Boho Outfit Inspiration

A pleasant climate and palm trees swaying in the breeze embraces the airy, laid-back feeling of boho style. A tropical vacation has no place for regular business-casual work attire, and athleisure can be left for more intensive outdoor activities. But boho-chic hits the mark when it comes to fashion with both comfort and style. With only a few key pieces added to your vacation wardrobe, you can have a look that is effortless and relaxed, just like your vacation. 

A smart way to prevent overpacking is to lay out different pieces and see what looks good together. Determine if you can mix-and-match options to make more than one outfit from a few select options. There’s a lot that accessories and a switch of footwear can do to change your look from lounging by the beach to being ready for an upscale dinner in mere minutes. By maximizing your wardrobe options, it’ll make deciding what to wear stress-free.  

Whether the tropical destination you have in mind includes mostly days spent on the beach or out and about making your way through the streets of a coastal city, you’ll want your wardrobe to easily adapt to both vacation styles. When you’re thinking about boho-chic style ideas, match your outfits and designer swimwear choices to the place and activity and decide where you can add another layer of clothing or swap out accessories to achieve new looks.

White Midi Dress and Ankle-Tie Sandals

With this staple outfit, there’s no need to wonder what to pack for a beach vacation. Boho chic fashion is ideal for the occasion, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be spending your entire time in the sand. Whether it’s strolling through town, sailing on a dinner cruise, or another activity where you may be near the water but not in a bathing suit, this is the style to reach for. 

The Off White Cordon Midi Dress is a feminine, breezy look with specific detailing that will elevate your style. The polka-dotted embroidery and scalloped hemline deliver a sweet and feminine allure, while the off-the-shoulder and V cut out of the top and side slits balance it with a tastefully sexy appeal. It’s light, airy, and ready for a perfect day spent in the sun. 

Pair your dress with neutral ankle-tie beach sandals or colorful espadrilles depending on the look you want. White serves as a blank palette to add as much or as little color as you’d like. Due to the intricate design of this dress, it’s better to let it shine on its own and keep accessories to a minimum. Tiny stud earrings or thin hoops are both optimal choices. Additionally, a few metallic bangles or a single cuff add elegance without looking overly put together and fussy. 

Another cute boho option is the White Ana Long Dress. The floaty feel and unique eyelet cutout detailing are perfect for when the culture or occasion calls for something a bit more classy. Add a pop of color with gemstone earrings or keep it simple and go jewelry free. 

The goal is to maintain the laid-back feel of boho chic style, but step up the fashionable aspect of it with a few key accessories and accents. This outfit can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Loose, flowy hair works best for a casual vibe and a sleek topknot or fishtail braid can help make the look feel dressier.

Denim and Pastel Pairing with Boots or Sandals

Beach vacations often involve vibrant colors when choosing which clothes to pack, but there’s plenty of room for pretty pastels as well. Experimenting with different fabrics and layers can change an outfit and make it versatile enough to wear throughout the day. A light denim jacket or shirt is an ideal layering option that can easily be slipped on and off as the weather changes. A versatile denim jacket paired over the Spring Vanilla Romance Jumpsuit will give you a fun twist on a boho-chic look that you can wear from day to night. 

This duo works well when paired with flip flops, white sneakers, or ankle boots depending on where the road takes you. While tropical vacations may not automatically make you think of closed-toe shoes, there are plenty of places that require sturdier soles when out adventuring. Exploring ancient ruins found in Mexico or walking through the historic temples of Southeast Asia are two examples of where you’ll want a mix of beachwear and boho-chic style that offers more coverage. With these pieces, you’ll have an outfit that works well for either of these types of activities. 

There’s also the opportunity of layering and switching out tops. Wearing a tank top or bandeau bikini underneath the denim shirt allows you to transition to a more beach-friendly look after your day of sightseeing is over by wearing the shirt around your waist. Versatility takes center stage with this boho outfit. Each piece can be worn in multiple ways and combined with other clothing options for other boho-chic style ideas. 

Jumpsuit and a Floppy Hat with Coordinating Tote

Jumpsuits are often the underrated alternative to a maxi dress. They are equally chic and have the same practicality(if not more). And as one piece clothing options, they’re comfortable to wear. Certain styles have a slim fit leg, while others are on par with the boho style of billowy bottoms. The advantage of wearing a jumpsuit is that you don’t have to worry about matching tops to bottoms; everything you need is built-in already. 

A gorgeous example is the Periwinkle Romance Jumpsuit. The breathtaking periwinkle blue color is sure to win on its own. It provides an effortless look that’s well-suited for a leisurely lunch or an afternoon spent taking an urban walking tour. It’s also relaxed enough to wear for a stroll on the beach and hanging out by the water. 

The jumpsuit has a short nude Spandex lining to keep the look from appearing too sheer and to help maintain the body’s natural shape, which can often be lost with loose pieces of clothing. The delicate straps and feminine ruched detailing at the top add stylish elements that enhance the overall style. It’s the perfect option to wear on its own paired with a floppy sun hat, shades, and matching tote

For a subtle pattern with dramatic color, the deep red wine color of the Lola Nora Jumpsuit is a pretty selection. The polka dots’ hint of pattern and the wide slits on the legs keep the look airy and carefree.

Going Boho for Your Next Getaway

Creating your own version of boho chic is easy when you have functional and fashionable pieces like these to take you from day to night with ease. To create a variety of cute boho outfits to last you through an extended vacation and an activity-filled itinerary, you’ll need to pack the essentials. When packing for your next tropical vacation, include:

2 or 3 midi or maxi dresses
2 or 3 maxi skirts
2 or 3 jumpsuits
Ankle tie sandals or espadrilles
Ankle booties or white sneakers
Soft denim button-down shirt
Tank tops and/or fitted tees
Lightweight blazer or fitted jacket
Floppy hat
Structured beach tote

    These essentials can be rolled up to take up less space in the suitcase to leave room for your designer bikinis and any additional layers you might need for a special dinner or event. When it comes to beach dresses or resort wear, less is usually more. The effortless style of these boho outfit ideas will take the stress out of what to wear. No matter what you have planned for the itinerary, one of these options will give you the perfect outfit for the occasion.

    Think about clothing that is breathable and allows for movement, such as a maxi skirt, and shoes you can easily slip off, like ankle boots. You can still be polished and put together even when your clothing is flowy and you’ve spent the day in the sun or sand. The boho lifestyle is about feeling carefree and wearing what feels comfortable. Embrace the low-key way of life when on vacation by incorporating it into your personal style. 

    Draw inspiration from these boho outfit ideas and add your own personal spin to update it or create alternative looks by using the same pieces. Don’t feel limited to any certain color, print, or design. It's nice to be able to wake up on vacation and slip on your favorite maxi dress or jumpsuit and be on your way. With your vacation wardrobe ready to go, you can be ready for anything.