Swimwear Designs: Unique Backs

Are you looking for unique back designs in your next swimsuit but aren’t sure where your search? We’ve got you covered! Swimsuit designs are incredibly varied from season to season and between designers, which can make it tough to stay current on all of the leading trends and identify unique styles that will compliment your swimsuit arsenal. Thankfully, we’ve taken the guesswork out and done the research for you so that you can get all the information you need about swimsuit backs to help you choose the perfect style for your upcoming adventures in the sun.

The ideal designer swimsuit will stand the test of time and strike the perfect balance of sexy and tasteful. We will also introduce you to other popular summer bathing suit styles that you should keep in mind during your pursuit of the perfect swimsuit to make sure that the bathing suit top you pick will be ideally suited for all of your favorite beach activities. Ready to find a designer bathing suit that perfectly fits your style? Keep reading for everything you need to know about swimwear designs with unique backs that will be both eye-catching and functional.

Swimwear Back Designs

Swimsuit back designs can come in a variety of different styles that are both fashion-forward and appealing, which is why you’ve probably seen your friends and celebrities alike rocking swimsuits with detailed back designs. We know it’s challenging to keep up with trends because they change so quickly, which is why we’ve broken down some of our favorite swimsuit back designs that will enhance your beachside style with an extra dose of intricacy without compromising their functionality. We’ll also give you examples of each style from our collection of T-Back swimsuits, which are a ViX exclusive bikini style. Our T-Back swimsuits are a classic swimsuit top that has been modernized to align with the latest trends while still having the delicate, timeless simplicity that will allow you to wear them season after season. Below we’ll dive into a few of our favorite swimwear back designs that will take your swim wardrobe to the next level.

Strappy Back Designs

Looking for a back design that will add detail without going overboard? A slimming strappy back design can be the perfect solution for spicing up a classic style to add an extra layer of dimension. There is no shortage of modern, clean-lined strappy back designs to choose from. To find one that is right for you, we recommend thinking through the activities you love doing in your swimsuit and how strappy you want the design to be. Adding a simply vertical strap in the back can be a great way to elongate the appearance of your back and draw your eyes to the suit without adding too many straps that will cause unsightly tan lines. However, if you’re looking for a cut that’s a bit more daring, you can opt for a back design that has a few more straps and connections on the back to add an additional design that will be eye-catching and attractive.1

If you think a strappy back design may be just what you’re looking for, check out our Eva T-Back Bikini. You’ll look pretty in pink in this bathing suit with a mix of reds, pinks, and pastels washed across a white background. With a single strap that runs down the center of the back between the shoulder blades, this swimsuit is sure to remain a favorite season after season. If you want something a bit more strappy, take a look at our Stripe Dot Shaye Bikini. This swimsuit creates a modern, unique look with a strappy back detail in the outline of a triangle that leads into a vertical strap decorated with hardware. With this silhouette-flattering style in an eye-catching polka dot pattern, you can’t go wrong!

Crochet Back Designs

Crochet bikinis aren’t a new design on the swimsuit scene, but the adaptation to crocheted back designs is a relatively new style that brings just the right amount of bohemian style to any beach look. With a crochet back design, you can still have the classic, clean lines of your favorite bikini top with an added dose of style that will be the envy of those around you. A crocheted back adds sexiness and detail in a way that is classy, sophisticated, and fun so that it will never go out of style. It’s a classic style with a unique and flattering upgrade that will accentuate the lines of your back and draw attention to the style of your bikini.2

If you’re looking for a back design that masters the perfect blend of classic simplicity with a detailed crochet upgrade, take a look at our Klein Lucy Bikini. In this blue bikini, you’ll conjure all of the mermaid vibes that every true beachgoer aspires to. Mysterious, beautiful, wild and free, the Klein Lucy Bikini will remind you of the sea itself with its blue-toned beauty. With a delicately crocheted back held together with delicate gold hardware details, the Klein Lucy Bikini could be your perfect beach companion for many summers to come.

Beaded Back Designs

Beaded details make any swimsuit more eye-catching and appealing and with ViX, you can now select from beaded back designs that will add a unique style to your favorite swimsuit. Depending on the color and pattern of the beading, you can get completely different looks from piece to piece. We recommend looking for a beaded back design that adds the extra detail you’re looking for, while still keeping it simple so the style will remain timeless. It’s always a shame to purchase a swimsuit that is on trend only for it to go out of style the next summer and sit in the back of your closet collecting dust. By opting for a beaded back design that is simple and timeless, you can help make sure that the bathing suit you are investing in will be your go-to for many summers to come.3

Do you wish you could find a beaded back design that is sure to leave an impression year after year by giving you an unforgettable one-of-a-kind look? We’ve got you covered! If you are looking for a bikini with a beaded back design, check out our Off White Ella Triangle Bikini for the perfect beachy bohemian bikini. With a traditional triangle fit in the front and a delicately beaded T-back, this swimsuit is the modern, timeless style you have been looking for. If you’d rather opt for a one piece, try our Black Ella One Piece. With a delicately beaded T-back running down the length of the back, this intricate design is sure to catch the eye of passersby and elevate your style to a new level. A classic black one piece with a modern twist, this bathing suit will give you a beaded back design that you’ll love rocking during your days by the sea and sand.

Hardware Adorned Back Designs

Just like with any other part of your wardrobe, adding a touch of hardware can add a modern edge that gives you a unique style. While hardware has long been a part of many bathing suit designs to help add a touch of glam, hardware adorned back designs are gaining popularity because of their unique ability to add shine, eye-catching appeal, and edginess to a swimsuit. With back designs that incorporate hardware details, there is no end to the combinations you may encounter. We recommend looking for hardware back designs that use delicate gold detailing to keep the bathing suit looking feminine and classy, while ensuring you stand out among the crowd. When you’re looking at hardware back designs, we also recommend keeping in mind comfort. Make sure that the design you pick will be comfortable for you to wear during a long day at the beach so you don’t end up having a cute bathing suit that you never feel comfortable wearing.4

At ViX, we love adding delicate hardware detailing to our designs to help add dimension and design to classic swimsuit styles. If you’re looking for a hardware adorned back design on your next swimsuit, take a look at our Black Cleo Triangle Bikini. A classic black bikini never goes out of style and neither will this modern twist on a timeless silhouette. With delicate gold hardware and beading running down the T-back, your back will be the star of the show and add unexpected style that contrasts the classic triangle front. If you want to amp up your hardware back design, check out our Indigo Ella Triangle Bikini. This swimsuit has a classic nautical blue shade that is perfectly accented by brilliant gold hardware on a stylish T-back. These eye-catching details make this unique back design the perfect addition to your swimsuit rotation.

Now that we’ve walked you through some of our favorite unique back designs to help amplify classic silhouettes, we want to also introduce you to several other popular bathing suit styles to consider for your next bathing suit.

Popular Bathing Suit Top Styles For Every Beach Activity

Each of us has a unique style that we express with each item of clothing that we wear and when choosing our swimsuits, we get to decide what style we want to rely on. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit top and aren’t sure which style is right for you, it’s helpful to know some of the basics on the most popular styles so you can narrow your search so the styles that are right for you. Below we’ve broken down a few other popular bathing suit styles for you to consider before you commit to your next bikini top.

  • Triangle Top: The triangle has long been one of the most popular bikini top styles because of its versatility. Named for its distinctive shape, triangle tops can either come with sliding triangles that move along the bottom string band so you can adjust your coverage or fixed triangles that will stay secure during active beach days spent in the water. bouncing between activities. This is a great bathing suit top style for any body type.
  • Bandeau Top: If you love tanning and want to minimize your tan lines, a bandeau bikini top is what you’ve been looking for. With a large strip of fabric to cover your chest, the bandeau top can come in many variations so you can find the perfect strapless bathing suit top for days spent bronzing in the sun. When it’s time to go for a swim, most bandeau tops have removable straps that you can add for extra support. If you have a bigger bust, keep in mind that the bandeau top can lack the stability and support of other bathing suit top styles.
  • Halter Top: Similar to a triangle top, the halter top has fabric that is often thicker than a triangle bikini and ties around the neck. If you have a larger bust, a halter top will allow you to have additional support and stability. A halter top can be paired with other bathing suit top styles, such as a triangle top or bandeau bikini top, in order to maintain versatility and achieve a classic style with a fresh twist.
  • One Shoulder Top: If you want a bathing suit top that will be a showstopper, a one-shoulder top can be a great way to bring additional style to your swimsuit collection. It looks similar to a bandeau bikini top but has a strap that goes up and over one shoulder, which adds additional support and makes this style truly unique.
  • Bralette Top: For additional support and security, you can opt for a bralette top that will enhance your bust area and help you look fuller while still giving you a classic style that you will want to wear time and time again. Bralette tops look similar to a bra and often have underwire support.5

To find the perfect women’s swimwear design for your next adventure in the sun, take a look at all of our different types of bikinis and our top bikini styles to find the perfect swimsuit to keep you looking stylish all day long. We believe your swimsuit should always be made with high-quality materials and fit your body like a glove so you can have a sexy silhouette that accentuates all of your assets. Still debating between a triangle vs. bandeau bikini top?

Keep exploring our blog for even more inspo! Shop our flattering designer swimwear pieces right on our website. Our wide range of swim styles offers a little something for everyone.