Bikini Top Styles: Bandeau vs. Triangle

Are you looking for your next staple bikini and wondering what bikini top styles will be the perfect match for you? Two of the most popular and classic bikini top styles are bandeau and triangle tops. While you have most likely heard of these styles of bikini tops before, many people don’t realize exactly what makes each of these versatile, fashion-forward styles unique and what types of activities they are best suited for. To help make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which style is best for you, we’ve put together an introductory guide that will walk you through the difference between bandeau and triangle bikini tops, the pros and cons of each, and a few of our favorites of each style. Along the way, we’ll walk you through what each of these styles of bikini tops is ideal for and what activities you’ll want to skip when wearing them. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about bandeau vs. triangle bikini tops to pick your go-to swimsuit style.

Bandeau vs. Triangle Bikini Tops

There’s a reason that both bandeau and triangle bikini tops are consistently among the top styles chosen: they are both versatile, fashionable, and flattering. We believe every piece of swimwear you invest in should be timeless and high-quality so that you can wear it again and again. So how do you know which one to choose? There are several different factors you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure that the bikini top style you select will be something you feel comfortable wearing. After all, your swimsuit you should make you feel confident and sophisticated and the key to this is making sure that it satisfies a few different criteria.

First, you’ll want to make sure that you love the style of the bikini. With both bandeau and triangle bikini tops, there are many different variations, textures, patterns, and colors to choose from, which gives you all of the options you need to find something that suits your unique individual aesthetic. Once you’ve narrowed your search to bikini tops that will enhance your style, you’ll also want to make sure that the bikini top style you’ve chosen will be flattering and comfortable for your body type. We’ll break down below some of the considerations regarding body type that you’ll want to be conscious of when looking for the ideal bikini top for all of your fun in the fun. The final criteria we recommend keeping in mind is the different types of activities that you plan on partaking in when wearing this bikini top. Are you planning on taking part in activities that require significant movement and reliability from your bikini top and bikini bottoms to function at their best or are you going to be lounging around getting that perfect bronzed tan in your swimsuit? The activities you plan to do in your bikini top will play a role in which of these bikini top styles will be the best fit for you. From your swimsuit cover up to your bikini top, make sure you’re wearing the styles you love. We’ll help guide you to arrive at the right solution for you by providing you all of the information you need about both styles, and a few of our favorite swimsuits of each style, to help you find the sexy designer bikini for all of your fun in the sun needs.

Bandeau Bikini Tops

Before we dive into the pros and cons of bandeau bikini tops, let’s first walk through exactly what a bandeau bathing suit top is. If you’re looking for the perfect strapless bikini top, the bandeau bikini top is a great option. Bandeau bikini tops are usually comprised of a portion of fabric that covers the bust and may or may not include very thin straps to help offer extra stability and support. These straps are often removable and can be easily added and removed through the use of a clasp or tie, depending on the bikini. The shape of the bandeau top can vary significantly from swimsuit to swimsuit, but this is the basic concept that defines a bandeau bikini top. The bandeau style can come in a one piece bathing suit or a bikini so that you can choose whichever style you feel is more functional and flattering for you. Now that you know the basics on what a bandeau bikini top is, we want to introduce you to the top benefits of wearing a bandeau bikini top.1

The Pros


Do you hate those pesky tan lines that can ruin your photos and stick out like a sore thumb when you’re wearing a tank top? You’re not alone! That’s where the bandeau bikini top swoops in to save the day. If you wear a bandeau bikini top out for a day of bronzing, you don’t need to worry about being left with distracting tan lines that will detract from your outfits or style. Instead, you can curate that perfect sunkissed hue without tan lines. Bandeau tops are strapless, or if you choose one with removable straps, you can simply slip them off while you’re basking in the sun and add them back on when you’re ready to go for a dip in the water.

Bandeau tops can also be great for women with smaller busts since they will be extra flattering and will always give you a great fit. Another benefit of wearing a bandeau bikini top is that it can easily be worn under a strapless dress or top in the place of a strapless bra, allowing you to easily transition from the seaside to happy hour without having to break a sweat. Now that we’ve covered some of the main benefits of bandeau bikini tops, we’ll cover the potential drawbacks you should be aware of.

The Cons

While a bandeau bikini top can be a great choice if you plan on spending your time soaking up the sun and getting the perfect bronzed glow, it can be a risk if you’re planning in engaging in more active pastimes. For example, if you’re planning on playing beach volleyball, going surfing, or diving deep for some scuba diving, it would be better to skip a bandeau bikini top. Because bandeau bikini tops don’t have straps or have straps that offer very limited support and stability, they aren’t the ideal choice for activities that involve movement or force that could cause the top to move around. If it’s a heavy surf day at the beach, you won’t want to be wearing a bandeau bikini top to dive below the waves for fear that it may accidentally slip down. If you love to be active in your swimsuit, it would be better to choose a bikini top style that offers more stability and will stay put as you move.

Because they don’t offer as much support and stability, we also would not recommend a bandeau bikini top if you have a large bust. Instead, it would be better to opt for our DD bikini top collection that has added piping under the bust to give you the extra stability and support. If you’re busty, skip the bandeau and choose something that won’t cause you to worry or feel uncomfortable. You deserve to be confident and comfortable. Stability and support are the key to that.2

Bandeau Bikinis You’ll Love

Now that you know the pros and cons of bandeau bikini tops, we want to introduce you to a few bandeau bikinis that we think you’ll love from our swimwear collection. Bandeau bikinis are versatile, fun, and great for getting a perfect summer flow. Below are a couple of bandeau bikinis that will keep you comfortable and stylish on all of your adventures.

Isabela Bandeau Bikini

With classic copper stripes and rich blue background, the Isabela Bandeau Bikini is a perfect beginner’s bandeau bikini with modern, clean lines and a seamless style. With this bandeau top, you won’t have to worry about those pesky tan lines and will have a stylish, comfortable swimsuit to lounge in.

Divino Cutout Bandeau Bikini

If you’re looking for the perfect red bikini, this could be your perfect match. With a modern silhouette and an eye-catching cutout, this bandeau bikini is super stylish and ultra comfy so you can feel comfortable and confident all day.

Triangle Bikini Tops

If you’re looking for a classic, timeless bikini top that will never go out of style, a triangle bikini top is a sure bet. Before we dive into the benefits and drawbacks of this versatile bikini top style, we want to give you a bit of history on this bikini top style. Triangle bikini tops were first imported from Rio de Janeiro and are widely considered one of the most popular styles of bikini tops. Triangle bikini tops are often lined and have removable or stitched in padding inserts that allow you to customize how much padding you want in your bikini top. You can also find a triangle bikini top that is both an underwire bikini top that has removable padding to provide additional support.  If you plan on going for a swim or partaking in beach activities, the triangle top tends to be the safest option.

Depending on the style of the swimsuit, it may have a fixed triangle top or a sliding triangle top. With a sliding triangle top, the triangles are able to slide along the bottom string band so that you can adjust the coverage as needed. A fixed triangle top, on the other hand, is stitched into place so that it does not slide and move, which can be better for some activities, but also limits the amount of adjustability in the top. These are the basic elements that comprise a triangle bikini top, but it can have many different added details and adornments depending on the design to add an extra dose of style and flair to this classic style. With this understanding in mind, we want to walk you through some of the benefits and drawbacks of triangle bikini tops to keep in mind as you search for your perfect swimsuit.3

The Pros

Triangle tops have no shortage of remarkable benefits that have led to them consistently being one of the most popular bikini top styles. Because a triangle bikini top has more straps that are fixed into place than a bandeau bikini top, it can add a lot more support and stability. This makes it ideal for doing activities that require more reliability, such as swimming in the sea or going for a snorkel to see the local fish. If you love doing activities during your days in a swimsuit, you’ll want to shop for a triangle top that has adjustable straps at the neck or shoulders since it will still offer great style with added support, but be sure to make sure your triangle top has fixed triangles so it will stay put.

If you have a larger bust and are looking for a bikini top that will be flattering and offer you extra support, triangle tops will be the best fit for you. With so many different options to choose from, Triangle bikinis are ideal for a busty body type because they can have additional piping under the bust to add additional support and keep you comfortable all day long. With these benefits in mind, we also want to walk you through a few of the drawbacks of triangle bikini tops.4

The Cons

One of the biggest drawbacks of a triangle bikini top is that it will have those pesky tan lines that the bandeau bikini top avoids. If you hate tan lines and want to be able to wear strapless beach dresses without those lighter lines, the triangle bikini top may not be the best cut for you. Now that you know the pros and cons of triangle bikini tops, we want to give you a few examples of triangle bikinis you’ll love.

Triangle Bikinis You’ll Love

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite triangle bikinis to help jumpstart your search for the perfect versatile and functional triangle bikini to add to your swimsuit arsenal. Below are some triangle bikinis we think you’ll love.

Gold Scales Triangle Bikini

Made with smooth stretch fabric that mimics the appearance of suede, this golden bikini will give you the adjustability to find your perfect fit with the fun-loving summer style you crave. Made with luxe, soft fabric to give you all-day comfort and sexy low-rise bottoms, this slimming bikini is the perfect pair for all of your favorite beach-day activities.

Off White Wave Triangle Bikini

If you are looking for a classic triangle bikini with an added dose of flair, this beautiful color block white and black bikini from our swimwear collection can be an ideal match. No matter your shape or size, this bikini will be flattering and can easily become a swimsuit staple.

What's most important in your swimsuit is that you choose the right size, colors, and design to complement your personal style. Whether you mix and match or go for simple solids, there’s no wrong way to rock a bathing suit.

We hope this guide was helpful in your quest to the perfect bikini! If you’re looking for unique bikini backs we also have you covered. Continue exploring our blog for the inspo you need to travel the world in style.