16 Best Bikinis for a Small Bust

Part of finding sexy designer swimwear is fitting the swimsuit to your body type, not the other way around. For women with a small bust, finding the perfect bikini that flatters their silhouette is simple with our wide selection of swimsuit styles. A few of the best bathing suits for small bust support include triangle, bandeau, underwire cut, and scoop neck cuts. Wearing swimwear designed for a small bust can help create the illusion of a fuller chest. Each is uniquely flattering and has features that offer a natural boost or the illusion of a bigger bust without being too revealing or overwhelming for a small chest. Luckily, having a small chest actually makes finding swimsuit options easier. With a smaller bust, you can experiment with a lot more styles than your bigger bust counterpart.

With so many colors, patterns, and beautiful details to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down the options. Whether you need a sexy two-piece swimsuit for a beach date outfit, trendy bikini sets for your spring break outfits, or adjustable straps and removable straps that will allow you to customize your swimsuit top to the support that is needed for your body shape, we’ve selected 16 of our best sellers and seasonal favorites as inspiration for adding to your swimsuit collection.

Classic Triangle Bikinis with a Modern Twist


A triangle swimsuit is one of the best bikini tops for a small bust. It’s quintessential cut and adjustable straps can accommodate the level of support you need. Give the illusion of cleavage by tying the straps of your triangle bikini to accentuate your curves. Fortunately, since it’s such a popular option that works for so many body types, there are several bikini colors and designs available.

Our Seasonal Triangle Bikini Top Sellers

ViX has a huge selection of triangle bikini tops. Whether you are looking for thick straps or thin straps, textured fabric or smooth prints, or solid colors, we have options to suit your personal style. Below are some of our top-selling triangle bikinis this season.

Bia Tube Bikini
Ella Triangle Bikini
Firenze Block Tri Bikini
Bia Tube Bikini
Scales Bia Tube Top
Bia Tube Bikini

Sexy Bandeau Bikinis in Flirty and Retro Styles

The best swimsuit for small bust sizes is arguably the bandeau bikini top. Bandeau bikini tops are favorites among women with smaller busts as they’re not as concerned about accidental exposure or lack of support. 

When it comes to designer bikinis for women, the strapless styles of bandeau bikinis range from a seamless fit to the addition of a ruffled element and everything in between. While the cut remains the same, the back straps, bottom, color, and pattern of a bikini set make a difference when choosing your next bikini top.

Our Seasonal Bandeau Bikini Top Sellers

When it comes to options, ViX doesn’t fall short. From ruffles to ties to rings, the details are what counts. If you're looking for an added flair or just looking for a classic look, we have you covered no matter what. Below are some of our top selling bandeau bikinis this season.

Dune Ring Bandeau Bikini
Ring Bandeau Bikini
Firenze Natalie Bandeau Bikini
Firenze Belle Bikini
Knot Bandeau Bikini
Firenze Taylor Bandeau Bikini

Underwire Swimsuits for Added Support

The underwire bikini top offers more support and coverage than your average bikini style. The cupping detail holds everything in place and lifts. When shopping for bikinis with a smaller chest, consider options with light padding and extra support to add subtle shape to the bust area. It's a flattering swimsuit for small chest support because it offers a subtle cup size enhancement for women who have smaller boobs.

Our Seasonal Underwire Swimsuit Top Sellers

If you’re looking for a flattering bikini, look no further than an underwire cut style. This cut gives the illusion of a fuller chest. From different textures and fabrics to a wide variety of added details like ruffles and prints, shop our top-selling underwire swimsuits of the season.

Elis Nissi Bikini
Firenze Elis Nisi Bikini
Firenze Lais Tanga Bikini
Corsage Long Top Bikini
Firenze Block Luma Bikini
Firenze Corsage One Piece

Lais Bikini

Scoop Neck Bikinis for a Fresh, Simplistic Look

Another category of the best bikinis for small bust sizes is the scoop neck. A bikini with a scoop neckline is comfortable and stylish, while providing the right amount of support and coverage for everyday wear. It’s a perfect swimsuit fit for a flat chest, especially when being active.

The traditional scoop neck style has been reimagined with playful strap placements and different bikini tops to create new styles built around a traditional cut. Whether you prefer the standard scoop neck look or want to experiment with updated versions, play around with colors and patterns to create even more swimwear options.

Our Seasonal Scoop Neck Swimsuit Top Sellers


ViX’s scoop neck tops come in a wide array of colors and two different fabric options. Shop the options below for a scoop neck bathing suit sure to flatter your body.

Scales Luli Bikini
Dune Luli Bikini

With changing trends and rotating colors season after season, you’ll always have endless options when it comes to updating your swimwear with our luxury designer swimwear. No matter your bust size, shape, style preference, or mood, there’s always a bikini perfectly suited for the situation to make you feel confident and stylish.