10 Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia

Millions of people flock to Indonesia every year to take in the natural beauty of Bali and master a more zen-like experience. It’s brimming with cultural escapades sans the hectic pace. Thanks to a year-round tropical climate, breathtaking shorelines, and an array of things to do, its popularity has increased over the years. Although there is a rainy season from October to March, any month is a good time to go. A trip to this island is an ideal, exotic vacation, one where you’ll need to pack a little more than a sexy designer bikini and a sense of adventure. 

Regardless of how long you plan to stay, there’s plenty to add to the agenda when thinking about what to do in Bali. Make time in your Bali itinerary to explore ancient temples, hike oceanside trails, hang out with monkeys, and, of course, spend plenty of hours soaking up the good life on the sandy beaches. Each day’s itinerary can look different due to the variety of things to do. Whether it’s your first time visiting or your fifth, here are a few ideas of where to go in Bali to get the most out of your trip. 

#1: Visit the Temples

You won’t have trouble seeing your share of temples because they are abundant at every turn. Each has its own significance, history, and allure, so plan accordingly whenever you’re setting out for the day. More than likely, there will be a temple to see along the way. One of the most interesting ones is Pura Taman Saraswati Temple, a water temple located in central Ubud. The view is stunning and the atmosphere serene. There are different shrines you can visit as well, each with its own unique features. 

Another must-visit during your trip to Bali is Tanah Lot. The temple and its surroundings are part of Bali’s most prolific scenic areas. It sits on the edge of the shoreline and offers an inside look at the area’s vibrant culture. Head in any direction and you’re sure to stumble upon a temple. Some are well-known tourist attractions, while others are more hidden away. When visiting any Bali temple, it’s important to cover your legs and arms out of respect and to maintain the dress code for these spiritual places. An ankle-length sarong or skirt is appropriate attire paired with a long-sleeved shirt or a large shawl over a swimsuit top to cover your shoulders and arms. Pack light, loose layers to create multiple outfits throughout your stay because no matter what you have planned, multiple temple visits are likely.

#2: Explore Under the Sea

The calm, clear waters of Bali are fantastic for swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving excursions. There is a wide variety of tropical fish and other sea creatures to see beneath the waves. Keep in mind, these aren’t your average waters. Don’t be surprised if a seahorse or blue-ringed octopus crosses your path. Even for the most experienced diver, there's nothing quite like exploring the underwater world here. There are several, designated dive sites, which are easily reachable by a short boat ride. 

For a day spent in the water, a ripple bikini is the perfect “outfit” for the occasion. It’s a classic fit made with ultra-soft fabric and is available in vibrant, solid hues or flirty, textured prints. The bikini style creates a sexy silhouette and looks good in and out of the water. As a swimsuit staple, simply pair with designer sandals and sunglasses for an effortless look that embodies the minimalistic essence of Bali. 

#3: Bike to the Rice Paddies

Take in rows upon rows of emerald green rice paddies, which are a big presence in this area of the world. It’s one of the best things to do in Bali because the scenery is unreal. You’re unlikely to come across anything like it during your travels. Along the way, explore nearby waterfalls and other scenic views for a picture-perfect day. If there’s any place to slow down and capture the moment, it’s Bali. 

Bicycle rides and leisurely activity call for casual wear. Slip on a designer cover up over your favorite bikini and let the breeze give you some relief from the balmy temperatures. A timeless style like a tunic or kimono works well if you’re riding around for the day. Either is easy to pack for the day and wear with your swimsuit. Lightweight clothing such as this comes in handy when you want more coverage but still stay cool. Keep the cover up length on the shorter side to avoid getting caught in the wheels as you head from place to place.

#4: Walk Around Ubud

Ubud is one of the top places in Bali to visit. It’s home to the famed nature preserve where hundreds of local monkeys roam around and “greet” visitors every day. On-site, there’s a lush forest and three temples to explore. You can easily spend a whole morning or afternoon here walking the grounds and taking in this one-of-a-kind experience. Ubud is also known for its range of creative endeavors. Take a stroll through the streets and become immersed in what the area has to offer in terms of art, history, architecture, jewelry, and the creation of other artisan goods. More temples abound in Ubud to add to your Bali itinerary as you continually seek out new places to visit. 

A resort dress and sandals are a good choice when walking around. The outfit is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day if you decide to go into a museum or art gallery. Thanks to the luxurious fabrics, jewel-toned colors, and modern prints, a dress can easily transition from day to evening. These designs epitomize a breezy, carefree style that is polished and pretty, the best kind of vacation wear. 

#5: Swim in Sacred Waters

Near the temples of Tirta Empul, there are a number of pools that are lined with fountains where you can swim in the waters and revel in the surrounding architecture. Some say the waters are sacred and Hindus from all over come here to bathe. The pools are open for anyone to use if you want a refreshing place to wade other than the sea. Plan for a day of spiritual cleansing here and find out what these magical waters are all about. 

A stylish one-piece swimsuit is an optimal choice for a day spent here. While it technically doesn’t require the same dress code as other temples, modesty is likely welcome in these waters. There are a variety of gorgeous, one-piece styles that are ideally suited for a day trip to Tirta Empul. The gorgeous, teal color of the Ocean Carol One-Piece or the flowery print of the Jasmine Carol One-Piece are two of many striking options to choose from as you think of what to pack.

#6: Hike a Volcano

Mount Batur is easily one of Bali’s most famous volcanoes you can experience an unforgettable sunrise from the top of it with a fairly easy hike. The hike is 1,700 meters above sea level, but it’s known as one of the easiest trails in Bali compared to other mountain areas. It’d be tough to pass up a chance to trek up a volcano and take in the beautiful view.

This kind of hike calls for sturdy shoes and layers of clothing if the temperature or landscape shifts. Light, breathable pants and a loose t-shirt should suit the occasion. Plus, sunglasses or sun visor are beneficial to protect your skin and hair from the sun as much as possible. Stay hydrated and be ready to take countless photos because the view from the top is like no other. Of all the things to do in Bali, this is one of the most memorable. 

#7: Pick Your Favorite Water Activity

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most popular water activities, but they only begin to scratch the surface of what’s available to enjoy. Swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing are also fun ways to spend your vacation. Want more of an adrenaline rush than these more leisurely activities? Try white water rafting, paragliding, kite surfing, or shipwreck diving. All of which are available among the various nooks and crannies of the island.

Wear a swimsuit that allows you to move freely and makes you feel confident. A classic style and flattering fit is the go-to combination when you want to spend all day being active in the water. An accessible swimsuit leaves room for both fashion and function without having to choose between the two.

#8: Chase Waterfalls

There are beautiful waterfalls waiting to be found within the lush jungles of Bali. There are some that are so hidden you won’t completely be sure you’re on the right path until you see the water cascading from the hillside. Search for them whenever you set out on a nature hike. More than likely, you’ll stumble upon one even if it's by accident. The Sekumpul Waterfall is one of the island’s many sacred spots and the jaw-dropping beauty is well worth the hike. 

Water shoes are good for trails that may be slippery. They provide a better grip than sneakers and you won’t have to worry about getting your socks wet. Add a comfortable workout outfit or at least a pair of loose pants to wear over your swimsuit to your packing list. When you get to the waterfall destination, you can peel off the layers and swim in the surrounding waters. You don’t want to take too much with you to weigh you down, but you’ll also want the right attire for the path.

#9: See Exotic Animals Up Close

To the people of Bali, it may not be a big deal but seeing monkeys, sea turtles, and elephants in their natural habitat aren’t as common to most travelers. Visit a sanctuary where sea turtles are rescued and cared for before being released back to their sea homes. Or, schedule a day at an elephant sanctuary for a truly unique encounter. These majestic animals will take your breath away by their size alone. 

A pretty Bia tube bikini is versatile enough to wear for a variety of activities, including bonding with the local wildlife. It’s a timeless fit with a modern twist made possible by vibrant prints and colors. The halter-strap top provides ample support and the open back makes for an easy-to-wear look. There’s always room in the suitcase for another bikini and it’d be remiss to visit Bali with this style making the cut.

#10: Sunbathe on the Beach

Beachcombing is a given but still deserves to make the top ten to-do list covering what to do in Bali. There are plenty of new places to explore and new experiences to be thankful for, but there also must be time to embrace the art of doing nothing. There is a beach suitable for everyone, whether you’re looking for lots of recreation, a slower pace, or somewhere almost completely off the grid. The beaches of Bali are some of the best in the world. 

One of the busier spots is Kuta Beach, which is made up of white and gray sands lined with beach chairs and umbrellas for visitors who are taking the afternoon to play and lounge. For a beach day that’s not as crowded, Pandangbai offers small, hidden locations that attract snorkelers and visitors who seek a quieter spot. Any designer bikini is a favorable option when it’s just you and the beach. Whether colorful or black-and-white, patterned or solid, the one that makes you feel your best is what you’ll want for your time sunbathing.

Best of Bali

These are the highlights of the things to do when visiting Bali, but there is much more to explore with every visit. There’s no better excuse to break out your favorite resort wear and find your place in the sand. The dream-worthy location, rich culture, and slower pace of island life are what vacation is all about. Packing is easy because most of the clothing involves swimsuits and cover ups.

It’s a travel destination that truly has it all - endless adventures, breathtaking views, and memorable sights. Many look to Bali as a retreat rather than your average vacation and a disconnect from everyday life. Whatever the moment calls for, let the area guide the way as you create your own journey. Don’t forget to check out our style guide for a comprehensive list of what to wear in Bali!