultry side ties
  • A flattering brazil cut bottom

It’s a delightfully unexpected combination of coverage and flirtatious cutouts—a unique design that’s sure to heighten the one-of-a-kind feel of your look. Complete the picture with an Olivia Short Cover Up or Karen Midi Skirt. Embrace your individuality with a swimsuit as beautifully unique as yourself.

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