Swimsuits for All Body Types

The Perfect Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

We know that finding the right bathing suit to flatter your body type can be difficult. Similar to how wearing white bikinis or neon bikinis can make you look more glowly, there are simple tips and tricks to knowing which swimsuit will have you feeling and looking your best. Our aim is to help you find a bathing suit that will make you feel confident and want to show off your figure, rather than hide it. Whether that means finding a high-waisted bikini for your hourglass shape or a bikini with ties to create more fullness in your bust, we have flattering swimsuits to help. 

Pear Shape

pear shape

It’s all about the bottom here. Pear-shaped girls need a bottom that lays comfortably against her body and doesn’t pinch. Any bottom with a wide band or ties that can adjust will complement this body shape.  We also suggest some of our sexy one piece full coverage swimsuits that will accentuate your small waistline, making you feel confident. An embellished triangle top, halter top, bright colors or a great print bikini will draw attention to the top and help balance out the proportions and are among the most flattering swimsuits for pear shapes. 






Triangle bikinis are the best for a busty upper body. Our DD bikini tops actually have double piping for added bust support. Our Bia Bikini is a must have for a larger chest. Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian, Halle Barry, and Pippa Middleton have all been spotted in our Bia and we believe it is that fit that makes everyone love it.


When buying swimsuits for athletic bodies, Brazilian swimwear or cheeky cut bikini is the best option for an athletic body type. With less coverage, the cut will create a more flattering silhouette. Details like tie-sides, fringe, and ruching provide an extra boost. Bandeau bikini tops are a great option for small frames, and you don’t have to worry about tan lines!



So many of our customers are curvy and our fit is why they continue to buy ViX time and time again for their curvy bikini bottoms. Banded bottoms like our Bia Bikini are customizable so that you can adjust whether you want more coverage on the hips or stomach. One piece swimsuits can also help to accentuate those curves in a flattering way. 


Small Bust

small bust

In order to create more fullness up top - always opt for a bikini with details such as ripple bikinis, loop around ties, beading or underwire when you are swimsuit shopping. Most of our tops, such as our underwire bikini tops, come with removable pads which can be left in for girls with smaller busts if that is the look they wish for. Bandeau tops are among the best bikinis for a small bust because they put more emphasis on shoulders than on the smaller chest.


 Tummy Coverage

The Bia bikini is really a life-changing suit for girls that want to hide a little tummy. The sliding gold details on the sides let you adjust how much fabric you want to cover your stomach. A one piece in a beautiful print is a great way to feel feminine and confident in your body. Our one-pieces are always sexy, featuring a deep neckline, or high cut sides, or cheeky backside.

Find A Swimsuit For Your Body Type Today

Finding the best luxury swimwear for your body type is possible. Look for styles that make you feel the most positive and confident in your skin. Whether you're hanging out at the pool or going on a luxurious beach vacation, you can look and feel your best. Find your perfect fit. Shop ViX Swimwear today!