6 of the Best Spring Dresses for Wedding Guests

Spring makes way for some of the most romantic settings for wedding season: peonies in bloom, budding green fauna, wispy pampas catching a warm breeze—the list goes on. 

And with your affectionate smile and convivial nature, it’s no wonder you’ve been invited to so many spring weddings this season. The only question is, what do you wear to complete your show stopping entrance through the grand doors?

We’ve got just the spring wedding guest dress list for you. Walk down the rose-petaled aisle with us as we explore six spring dresses for wedding guest elegance, comfort, and timeless style. 

#1 The Gracie Detail Long Dress in Cactus Green

Looking through outdoor wedding outfits? One thing is certain: A vibrant green dress like the Cactus Gracie Detail Long Dress is sure to win best-dressed at your next spring wedding. Mingle flawlessly with the delicate foliage and complement bundles of bountiful blooms while basking in the romantic air. 

The Gracie Detail Long Dress earns its name as the epitome of grace and sophistication. The soft linen-blend fabric moves with you, floating around your curves effortlessly and comfortably. The centered gold pendant detail draws the eye around tasteful cut-outs while you lock eyes with a sultry stranger at the bar. 

Where to Wear It 

Wear this timelessly classy, irresistible maxi dress to spring wedding season scenes like: 

  • A lily-filled garden wedding with a floral cocktail to match
  • An elegant farmhouse wedding lit with twinkly, warm lights
  • A coastal destination wedding overlooking the turquoise Atlantic 
  • A vineyard wedding in upstate New York

How to Wear It 

With its elegant plunging neckline and intricate, tailored cut-outs, the Gracie Detail Long Dress comes together for a spring wedding in a cinch. To complete the look, pair it with: 

  • A comfortable, mid-height heel 
  • A neutral-toned clutch 
  • A soft, peach lipstick 
  • A delicate, understated gold necklace 
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#2 The Perla Detail Long Dress in Duchese Pink

If you spend more time at spring weddings admiring the sweet peas and pink peonies than you do on the dance floor, the Duchese Perla Detail Long Dress is made for you. 

Simple composition, a tailored fit, and feminine details come together to give you a dress that’s as desirable as it is comfortable. The babydoll bodice on top flatters your figure and accentuates the hand-crafted cording details along the side. Plus, wide, flexible straps keep the dress in place for hours of dancing, dining, and mingling under the floral archways. 

Where to Wear It 

Don this delicate pink statement dress at spring venues like: 

  • A resort destination draped with flowing, white linen
  • A charming backyard wedding in a blooming garden 
  • A quiet ceremony in the California woodlands 
  • A rooftop wedding under bright city lights 

How to Wear It

The simple neckline of the Duchese Perla Detail Long Dress invites plenty of room for sparkly jewelry or intricate hairstyles. For your next spring wedding, try it with: 

  •  A strappy heel in beige or white 
  • A delicate crown of braids
  • A pendant necklace and droplet earrings
  • A lightweight blazer or Pashmina shawl

#3 The Carrie Midi Dress in Pacific Blue

Carrie  midi dress blue

One rule to guest dresses for any wedding, besides ensuring the bride's wedding dress is the only white one? Dress for the venue. So when the nuptials are set to take place in a coastal setting, blue beach wedding guest dresses evoke the same gentle calm as the misty waves on the shore. 

For these kinds of venues, add a pop of bright color when you put on the Pacific Carrie Midi Dress—the perfect spring wedding guest dress for a spring wedding in the boathouse or in a quaint, seaside town. Elude sweet sophistication and cool elegance in the form-fitted bodice and surplice neckline. Depending on the dress code, you can pair it with a strappy sandal and dance the night away in lightweight, flexible linen as the spring breeze cools down and the electric energy heats up. 

Where to Wear It 

This azure number makes a statement in any setting. Look effortless at spring weddings like: 

  • A romantic night under vaulted chapel ceilings
  • A chestnut National Park dreamscape
  • A glass-encased lakeside wedding
  • A twinkling brick-laden wonderland  

How to Wear It

Style this ethereal dress with accessories like: 

  • Statement gold earrings, like the tulip earrings
  • A natural-textured clutch, like the straw clutch
  • An open-toed nude heel 
  • A white blazer draped over your shoulders

#4 The Cris Midi Dress in Gojiberry Red

For spring weddings where vibrant red and orange tulips replace pink and white peonies, compliment the spring season and its pastel colors in the Gojiberry Cris Midi Dress. Match the spring 2023 color trends.  Its unique, handmade braiding details are perfect for mingling with the most eclectic guest lists. 

Move easily in the halter neckline and breezy silk blend, and be the most interesting person at any spring venue. Twirl all night long in the comfortable criss-cross shoulder straps, and when it’s time to hit the after party, board the bus without missing a step thanks to its flexible slit hem. 

Where to Wear It 

Be the crimson crush in the Gojiberry Cris Midi Dress at these spring weddings this season: 

  • An offbeat wedding at the concert hall
  • A whimsical fairytale forest wedding
  • A Botanical Gardens love affair 
  • A wine-toned Italian matrimonio

How to Wear It

To add endless romance to this spring-wedding look, pair it with: 

  • Classic gold hoop earrings, like the gold horn earrings
  • A colorful heel to match the rope belt in green or lilac 
  • A floral headband or head wrap 
  • An indulgent swipe of timeless red lipstick 

#5 The Sara Long Dress in Orange and Pink Allena

Sara long dress

If standing out from the crowd is your side hustle and your collarbone is one of your favorite features, appeal to every blushing guest in the Allena Sara Long Dress. Warm, energetic hues meet flowing ruffles for an unexpectedly romantic flair. 

Saunter into any spring wedding while making the sunset look dull in the Allena Sara Long Dress—with pockets to hold the firework snacks. Worry more about what’s on the dessert spread than your dress in the comfortable elastic shoulder-to-shoulder top. And show just a little bit of sultry shape with the cord belt at the waist and metal details. 

Where to Wear It 

Create unforgettable moments in an unforgettable dress at spring weddings like: 

  • A rustic estate wedding etched in cobblestone
  • A Tuscan canopy wedding in the spring sunset 
  • A timeless rose-filled ballroom with blushing cheeks
  • An island-inspired escape filled with Anthurium

How to Wear It

It doesn’t take much to complete the striking look of this dress. All you need is: 

  • Statement pendant earrings, like the elos earrings
  • An upscale pair of saltwater or boho sandals 
  • A side-pinned hairstyle with a dainty comb clip 
  • An eclectic mix of stacked gold rings 

#6 The Claire Detail Midi Dress in Lotus Pink

Claire detail midi dress

If you’re searching for the perfect balance between modest and elegant dresses, look no further than the Lotus Claire Detail Midi Dress

Timeless, breathable, and effortlessly debonair, the Claire Detail Midi Dress knows no spring wedding bounds. Look cool and stately at the spring tea-party wedding, or fit the sash belt to form and be the star of a drumming dance floor. 

Where to Wear It 

Whether you’re locking arms with your cute new beau or smiling in a sea of strangers, feel comfortable and confident in spring weddings like: 

  • A quaint cottage haven in romantic April rain 
  • A charcoal, onyx, and dark-toned wedding
  • A getaway weekend wedding in a historical town
  • A succulent-filled desert fusion wedding

How to Wear It

Accessories lead the romantic storyline of this dress, letting you spice it up or tone it down. Try it with: 

  • A subtle gold sparkle, like the Lara bracelet
  • A laid-back pair of flat sandals
  • A sultry pair of angular black heels 
  • A braided-back hairstyle to highlight the V-neckline 

Essential Spring Wedding Accessories 

Now that you’ve found the most picturesque dress for this springy affair, let’s outfit it with the most essential accessories for spring weddings.

For an elegant appeal that’s refined, sophisticated, and as romantic as the storybook scenery, follow Coco Chanel’s rule of taking one thing off before you dash to the event.1 Spring weddings call for understated elegance—so stick to dainty jewelry, finer metals, and neutral tones. 

Wear these stunning accessories to the wedding venue, the after-party, and the nightcap bar: 

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