Just as the clothes in our closets change to adapt with the seasons—warm wools to keep us cozy in winter, and light linens for sunny summer days—the colors considered at the height of fashion also change with the times. The right color scheme and color combination have the power to brighten, invigorate, or imbue life into any area of your wardrobe, even different types of swimsuits. And if your look feels in need of a refresh, choosing on-trend hues can help you achieve the of-the-moment fashion you desire.

The spring 2023 color trends have arrived, so there’s no better time to start filling your closet with color for the season ahead. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the colors that dominate spring include empire yellow, fiery red, tangelo, and peach pink.

Doing so will ensure you have the proper clothing to match the spring days heading your way, from spring beach getaways to lively nights on the town. Whether you envision your year connecting with friends or soaking up the sun, you’ll be ready with colorful looks that feel more vibrant than ever.

What Colors Are on Trend for Spring 2023?

Staying ahead of color trends can give you a sense of agency when browsing for new clothes, including fashionable swimsuits. A solid comprehension of which colors align with today’s fashion standards can also lend you a discerning eye (and a heightened sense of style).

Before we jump into colorful pieces that may light up your life, let’s take a closer look at what to expect from this year.

The spring 2023 color trends include:

  • Vibrant palettes – Thought to be a carry-over effect from the chaos of the last few years, the fashion industry has begun to embrace the bold and unconventional. Colors with a complex hue and a confident appeal will reign supreme this season.
  • Calming neutralsRather than focusing on stark neutrals like perhaps black bikinis, you can expect neutrals that calm the mind and lift the spirit. This year's most popular neutrals will contain a soft, almost ethereal quality.
  • Pastel tints – While you can always expect pastels in the spring, they've taken on a new twist this season. Rather than typical monochromatic pastel looks, you'll likely see more playful pastel outfits that mix various shades for a lovely, cohesive look.

We can hardly contain our excitement for the colorful year ahead of us. Whether you prefer bold hues or soothing neutrals, there's much to look forward to. Let's dig deeper into the 2023 color renaissance.

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All Things Magenta

Before we jump into the general trend forecast, we must address the incoming storm—the vibrant storm of magenta, that is.

Continuing a beloved tradition, Pantone has announced their color of the year for 2023. This color often reflects a common thread seen in designers' collections and informs retail shoppers what colors will soon dominate their stores. And 2023 belongs to Viva Magenta.

This bold, unapologetic shade presents us with an optimistic and joyful start to the season. Unlike the official color of 2022 (no shade, Very Peri, we love you too), Viva Magenta elicits feelings of empowerment rather than adaption.

This color has already begun making the rounds in many household designer collections. You can find this shade gracing the runways of:

  • Gucci
  • Loewe
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Valentino
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Saint Laurent

You can’t let those New York Fashion Week regulars have all the fun. Embrace your own magenta magic with this Firenze Gwen Li Top or Firenze Paula Top.

Hues That Excite the Senses

The vibrancy of Viva Magenta sets the stage for the other popular colors this season. They all share a sense of vitality, unconventional appeal, and joy.

So shrug off any preconceived notions you have about bold colors, because if you want to keep your look up to date in 2023, you’ll want to embrace them with open arms.

Embrace every color in the rainbow with these articles that exude spring 2023 fashion:

  • Red – When searching for reds in your wardrobe, look out for hues that feel energetic and fiery. A Gojiberry Gwen T Back Bikini would look stunning during golden hour, especially when paired with a beautiful Red Ball Necklace. Spending time by the water? A vibrant red bikini will help you stand out this spring.
  • Orange – Speaking of orange, there’s no short supply of stunning styles you can sport with this color’s help. From the Kayla Celly Tri Top to the Melanie Detail Midi Dress, you can invoke the same delectable taste of freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Blue – While the electric blue color of the Serena Jumpsuit always works wonders, you may also want to consider a blue that keeps you grounded. A blue-gray hue like Firenze Isabela One Piece offers gorgeous complexity and timeless flair.

A touch of color has the power to transform. Give your wardrobe an energetic update with any of these gorgeous hues, and prepare to paint the town red—or whatever color you like.

Neutrals That Calm the Mind

It's widely accepted that specific colors can significantly impact moods and emotions. Saturated, vibrant colors like reds and yellows can promote positive thinking and mental stimulation.

Looking at some of the popular hues for 2023, we've certainly got our fair share of stimulation.

That's why the other colors we'll likely see this year will balance out the full palette. Neutrals will not only act as a vital layering piece, but they'll also bring peace of mind.

Some uniquely calming neutrals you might see this year include

  • Sky blues
  • Pink-tinted creams
  • Soft blue-grays
  • Subtle greens
  • Dusty purples
  • Warm browns

These colors will work exceptionally well with your favorite comfy clothes. Whether you feel most cozy in a cream-colored Teresa Sweater or a breezy brown Emily Long Dress, you can simultaneously relax your body and mind.

Pastels That Pack a Punch

Spring has sprung, which means pastels are about to make a comeback. However, this doesn't mean you need to dress like it's Easter every day.

Instead, make bold choices with your pastel combinations. While it may feel unfamiliar to stray from tradition, a new fashion season is a perfect opportunity to try new things.

Here are our favorite ways to throw a truly unforgettable pastel party:

  • Put pastels all over – Go all in with a sophisticated palette from head to toe. Go for a monochromatic look by pairing an Iris Top with a pair of Ully Pants. Or invite other pastel essentials to the party, like these Bamboo Olivia Sandals.
  • Mix it up – If you're not much of a pastel person, you can still utilize them in exciting ways. Many gorgeous pieces, such as the Voila Long Cover Up and Frida Block One Piece, combine pastels with bold colors and neutrals. The result? A complex and compelling look to stand out among the crowd.

Follow in the footsteps of spring and let your style bloom into something beautiful—and simultaneously unexpected. By turning traditional spring pastels on their head, you’ll be sure to achieve a look that feels “in season” without seeming worn out.

Firenze t back bikini

How to Wear Spring 2023 Colors

This season's dominating shades may seem overwhelming if you're not used to sporting bold colors. However, you shouldn't let these hues deter you from living your most authentic, fashionable life.

Learning to use them to your advantage could yield wildly chic results you didn't even know you could achieve. Here's our quick crash course for navigating this spring's colors:

  • Start with small accessories and work your way to larger articles.
  • Try not to overdo mismatching patterns.
  • Layer different tones of the same color.
  • Pair bold articles with neutral jewelry.
  • Experiment with complimentary colors.
  • Don't put yourself in a box.
  • Wear colors that compliment your skin tone.
  • Relax and have fun with it.

While you shouldn’t confine yourself to fashion rules, these helpful tips and tricks should get the wheels rolling. First stop: colors galore. Final destination: complete fashion freedom.

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