Part of finding sexy designer swimwear is fitting the swimsuit to your body shape, not the other way around. A few of the best bathing suits for small bust support include triangle, bandeau, mermaid cut, and scoop neck cuts. Each is uniquely flattering and has features that offer a natural boost or the illusion of curves without being too revealing or overwhelming for a small chest.

With so many colors, patterns, and beautiful details to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down the options. Whether you need a sexy two-piece swimsuit for a beach date outfit or trendy bikini sets for your spring break outfits, we’ve selected 16 of our best sellers and seasonal favorites as inspiration for adding to your swimsuit collection.

Classic Triangle Bikinis with a Modern Twist

A triangle swimsuit is one of the best bikini tops for a small bust. It’s quintessential cut and adjustable straps can accommodate the level of support you need. Fortunately, since it’s such a popular option, there are several bikini colors and designs available. Among the best triangle tops for small bust support are the Mia Bia Tube Bikini, Giverny Amalfi Triangle Bikini, Piper Block Tri Bikini, and Ingrid Tri Parallel Bikini.

Bia Tube Bikini

The vibrant floral print of the Bia Tube Bikini makes this stunner an instant favorite. When combined with textured removable straps and an adjustable bikini top, it helps create a curvier appeal. Plus, the seamless banded style creates a streamlined silhouette to create a stylish swimsuit style that fits any occasion. 

Giverny Amalfi Triangle Bikini

The gorgeous, watercolor effect of the Giverny Amalfi Triangle Bikini is a playful addition to your swimsuit wardrobe with a mix of light pinks and purples and special details, including hand-crafted knots with 24-karat gold-plated sliders at the hips. It works as swimwear for small breasts  because its seamless banded style provides the subtle illusion of an hourglass figure. Plus, the halter straps and gold accessory on top offer a natural lift, creating a flattering silhouette.

Amalfi Triangle Bikini

Piper Block Tri Bikini 

The Piper Block Tri Bikini adds volume to the chest in a tastefully sexy way. It’s a contemporary twist on the go-to triangle cut. The geometrical design of the gorgeous pink, orange, and red hues with the speckle overlay gives the illusion of added texture to the top. Plus, the adjustable tie-string bikini back paired with matching bottoms that sit high on the hips creates great balance for this look. And the top pairs perfectly with your favorite designer sarong wrap for time spent on and off the beach.

Ingrid Tri Parallel Bikini

The camouflage-inspired, green-and-white pattern and chain link detailing of the Ingrid Tri Parallel Bikini is another way to add volume to the bust without overwhelming the shape. It’s a purely feminine look that offers plenty of sultry styling and gives the illusion of a strapless bikini. The minimal coverage at the waist echoes the simplistic styling of the top for a fun and flirty daytime look.

Sexy Bandeau Bikinis in Flirty and Retro Styles

The best swimsuit for small bust sizes is arguably the bandeau bikini. Bandeau bikini tops are favorites among small-busted women as they’re not as concerned about accidental exposure or lack of support. 

When it comes to designer bikinis for women, The strapless styles of bandeau bikinis range from a seamless fit to the addition of a ruffled element and everything in between. While the cut remains the same, the back straps, bottom, color, and pattern of a bikini set make a difference when choosing your next style. Top choices in this category include the Bandhani Klein Knot Bandeau Bikini, Maila Knot Bandeau Bikini, Dune Ring Bandeau Bikini, and the Firenze Natalie Bandeau Bikini.

Bandhani Klein Knot Bandeau Bikini

The bold, Indian lotus-flowered inspired print of the Bandhani Klein Knot Bandeau Bikini is a sophisticated update on the staple bandeau style. A seamless finishing and thick side coverage on the hips offer a fresh look that’s ideal for wearing on your next resort vacation. Pair with a complementing navy cover-up and resort sandals as you head to and from the beach in style. 

Maila Knot Bandeau Bikini

Keep the same cut as the Bandhani Klein Knot Bandeau Bikini but with a modern take on a classic animal print. The soft grey and navy color combination of the Maila design is a stylish update from the standard black and gold cheetah pattern. The minimal coverage of the strapless top paired with a sultry thong bikini bottom that sits high on the hips creates a flattering silhouette and captivating swimsuit look.

Dune Ring Bandeau Bikini

Timeless, sophisticated, and classy are just a few of the ways to describe the look of the Dune Ring Bandeau Bikini. The textured, deep blue-grey fabric and gold-plated detailing add dimension to this go-to bikini cut. Though black is the common neutral choice, this elegant blue is equally versatile and will stay on trend season after season.

Firenze Natalie Bandeau Bikini

The fun and flirty nature of the Firenze Natalie Bandeau Bikini invites an upbeat mood of fun in the sun. It’s one of the best bikinis for small bust sizes, with the ruffled bandeau top and opaque crepe texture to add volume. The addition of the copper lining provides a built-in accessory with a stylish edge. The seamless finish of this bikini top, in conjunction with the thick side coverage at the hips of the standard bikini  bottom, makes this the perfect swimsuit for the adventurer in you.

Mermaid Cut Bikinis Elevate the Standard Underwire Swimsuit

The mermaid cut bikini is a hot trend that elevates the everyday underwire swimsuit. The underwire bikini’s top and cup echo the look of a seashell by fully cupping the breast, offering more support and coverage than your average underwire style.

Lais Bikini


It’s a flattering swimsuit for small chest support because it offers a subtle cup size enhancement for women who have smaller chests. Among the choices that take a cue from the mermaid cut trend are the  Maya Lais Bikini, Firenze Block Lumi Bikini, Energy Firenze Luiza Bikini, and the Piper Corsage Bikini.

Maya Lais Bikini

The lime green color and subtle yellow dot pattern of the Maya Lais Bikini adds a youthful touch to a classic style. The simplicity of the cut is comfortable yet chic, with attention drawn to the colorful print and beautifully accentuates the smaller chest. It’s a flirty, carefree look fantastic for a day at the beach or an afternoon lounging by the pool.

Firenze Block Lumi Bikini

With a sophisticated take on a traditional mermaid cut, the Firenze Block Lumi Bikini adds its own flair to fuller cup coverage. The slim, neutral removable straps and thick and white lining of the bikini top add elements of style to this timeless black bikini. When you want a bikini that exudes modern elegance, this style tops the list. 

Energy Firenze Luiza Bikini

The exclusive crepe texture fabric of the Energy Firenze Luiza Bikini provides depth to this eye-catching, bright orange swimsuit. It dips slightly lower while still providing full cup coverage with a flirty ruffle on top for an of-the-moment upgrade that creates a silhouette ideal for flattering swimwear for small breasts. 

Piper Corsage Bikini

When you’re feeling extra sassy, the Piper Corsage Bikini is the way to go. The bright pink-orange-red color combination is an instant showstopper. The hue speaks for itself as a striking swimsuit option, and the corsage style makes a difference in creating a hint of curves for a smaller bust.

Scoop Neck Bikinis for a Fresh, Simplistic Look

Another category of the best bikinis for small bust sizes is the scoop neck. A bikini with a scoop neckline is comfortable and stylish, while providing the right amount of support and coverage for everyday wear. It’s a perfect swimsuit fit for small busts, especially when being active.

The traditional scoop neck style has been reimagined with playful strap placements and different bikini tops to create new styles built around a traditional cut. Whether you prefer the standard scoop neck look or want to experiment with updated versions, play around with colors and patterns to create even more swimwear options. Styles that’ll make sure you’re surf-and-sand ready are the Scales Luli Bikini, Black Gi Bikini, Gold Livia Bikini, and the Kiwi Firenze Kate Bikini.

Scales Luli Bikini

Ready for your next tropical escape? The Scales Luli Bikini is a must-have option for swimwear due to its stunning, jungle green hue. The delicate straps and suede-like fabric add texture and style to accentuate curves and add to the simplistic beauty of this tropical-inspired swimsuit. 

Black Gi Bikini

For a flattering swimsuit option that supersedes traditional cuts, the Black Gi Bikini is a stylish choice that adds a few significant elements to the scoop neck bikini style. The intricate strap detailing and hand-crafted knotted cords with 24-karat gold plating are flattering for all body types and create a fresh appeal on the everyday “little black bikini” with a nod to the upside-down bikini trend.

Gold Livia Bikini 

Why keep metallics as accessories only? Instead, put it front and center with this futuristic swimsuit style. The Gold Livia Bikini offers subtle ruching detailing paired with an alternative take on the traditional scooped neck for more than meets the eye for this stunning gold bikini. It embodies an air of confidence that looks as good on its own as it does pair with loose, flowy white pants or a chic cover up when hanging out near the water.

Kiwi Firenze Kate Bikini

When you want a pop of tropical green color, the Kiwi Firenze Kate Bikini instantly brightens any swimwear wardrobe. The blend of exclusive crepe fabric, strap detailing, and keyhole cutout on top add the illusion of a fuller bust in a stylish way. The versatile matching bottoms can sit higher on the hip or straight across on the waistline to create a flattering silhouette.

With changing trends and rotating colors season after season, you’ll always have endless options when it comes to updating your swimwear. No matter your bust size, shape, style preference, or mood, there’s always a bikini perfectly suited for the situation.