Things to Take to The Beach

There’s nothing quite like sitting with your toes in the sand and listening to the sound of the waves in full relaxation mode. It’s not uncommon to have a beach bag ready to go and filled with all of your favorite things for whenever the mood strikes. Don't forget to pack sunscreen and sunglasses, along with a sexy designer bikini that’s chic and comfortable - and you’re nearly there with what’s essential for a great beach day. Here are five other must-have beach accessories that you shouldn’t leave home without. Once you have your “go bag” properly stocked, all that’s left to do is head to your nearest beach. 

#1: Fashionable and Functional Beach Hat

Of the many things you can take to the beach, a sun hat or visor is essential. It shields your face and hair from the sun and (if big enough) can also provide shade to your neck and shoulders to prevent burning. Choose a cover that’s made of lightweight material that can easily be rolled up and packed without losing its shape. A straw baseball cap or black visor are equally stylish, yet simple, and can coordinate with any outfit. The purpose of a beach hat is to provide protection from the sun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable, too. 

When you plan on spending an entire day on the beach, a beach hat will come in handy. It can also help you to avoid tan lines from your sunglasses when you pull the visor down lower. Even if you wear a hat, it is still highly advised to apply sunscreen regularly to your face, ears, and hairline. Any style of hat that easily fits into your bag is one of the best beach accessories you can take with you. It’s practical and can pull an outfit together at any time of the day.

#2: Sexy, Stylish Sarong 

Getting to and from the beach often calls for a bathing suit cover up. This type of atmosphere calls for a sexy sarong. It’s beautiful, stylish, and provides enough coverage to wear for a walk on the boardwalk, a seaside lunch, or casual shopping nearby. Choose an eye-catching print or stick with a solid color for a chic, timeless look for your next beach outing. One of the best things about wearing a sarong is that it’s versatile and it can be tied multiple ways to cover only the hips and legs or be worn as a dress. 

Wondering how to style your sarong for your next beach trip or vacation? Here are a few easy ways to tie it. 

Skirt Style

Tying at the waist is probably the most popular way people like to wear sarongs. You can either keep it longer or fold the sarong in half for a short-skirt style. Bring both ends of the sarong together and tie in a bow or knot at the hip or in the front depending on where you want the slit. Don’t worry about getting the ends even or having the perfect fold. The look is laid-back, so perfect symmetry isn’t expected.

Halter Twist

Hold the sarong wrap at your back (like you’re getting ready to wrap up in it) and pull the left end of the fabric toward the right side and the right end to the left side and gather at the nape of the neck. The sarong should be right underneath your arms and then, tied securely at the neck. Double knot if it feels too loose to prevent from slipping down. Or, secure with a hair clip or hair tie in a pinch when you need to hold it in place.

Strapless Look

Start with holding the sarong at your back like for the halter twist style. Instead of bringing it up to your neck, bring the fabric to the front of your chest. Keep the fabric under your arms and tie a bow to secure in the front. The amount of fabric will determine if there’s a slit or a larger gap where the fabric comes together. If you want extra coverage, slip on a pair of loose shorts or pants to complete the look.

There are many ways you can wear a sarong. Its comfort level and versatility are what make it one of the main things to take to the beach when you have a full day planned. It’ll last throughout your beach trip without you having to worry about packing an extra set of clothes. Toss in your favorite sarong on your next trip to the beach and you’ll be ready to go in style.

#3: Simple, Sophisticated Sandals

Sandals that you can easily slip on and off are the ideal footwear for the beach. Who wants to mess with socks and sneakers when there’s sand around? Every beach lover has several pairs of designer flip flops in their shoe collection. Likely, you have a pair stashed away in a beach bag, in the trunk of your car, or ready to slip on at a moment’s notice to head out the door. It’s important to pick a pair of high-quality sandals that can withstand the heat, sand, and normal wear and tear.

Also, the right sandals serve as a perfect complement to your beach outfit. Simple can still mean stylish when you decide what shoe fits your look best. Since sandals barely take up any room in a bag, there are other sandal styles to consider as well. Think about packing at least two options in your beach bag.

Fashionable Sliders

Made with the same minimalist style as designer flip-flops, sliders are also an option for your next trip or beach vacation. Keep the top band a neutral color or make a statement by wearing a pair in a bold color or with added accessories like sequins or a bow. Keep your beach look sophisticated and fuss-free with an elegant pair of sliders to add to the mix.

Embellished Flats

Flats work for many occasions, but they may not all be appropriate for the beach. Anything with a metal detail or difficult straps or buckles aren’t your best bet for the sand and can get too hot in the sun. They’ll be difficult to take off and put back on, which isn’t ideal if you’re moving between the beach and the boardwalk often. Instead, opt for a pair that has an elastic or stretchy back that you can slip off with ease. 

Water Shoes

These don’t make a fashion statement, but they are practical if you’re spending time in the water and want to protect your feet. They are good to have on hand if you’re planning to snorkel or surf nearby. They provide grip if you’re walking on slippery rocks or shallow waters with coral and won’t weigh you down when in the water. Water shoes are more of a nice-to-have than a necessity, but if you plan on a full day of activities, your feet will thank you at the end of the day if you give them an extra bit of cushion and support.

#4: Beach-Ready Bronzer

Bronzer may not be the first accessory you think of, but it’s definitely on the list when preparing for the beach. It’s the ultimate match for any style of bikini to create a summer-ready look. It helps you to achieve a golden glow prior to a day in the sun, which gives you the appearance of being sun-kissed before you head to the beach this summer season. Bronzing products are easy to apply and last for several days without being messy or sticky. 

The St. Tropez Express Bronzing is quick-drying without the typical self-tan smell. It’s hydrating for the skin and provides a streak-free look. Depending on the shade you want to achieve, keep the product on for up to three hours before rinsing off. For the first shower post-application, don’t use any shower products to protect the color. Rinse, glow, and go! It’s small enough to stash in a bag or take with you on vacation when you want to prep your skin for long days spent in the sun.

#5: Tote-It-All Beach Bag

Once you’ve gathered all your favorite things to take to the beach, a roomy designer beach bag is necessary to store it all. Choose one made of durable material like straw or canvas that can hold up against the elements and keep its shape even if it gets a little wet or is out in the sun for a prolonged period of time. The beach is the perfect place to carry an oversized bag where you can stash a smaller wallet or coin purse inside. Our Blue Spring Pouch echoes the colors of the sea and is a stylish add-on to the Blue String Bag, its larger counterpart.

Alternatively, the Bahama Bag is a classy choice for your next exotic vacation because it works just as well for activities away from the beach as it does for when you want to pack in all your beach accessories and go. As for the initial five, must-have beach accessories, you’ll have all you need if you pack a beach hat, sexy sarong, slide-on sandals, and bronzer in your favorite tote. However, in addition to the smaller accessories you’ll want to take, think about what to wear at a resort

Resort Dress for After the Beach

There may be certain beaches where you want more than a sarong to cover up and carry you through the day. If you’re visiting a more remote beach but are heading for an afternoon of sightseeing directly after, some places may require more than only a swimsuit. A casual resort dress works well when out shopping, dining, or exploring a new place. It easily fits into nearly any size bag and can be slipped over your bikini when you’re ready to leave the beach. There are different styles, lengths, and prints to choose from to fit your own personal style. 

The Jasmine Elma Long Dress is a beautiful example of a single piece that is casual enough to be folded up in your bag without creating wrinkles but classy enough to be worn to dinner or out for drinks. The orange and white flower print is a striking contrast against the navy background for a look that’s elegant and modern. It illustrates how a dress doesn’t have to involve overwhelming details or accessories to be pretty and polished. 

For a slightly shorter length, the Nusa Nara Dress is a unique print that grazes the knee and creates a sexy silhouette. The strapless neckline and elegant cut makes this dress a fashion must-have for your next beach vacation. Pair with gladiator sandals or wedges for an effortless look. Regardless of the style of dress you choose, there’s one for every body type and fashion choice, which makes the options seemingly endless. The good news is that they're easy to roll up and stow away in a beach bag or add to a carry-on at the last minute. When it comes to clothing, resort dresses make getting dressed easy.

Sexy Bikini Styles at the Beach

Picking the right accessories is typically based on the swimsuit style you decide to wear. Since accessories are supposed to highlight the outfit, it’s the bikini that takes center stage. Every woman has their go-to style they’ve relied on and worn for years, the ones that create the best silhouettes. One of the most classic styles is the triangle bikini which is timeless and trendy at the same time. It’s the ultimate swimwear for the beach. 

Go-to colors like black, white, and navy will always be in style, but deep hues like the Watermelon Scales Ripple Bikini or the Dark Teal Ocean Shaye Triangle Bikini will set the tone for any beach vacation. The colors mimic the sunset and ocean waters and are a perfect complement for your next exotic destination. Triangle bikinis are the ideal swimsuit to take with you on your adventures. 

The same can be said for the bandeau bikini, another swimwear staple that is always on-trend. ViX bandeau styles aren’t your average strapless swimsuit because there are styles that make each one unique. The one-shoulder strap and deep, teal color of the Ocean Geometric Bikini is the perfect choice for visiting Bali or St. Tropez, while the buttery yellow color of the Sunkisses Pleats Bandeau Bikini is a style that would blend right in on the Amalfi Coast where lemons are the unofficial fruit. A summer wardrobe means less clothing and more bikinis, which isn’t a problem when there are many gorgeous options to choose from.  

Beach Life Is the Best Life

It’s easy to leave your worries behind when living life on the beach, with days filled with sunshine and a much more relaxed pace than the usual. From water activities to beachcombing and everything that happens beyond the shoreline, when people think of their happy place, it usually involves a beach. Pack these five must-have beach accessories, your favorite summer dresses, and go-to bikinis. You’ll be set for the summer, your next exotic getaway, or whenever the water calls your name.