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7 Stylish & Comfortable Summer Dresses

7 Stylish & Comfortable Summer Dresses

 Summer dresses are effortlessly cool due to their airy, flowy fabrics and colorful prints. Making the list for this year’s most popular summer wardrobe trends are the mini wrap dress, unique sleeve dress, and shirt dress, among other resort wear

While our typical focus is finding the perfect designer bikini, we, at ViX, have compiled a list of seven of our favorite stylish and comfortable summer dresses to take you through the warm weather season. You may consider learning how to wear a sarong as a dress as an additional option. Fashion trends come and go, but you can never have too many resort dresses in your wardrobe. 

Mini Wrap Dresses That Are Fun and Flirty


Mini wrap dresses are the epitome of true comfort and style. As the temperature goes up, so do the hemlines, which makes this dress option one that’s fun and flirty, perfect for the summer months. Two fashionable favorites are the Paris Lyssa Short Dress and the Bella Lyssa Short Dress. Although they have the same cut, the unique designs set them apart. 

Paris Lyssa Short Dress

The red, orange, and gold hues of this pretty floral pattern are a show stopper all its own. It’s made of 78 percent rayon and 22 percent silk that feels soft and smooth against the skin. Both the thin straps and waist tie are adjustable to ensure an optimal fit, making this one of the most comfortable dresses for summer. 

Due to the warmer hues, gold accessories dress up the look, while neutral beach sandals keep it more low-key. Either way, the color palette and shape of the dress make it a timeless fashion choice that will remain on-trend summer after summer.

Bella Lyssa Short Dress

If the comfort of a wrap dress is what you want, but red isn’t your first choice, the Bella Lyssa offers the style in blue. The vibrant shades have a cooler tone that mixes well with silver accessories. Keep it simple by wearing tan gladiator sandals or dress it up by wearing a strappy heel and chandelier earrings. 

The beauty of the mini wrap summer dress trend is that you can easily change the look by adding only a few pieces of jewelry or swapping out the shoes. As the evening temperatures begin to dip, layer with a jean jacket or a lightweight cardigan to get the maximum use out of the dress before retiring it for the season.

Stylish Summer Dresses with Unique Sleeves


Strapless or spaghetti straps are popular when it comes to stylish summer dresses. Days full of tropical temperatures and plenty of sunshine allow us to bare more skin. With that being said, one of the hottest trends for summer is finding designs that have unique sleeves. 

This might mean feminine flutter sleeves, trendy three-quarters length sleeves, or sleeves with a distinctive design element or style such as a puff sleeve. We love a strapless summer dress as much as the next person, but we think you’ll love the Jasper Marina Short Dress, the Bella Elo Long Dress, and the Off White Cordon Mini Dress for the attention to sleeves.

Jasper Marina Short Dress

The deep gorgeous green of the Jasper Marina Short Dress already evokes the feeling of a tropical, lush environment. Why not pack it on your next exotic getaway? The tapered short sleeves combined with the poly blend crinkle fabric make this form-fitting dress both stylish and comfortable. A deep V-neckline offsets the sleeves to ensure the vibe of this dress says summer all the way.

Any metallic color will pair great next to this rich jade hue, but rose gold offers an unexpected twist. Stick to simple earring studs or a delicate bracelet to keep the focus on the color and texture of the dress. Wear with white or straw espadrilles for a pretty, polished look or resort sandals to keep it low-key.

Bella Elo Long Dress

The Bella Elo Long Dress is a beautiful option for a summer wedding or when dining outside. The bright, colorful pattern keeps the look fun, and the longer maxi cut adds a touch of sophistication. In addition to the print, other features that make this one of the most stylish summer dresses are the one-shoulder sleeve, mid-thigh slit, and subtle ruffle detailing. Together it creates a truly feminine appeal that’s perfect for the warm weather months. The rayon crepe fabric feels soft against the skin for long-lasting comfort, making this a dress you’ll come back to year after year. 

Shoe-wise, it’s best to keep the focus on the dress itself by wearing a simple slide or sandal. Or, if you want to dress it up, opt for a strappy heel in a neutral color or a shade of blue to complement the dress without matching it exactly. 

Off White Cordon Midi Dress

The Off White Cordon Midi Dress is one of the best comfortable summer dresses to capture the laid-back feeling of the season. The off-the-shoulders, elbow sleeves deliver a soft and pretty vibe while still keeping things casual. The delicate polka-dotted embroidery, keyhole cutout, and leg slits all maximize the design elements of this pretty, midi white dress. It proves that casual comfort can still be chic.

Shirt Dresses for Maximum Comfort 

Another big summer dress trend is embracing the simplicity of the shirt dress. As far as comfortable summer dresses go, it may be number one. It’s just as easy to throw on a shirt dress as it is a t-shirt and shorts, plus it quickly elevates the style. Both the Nusa Ruffle Tunic and the Lola Amber Tunic are the ultimate in comfort while being stylish at the same time. 

Nusa Ruffle Tunic

Whether you’re wondering what to wear over a bathing suit or trying to find your go-to summer dress, a tunic is one of the easiest ways to up your fashion game. The Nusa Ruffle Tunic has a neutral tone with an eye-catching pattern that gives it an effortless appeal. A scalloped hem and ruffle details on the cuffs keep the design breezy and fun. It’s meant to fit loose and flowy, which means you have plenty of room to move with ease. 

Lola Amber Tunic

The Lola Amber Tunic is one of the most comfortable dresses for summer thanks to its lightweight airiness. It mimics wearing a tie-front blouse and shorts but combines it into one fashionable piece. The deep burgundy color decorated with light pink polka dots and flirty cap sleeves and cutout sides offers the best in sexy sophistication. 

Due to the tunic’s shorter hemline, we suggest sticking to a flat sandal to complete the look. There are multiple ways to dress up or dress down a shirt dress depending on the color or pattern you choose. Let the design speak for itself first. Then, start to add accessories that illustrate your particular aesthetic. 

When it comes to finding the most stylish and comfortable summer dresses, we say stick with the colors and ensign features you’re drawn to most, and add a few of these summer staples to your wardrobe since they’ll always be on-trend.

Dos and Don’ts for Finding Your Perfect Summer Dress


Finding stylish summer dresses that are also comfortable doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are plenty of options available. You just have to choose what suits you best. As you’re narrowing down the styles that speak to you, consider these general dos and don’ts on your quest to find the ultimate summer dress. 

Do Work with Fashion Trends

Pay attention to trends, but don’t limit yourself to only what’s en vogue for the season. While mini wrap dresses, unique sleeves, and shirt dresses are currently all the rage, it doesn’t mean you have to narrow down your options to only what’s of the moment. It simply gives you a good starting point when searching for the designs that draw you in. 

Don’t Wear Anything Too Tight

Summer dresses are meant to be breezy and flowy with lightweight, breathable fabrics. With warmer temperatures, you don't want fabrics that stick to your skin, but preferably ones that feel soft against it. If you’re tugging down your hemline or feeling suffocated in the style, odds are that it may be too tight for the season.

Do Accessorize

When it comes to accessorizing your favorite summer dress, usually less is more. Stick to one or two favorite pieces to keep the outfit effortlessly chic. A pair of fantastic earrings or a gorgeous cuff may be the only jewelry you need to dress up the look. Also, let the dress speak for itself by keeping everything else, including your hair and makeup, to a minimum. 

Don’t Compromise Comfort for Style

Embrace vacation mode with resort wear that looks and feels good. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to compromise comfort for style; there’s plenty of room for both. Pick a dress length, color, and design that makes you feel the most confident. Then, start breaking out of your fashion shell and experiment with different cuts and prints to see what may work for you as your style evolves. 

Find a dress that allows you to move freely and tops your list in terms of being fashion-forward because that’s a summer staple you’ll never want to let go.