6 Best Fabrics For Hot Weather

When the days grow longer, and the air gets warmer, you might find that your urge to spend your days in the sun increases along with the temperatures. However, if you’ve ever experienced sweating or sticking, you may prefer taking the sun in small doses to avoid any uncomfortable occurrences.

We’re quick to blame the summer heat, but truthfully, the clothing we choose to wear often causes the biggest hurdle. So, when the warm weather invites you out to play, don’t let sticky styling stop you.

Instead, RSVP “yes” to the sunshine and adhere to the resort casual dress code accordingly.

Familiarizing yourself with the best fabrics for hot weather can give you the freedom to beat the summer heat while looking your best. Below, we’ve curated a list of all our favorite hot-weather-worthy materials to keep you feeling refreshed while the temperature climbs.

#1 Cotton

Coming in at number one, we have an exemplary fabric that’s perfect for those hot, humid days. Organic Cotton fabric is distributed widely and comes in a vast assortment of styles and colors, making stocking up for summer months a breeze. Organic Cotton shirts, comfortable sun dresses, and undergarments can keep your whole body cool and collected.

Cotton boasts the essential qualities of warm weather fabrics, including:

  • Breathable material – Most fabrics designed to endure hot weather have breathable textures. Tightly woven fabrics restrict this flow and create warmth. 100 Cotton, on the other hand, consists of material fibers woven together loosely to promote airflow. Cotton and other breathable summer fabrics regulate your body temperature and combat unwanted stuffiness.
  • Lightweight feel – 100 Cotton also has a soft, feathery feel that doesn’t weigh down on you heavily. Flowy fabrics keep you cool and dry thanks to increased airflow. It also protects against stickiness since the material won’t typically cling to your body.
  • Absorbent functions – If you want to feel at ease in the dry heat, you’ll need a breathable fabric that combats excess sweat. Cotton is very absorbent, meaning it will soak up excess moisture and retain it within the fabric. While this can help regulate light sweat, you may want to consider another option if you think you’ll perspire heavily. Absorbent material like cotton can eventually feel damp, and may result in oh-so-dreaded sweat stains.

When in doubt, cotton remains one of the best materials for enduring warm weather. However, there are still plenty of hot-weather-worthy materials to give your closet some exciting variety.

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#2 Rayon

Get the most out of warm evenings with the lightweight feeling of rayon fabric. Composed of cotton and other synthetic material, rayon has a soft, wispy texture that’s reminiscent of silk. The flowy material makes it an ideal option for hot weather since it’s not likely to stick or cling.

Since rayon has been deemed a wildly popular summertime staple, you can explore a vast array of fabulous options. Cater to your needs and complement your features with these summer wardrobe staples:

With these summer clothing must-haves, you’ll be able to feel the benefits of rayon without sacrificing style.

#3 Linen

Hoping to look cool in the heat? Look no further than a timelessly elegant linen fabric, ideal for those relentlessly steamy days. Not only does classic linen offer an evergreen look, but it also combats heat in a highly effective way. With its absorbent material and quick drying capabilities, you can keep moisture at bay all day.

Linen has been considered a hot weather must-have for years. And though styles may change over time, the chic linen aesthetic remains. Some of the hottest linen styles of the summer include:

  • Midi dresses – Put a twist on tradition. Linen dresses often dominate during warm-weather months. So, why not try something new with our midi dress to cut through the current style trends? This dress acts as the centerpiece for a steamy ensemble with vintage-inspired color blocking, a daring slit, and a modern bust.
  • Wrap blouses – If you’re looking for a linen top that practically stops traffic, look no further. Our gorgeous Knit Wrap Top can accentuate your figure while adding a degree of elegance to your classy beachside look. This type of shirt allows you to adjust the fit to your liking so you can walk tall and let the sun sink into your skin.
  • Long skirts – According to fashion experts, the long skirts of the 90s have returned better than ever.2 Plus, when it comes to skirts, few do it better than linen. Due to the stiff nature of the fabric, a linen long beach skirt won’t stick to your legs as easily—no matter how hard the humidity tries to say otherwise. Try our Clara Long Skirt to maintain a long, sharp vertical line and flatter your figure.

If you’re looking for a summer wardrobe staple to turn to year after year, you can count on linen fabrics to get the job done and stay in style.

Clara Long Skirt

#4 Chambray

You may not recognize the word chambray, but you probably would recognize its closest counterpart: denim.

We could have included denim in this list due to its cotton blend. However, denim's cotton fibers weave together incredibly tightly, making them feel quite a bit heavier. So, while they do absorb moisture like cotton, they don't offer the same lightweight feel we're often after in the hotter season. Luckily, that's where chambray comes in.

Chambray acts as a sort of imitation denim. It offers the same timeless style of denim with a more lightweight, hot-weather-friendly feel.3 Since it's so similar to denim, you can look to chambray for some lovely layering options, such as a lightweight shirt or jacket when the sun goes down.

Luckily, a classic chambray button-up can dress up so many pieces. You can wear one:

  • Over a crisp, white tee
  • With a pair of cut-off shorts
  • Wrapped around your sundresses
  • With a pair of stylish capris pants
  • Underneath a vest

With chambray in your closet, you can achieve the same casual class denim provides without feeling weighed down.

#5 Polyester/Nylon

For those hot, humid days, sometimes an absorbent fabric isn’t enough to keep you feeling comfortable. In those cases, you may want to utilize the moisture-wicking properties of polyester and nylon.

When you combine these fabrics’ high thread count and synthetic materials, you get water-resistant qualities.4 Polyester and nylon wick water to the outer layer of the fabric rather than absorb it. This keeps your body dry and refreshed—plus, it lowers any chances of water retention or sweat stains.

Due to its multifaceted blend, polyester and nylon can work well for:

  • Athletic wear – Warm weather often invites us to get active. Answer the call with a pair of polyester shorts or a nylon sports bra. Take advantage of these fabrics' water-resistant qualities and get your workout in—regardless of the heat. Plus, thanks to their quick drying time, you can stay active all day long.
  • Bed sheets – Many people will opt for polyester sheets, especially if they're hot sleepers. With water-resistant fibers, and a soft, soothing feel, polyester can help you maintain a cooler body temperature throughout the night.
  • Shoes – If your feet overheat easily, you may want to consider checking out shoes made with nylon. Nylon fabric is often used for athletic running shoes, offering flexible and breathable material to keep your feet as light as air.

If a moisture-wicking fabric is your number one priority, stocking your closet with synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester could be just the thing your summer clothing has been yearning for.

Gisa midi dress

#6 Silk

Fill your hot days with the sensational softness of silk blend dresses. With high-quality, luxury material made entirely from silkworms, silk clothing provides an effortless, lightweight feel to your day that can make the hot days drift dreamily on by.

While you can certainly look to silk as a viable hot-weather option, this lightweight fabric doesn't retain water exceptionally well. Too much moisture can weaken the material or cause stains. As such, you may want to use your silk sparingly—and save it for occasions that won't result in too much sweat.

Some places where silk can thrive may include:

  • Upscale indoor parties
  • Refreshing outdoor excursions (such as a windy day at the seaside)
  • Patio lounges with lots of lemonade

Wearing silk feels like giving yourself a free pass to freshness. Use its delicate nature as an excuse to enjoy the sunshine without even lifting a finger.

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